Forget About ACJ320. Here’s Why Emperor Najib Should Get A 747-8 VIP

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Apr 04 2015
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Najib administration’s purchase of a new private jet for the prime minister’s own use has attracted great attention. And former premier Mahathir has shortlisted this issue as part of his bullets, and unleashed it in his latest attacks. Of course, UMNO-paid bloggers justified that the aircraft is for the country’s King use as well. The reason to hide under the King’s pants was deliberately done so that nobody dares to raise a question.


Everybody knows that the new jet – Boeing ACJ320 – was purchased (quietly) for the sole purpose of prime minister Najib Razak, lovely wife Rosmah Mansor and other minions on their golfing, shopping and some official travelling usage. Very seldom the King get to use it. And the revelation that the new purchase is the seventh to the prime minister’s fleet raises eyebrows even to the most corrupt warlords. Mahathir calls it a wastage.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Getting Boeing 747-8

Amusingly, some half past six ministers were busy fighting tooth and nail among themselves, trying to defend PM Najib’s endless lavish spending. The latest bootlicker was Sabah state assembly speaker, Salleh Said Keruak, who claimed that the Special Branch has warned that Malaysia faces the risk of a terrorist attack from ISIS, hence the need to purchase the new Boeing ACJ320.


That’s one heck of a justification, considering how PM Najib Razak used to praise the ISIS barbarism sky high, so much so that one couldn’t help but wonders if Najib Razak was a member of the ISIS Fans Club. So, what is this story about ISIS’s threat on Najib’s security that he needs to get a new private jet? And how could a new ACJ320 luxury jet protect Emperor Najib from being harmed, while the rest of the six aircrafts couldn’t (*grin*)?

Najib Razak Private Jet

Forget about defending the indefensible. Instead of beating around the bush only to make bigger fools of themselves, why not just openly tell everyone that Emperor Najib needs the greatest private jet money can buy simply because he’s the most powerful person in the country? Just like the United States have Air Force One for their POTUS, Malaysia should have their own Air Force One too. It’s high time Najib stop hiding and be a real man.


If I were Najib Razak, this is what I’ll do. To hell with the toy ACJ320 private jet. Only the lesser rich and powerful ride ACJ320 or Gulfstreams these days. For the really powerful, and we believe Emperor Najib easily qualifies as one, the private jet of choice is a jumbo. Not only it has to be a jumbo, it has to come with two stories and lots of luxury baths. Stop wasting time and money on ACJ upgrades.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main View

Why bother about minor upgrades from Benz C-Class to S-Class at a snail’s pace when in reality, you wanted a Rolls Royce in the first place? Here’s what Najib and Auntie Rosy should get – a Boeing 747-8 VIP. If security is the real reason for Najib to get a new private jet, then Boeing 747-8 is the ultimate choice because early this year, the United States Air Force has determined the same aircraft as the next Air Force One.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Side View

If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, then there’s little doubt Boeing 747-8 should be more than enough to protect Prime Minister Najib Razak. Gosh, we really do hope Boeing pays us commission for promoting their products (*grin*). By the way, the list price for this four-engine Boeing 747-8 is only at about US$370 million (£250 million, RM1.355 billion), before interior decoration.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Lounge 2

The 747-8 can travel up to 9,200 miles nonstop at a cruise speed of nearly 600 mph (Mach 0.85) and can lift almost 1 million pounds. So there’s no way ISIS terrorist could harm Emperor Najib. The original 747-8 can carry more than 450 passengers in a cabin 20 feet wide and more than 200 feet long. But surely after customization and decoration, it could fit lesser VVIP.


Recently, Kirkland, Washington-based Greenpoint Technologies has completed work on a 747-8 with a VIP interior for a private owner, of which could be used as a guidance for Emperor Najib’s next private jet. In a nutshell, the “Flying Palace” can be fitted with several spacious staterooms, a 14-seat dining room, a conference room, a lounge and an office. If Auntie Rosy likes, she can choose the “Aeroloft” and “Aerolift” option.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Model - Aeroflot OptionBoeing 747-8 Private Jet - Aeroloft and Upperdeck

The Aeroloft simply adds a mini-second floor to the back of the aircraft.  With 4,786 square-feet of cabin space and 393 square-feet extra in an “Aeroloft” between the upper deck and tail, it’s roughly the size of 13 units of 400-square-foot apartments. That’s a cool 5,179-square-feet, including eight private sleeping berths, a stairway, a lounge and a changing room after the “Aeroloft” upgrade. An optional elevator (Aerolift) for up to four passengers is also available. Let’s explore how luxury the plane is.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Aerolift elevator option


Below is a customized lounge inside of a VIP Boeing 747-8, done by Greenpoint Technologies, which Emperor Najib and his lovely wife should find comfortable during their important missions jetting around the globe.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Lounge

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Lounge - Zoom


This magnificent dining room for up to 14 guests could serve Najib and his family members well.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Dining


Just like the President of the United States, Prime Minister Najib can literally run the country from the air, where this conference room could be used to discuss important decisions such as a new rate of GST to be raised (*grin*).

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Conference Room

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Conference Room 2


Boeing 747-8 can be fitted with a private office, as seen below. While Najib can make himself busy playing Candy Crush on iPad, Auntie Rosy can monitor stock market or receive realtime information about how much GST has been collected for the day. Fabulous!!

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Private Office


Below is the extra 393 square-feet in a “Aeroflot” version, where a lounge in upper-deck is constructed, together with eight private sleeping berths.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Upper-deck Lounge


Emperor and Empress need a good night sleep before they can run a country well, especially from the air. So, a little luxury is necessary.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Stateroom


Another stateroom sample to be chosen from …

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Stateroom 2


Below is a view from another angle from a master stateroom, where Najib can comfortably run the government, with the huge flat-TV broadcasting propaganda news from government-controlled Bernama.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Stateroom - Another Angle


Another design for the master stateroom. Both Najib and Auntie Rosy can play hide-and-seek, if that could help them from jet lag.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Main Stateroom 3


Above sample designs should be sufficient to convince Najib administration that Boeing 747-8 is the ultimate aircraft to be purchased. Instead of continuous upgrade and owning up to seven smaller aircrafts as of now, it makes more economic sense to purchase just one (or two as backup, just like Air Force One) jumbo jet. Heck, the jumbos can be outfitted with bars and Jacuzzis and even three-car garages.

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet - Another Lounge Design

The 747-8 is the world’s second-largest commercial aircraft after the Airbus A380 superjumbo, but the 747-8 is actually longer. The above customization cost about US$240 million (£160 million, RM870 million). Add that to the cost of a basic 747-8 of US$370 million, the total bill would be roughly US$610 million (£400 million, RM2.2 billion). Is that a lavish spending? Absolutely not, and here’s why.


With an estimated RM23 billion in new GST collection this year, which started days ago on April Fool day, the cost of the luxury 747-8 is only 10% of the tax. And we’re talking about this year GST collection only. Next year, the GST contribution will be higher. And if the government decides to raise the rate, the GST will bring in more money for the subsequent years thereafter. Hence, Najib administration has absolutely more than enough fund to get the fabulous Boeing 747-8.

Najib Razak Justify Getting Boeing 747-8 VIP

There’s another reason why Najib and Auntie Rosy should get the jumbo jet. It’s all about the country’s image. With the new purchase, Emperor Najib will be on par with the President of the United States, not to mention the mighty wealthy Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns an Airbus A-380. Tell that to the village folks and they would be so proud with the country’s achievement that they might be begging for the GST rate of 6% to be raised further (*grin*).


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