Busted!! Russia Latest Stunt On Fake MH17 Images Fails Miserably

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Nov 15 2014
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Thanks to United States, the global political and potentially military landscape would change. U.S. outsourcing (to China) business model has made China an economic powerhouse, which could outgrow U.S. itself, given a couple more years. And thanks to lame duck President Barack Obama, who has yet to grow his spine, Russia under Vladimir Putin’s rule is becoming a military powerhouse.


After sending waves of jet fighters, bombers and submarines into United States and its allies’ airspaces and waters, Putin had also blatantly sent as many as 6,000 troops into Crimea, together with tons of military hardware and software. The funny part – not a single soul from America, Britain or Germany dare to do a single thing about it, beside barking and more rhetoric. That speaks volumes about Russia and Putin’s power.

Putin Receives Salute by Russian Guards

Sure, U.S. together with Saudi Arabia could manipulate global oil prices, hoping to send Russian economy south. But what Russia needed to do was to go to its neighbour – China – and sell their gas, hence the US$400 billion deal couple of days ago. It’s safe to predict that the world will have three powerhousesUnited States, China and Russia – each of them plays the role of check-and-balance the other two nations.


Still, among the three super powerhouses, Russia is considered the most evil. It’s not because they consume the most alcohol in the world that Russians were considered the bad guy, but rather because their cronies – separatists in Ukraine – shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17,  killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. For as long as one can remember, Russia has been made the bad guy simply because of communism, prior to MH17 incident.

Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Buk 9M28M1 Took 9.86 Seconds To Reach MH17

Just like arcade-game character Wreck-It Ralph, Russia is tired of always being the “bad guy” and losing to his “good guy” opponent, Fix-It Felix, or in this case the United States. If the MH17 incident were to happen during Cold War between 1947-1991, Russia wouldn’t care what the international community would think or condemn, for that matter. But today, the year Putin is crowned the “World’s Most Powerful” person by Forbes, he needs endorsement from everyone.

Putin Plays With Cheetah vs Obama Plays Poodle

Naturally, Russian-controlled-medias have shifted into top gear ever since the MH17 incident, cooking and spinning stories that it wasn’t the made-in-Russia BUK surface to air missile that shot down the passenger plane. As far as Putin administration is concerned, America-backed-Ukraine has to be blamed for shooting down MH17 instead – by hook or by crook. Hence, another stunt by Russian state television yesterday, November 14.

Russia Fake Photoshop Satellite Image - Ukraine Jetfighter Shot MH17

To coincide with the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, where President Vladimir Putin could be grilled about MH17, the Russian media ran a jaw dropping story. The state-controlled Channel One broadcast “leaked images” allegedly to have come from either British or U.S. satellites, showing a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting down the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane on July 17. For a moment, it seems Russia could have reveal the biggest secret in the history of humankind.

Russia Fake Photoshop Satellite Image - Superimposed on Google Earth

However, social medias were quick to point out inconsistencies, leading to image fabrication. The so-called “leaked images” have actually been posted on a Russian message board on October 15, claiming to originate from WikiLeaks. And when the images are superimposed on Google Earth (47°57’12.22″N, 37°50’4.09″) with data points about MH17 flight path together with debris, the results are as above – aircraft off course by at least 50km west of the crash site (*Oops*).

Russia Fake Photoshop Satellite Image - MH17 Boeing 777 Mistaken as 767

Next, the jet shown in the supposedly British or U.S. satellites images is also “not” of an Su-25 jetfighter as claimed by the Russian media. Instead, it looked like a Su-27 instead. If that was not enough to make you scratching head wondering why couldn’t Russian intelligence do a better “forgery” job, the Malaysian aircraft also does not match the real 9M-MRD. Heck, the closest you can get is a copy of a Boeing 767, not even a 777.


Web experts also laugh at the “crude forgery”, pointing out the Malaysia Airlines’ logo was on the wrong side – the satellite map imagery shows the logo beginning just in front of the wing, when it should be at beginning above the wing. Amusingly, the planes in the satellite imagery exposed by Russian media also appears to be “surprisingly” clear, as if it had been photoshopped. Nice try Putin, but not good enough.

Russia Fake Photoshop Satellite Image - Putin Fucked Up

So, it seems while Kremlin has mastered propaganda, it has screwed up pretty well in photoshop. Perhaps Russian government and their bloggers should revaluate their future conspiracy stories from the angle of consistency and the clarity of images – photos which are just too good to be true will only invite suspicions. When comes to photoshop, nobody beats the American government, so go figure (*grin*).


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