That’s My Boy Najib, Show Mahathir Who’s The Real Emperor

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May 11 2015
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Let’s get real, the biggest mistake committed by Prime Minister Najib Razak was sending Anwar Ibrahim to jail, in his attempt to pacify Godfather Mahathir Mohamad. If only he had spent less time golfing and massaging his gorgeous wife Rosmah, and instead read Chinese historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. If only he understood the importance of “power balancing” from the classical literature.

Romance of the Three Kingdom - Map and Character Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan

In fact, we had written about it more than four years ago – Romance Of The Three Kingdoms – Najib, Mahathir & Anwar. We wrote how Mahathir could be Cao Cao, Najib was Sun Quan and Anwar was Liu Bei, in reference to the feudal lords during the turbulent years of collapsing Han dynasty. In a nutshell, Najib should have had kept Anwar a free man, not in prison, so that Mahathir can be checked and balanced.

Anwar vs Mahathir vs Najib

But that’s water under the bridge now. The imprisoned Anwar is counting mosquitoes while Najib is counting his days. Godfather Mahathir, who believes he has the greatest intelligence in Asia, is slowly but surely chipping Emperor Najib’s supports away. If Anwar is still a free man, Mahathir would at least think twice about getting rid of his own protégé Najib, in such blatant and humiliating way.


We’ve also wrote why the two “dins” – Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin and UMNO Vice President Hishammuddin – cannot afford to stay silent and play dumb anymore, because there’s another candidate (Tengku Razaleigh) who could be endorsed by Mahathir as Malaysia’s new prime minister. Since then, Muhyiddin has started moving away from his boss Najib to the influential Mahathir’s camp.

Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin

Not only Muhyiddin has started his blitzkrieg to claim the premiership, but Hishammuddin, the cousin of Najib, has swung his support to the Mahathir’s camp too. Sorry your majesty, but this is purely business and nothing personal. Hishammuddin can only hope that after his promotion as the new Deputy PM, supporting new PM Muhyiddin, cousin Najib would not mind having a round or two of golf with him (*grin*).


But unlike sleeping-beauty Abdullah Badawi, Najib is not an easy meat for Mahathir. The emperor has declared numerous times that he won’t surrender and certainly will not bow to pressure to resign. Assuming he meant what he said, and does not flip-flop later, this is perhaps the first time Najib actually earned his respect. Besides Tengku Razaleigh, Najib Razak is the second person who dares Mahathir for the heavyweight fight.

Rosmah Mansor Asks Hubby Najib Razak - Bring Along Jet

Of course, part of his courage came from none other than Auntie Rosy. So, it’s true after all that behind every great emperor, there’s a great (shopaholic) empress. As much as one despises Najib and Rosmah, one cannot deny the fact that Mahathir is still the greatest villain in the history of the country’s prime ministerships. If Najib was the Darth Vader, then Mahathir was the evil Emperor Palpatine.


Even if it’s true that Emperor Najib has plundered billions of dollars, he was merely a clone copy of Mahathir’s corrupt policies. For every bad thing that Najib has done, you can find a mirror copy of it from Mahathir’s past achievements. The only difference is Najib has a “faster processor” than the aging Mahathir. It’s laughable that Mahathir isn’t happy about the speed and quantum of “missing money” under Najib administration.

Mahathir Lecture - Najib Play Dumb

Besides enjoying the fight with a tower of beer and popcorn, one should also cheer and clap for Najib. Reason being, the giant too-big-to-fall corrupt UMNO has to be brought down from the internal. Even if UMNO cannot be destroyed completely, it has to be weakened into smaller pieces. The more teams to be splitted from UMNO, the better. It would be foolish for the opposition to help Mahathir creates another giant – Muhyiddin dynasty.


Get real, there’s zero way opposition Pakatan Rakyat, composed of PKR, DAP and PAS, is capable of taking over the federal government through a fair and clean election process. Even if they’re capable of winning on ballot boxes, they would not be “allowed” to do so, through multiple “channels” available (*grin*). The corruption tentacles are too tainted to be exposed by a new government.

Pakatan Rakyat To Form New Government - Disallowed

Perhaps the only way for Pakatan to form a new federal government is via a partnership with some relatively clean Barisan MPs or components. Depending on how many pieces UMNO will be splitted into eventually, we may get to see some components of Pakatan aligned to Mahathir-Muhyiddin camp, while the rest aligned to Najib-Zahid camp. Maybe there would be more than two teams.

Anwar vs Mahathir vs Najib - Painting

Maybe Team-1 would consist of Mahathir-Muhyiddin together with MCA, PKR-DAP and Sarawak BN components. Team-2 would comprise Najib-Zahid together with PAS and Sabah BN components. UMNO would itself split between both teams. Then there could also be Team-3, made up of MIC-Gerakan-PPP and other expired, rejected and useless components (*grin*).


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pakatan is clean?? hahahahahaha

pakatoons dont need enemies. they have all the range of devils amongst themselves

heh heh

Yeah.. Like we can trust the devil DAP. PAS we can believe lagi.

you are right. pr can never win fair and square, their own coalition has problems. the only way is for umno to break themselves. if pr is smart enuf and i think they are these days, they should let u-know-who rot himself with these 1mdb and all other allegations and that will bring umno together with him, at least big part of it. the longer he stays ontop, the bigger chance pr will hv

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