PAS Should Stop Trying To Prove Hudud Is All About “SEX”

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Jun 06 2016
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Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections are set for multi-cornered fights, as expected. It appears Pakatan Harapan (Hope’s Pact) consisting of DAP, PKR and Amanah political parties is not as screw up as it had been during the recent Sarawak state election. Well, at least PKR who had clashed with DAP and was initially gung-ho about fielding its candidates, didn’t proceed.

Azmin Ali – PKR Deputy President (Selangor Chief Minister)

PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali must have received a “warning” so he had no choice but to abandon his evil plan. It would be laughable to see BN-vs-PAS-vs-PKR in both parliamentary seats, considering PKR (under Azmin’s administration) is indebted to PAS (under Hadi Awang’s dictatorship), which in turn is in cahoots with BN (under PM Najib Razak’s rule).


In short, should there be a BN-vs-PAS-vs-PKR contest, it means a vote for PKR is a vote for PAS and a vote for PAS is a vote for BN’s UMNO. Therefore, due to popular demand, Amanah, a splinter of PAS gets to contest both by-elections. And Azmin Ali and his boys aren’t happy about it because DAP trusts Amanah more than PKR in Selangor.

Pakatan Harapan - Opposition New Pact

In fact, UMNO and PAS were panicked when they learned that Azmin Ali couldn’t convince and scams DAP about letting Azmin fields his preferred candidate. Azmin was hoping to get at least Sungai Besar seat but ended with none. Drama queen Azmin could actually win Sungai Besar in a 3-cornered fight, provided DAP and Chinese voters trust ex-UMNO Azmin Ali.


Both by-elections are now between UMNO-PAS and Amanah. In a way, it’s not a 3-cornered fight, let alone a fair fight, because it looks like a tag-team of UMNO and PAS are against Amanah. It would be worse if PKR was the candidate because the three musketeers would be having “teh tarik” session in the ring, instead of whacking each other for the wrestling title.

Prime Minister Najib Razak and PAS President Hadi Awang

Didn’t we say there’s no issue that PAS could use against friendly enemy UMNO? PAS’ supremo Hadi Awang has given instruction to his boys not to attack Najib Razak’s 1MDB scandal and GST taxes. Heck, PAS leaders can’t even use Hudud as an issue to attack BN-UMNO because PM Najib had instructed his lesbian Minister to help Hadi’s Hudud Bill jumped queue.


With zero issue to leverage on, PAS has nothing to do but spending the remaining campaign time fishing for Chinese votes. Amusingly, the Islamist party is telling Chinese voters that if they do not wish to see their beautiful chicks (daughters, sisters, wives) get harassed, they should vote for hudud because the ancient law would put an end to the sexual harassment of Chinese women.

Chinese Girls Shopping

Is PAS trying to tell the world that Malaysian Muslim men are presently the sex maniacs who have been targeting Chinese women? It must be because hudud was meant for Muslims only. And since hudud doesn’t apply to Chinese men, then the only group of sex maniacs suggested by PAS leaders must belong to the Malaysian Muslim men, no (*grin*)?


Perhaps PAS was honest, without realizing it, about Malaysian Muslim men being sex maniacs after all. Kelantan, a state under PAS government has consistently recorded the highest number of cases for AIDS in Malaysia since 2008. PAS, conveniently blames neighbouring country – Sungai Golok and Hat Yai – as the source of the problem.

Agogo Disco Bars in Thailand

Kelantan’s Muslims cross over without the knowledge of their wives, and then passed HIV and AIDS to them. In 2001, the ratio of HIV positive men to women was 10:1 but by 2013, the ratio skyrocketed to 4:1. And this happens even after the local authorities in Kelantan enforced pseudo hudud codes through its by-laws which govern attire, gender segregation.


The state of Kelantan also holds the record for the highest number of reported rape cases in the country despite the fact that most Kelantan women are already dressing conservatively. In the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bharu alone reported an average of 16 rape cases a month. That’s roughly a new rape case in 2-day with majority of the victims being underage.

Prostitute Serving Drinks

Besides blaming its proximity to Thailand, what else can PAS do to help their own Muslim brothers and sisters? There’s no way to cut Kelantan and paste to Johor. Have they ever thought that Kelantan’s becoming a sex and AIDS city has everything to do with their hudud law? Other Muslim states which didn’t subscribe to hudud do not register such extraordinary sex crimes or AIDS, do they?


If Hadi Awang and his religious boys can’t even educate and clean their Kelantan state from sex crisis, what right do they have in lecturing Chinese babes as if hudud is the magic law able to stop sexual harassment? The Chinese voters might cast some sympathy votes for PAS if Hadi Awang uses the by-election campaigns to flash some condoms and start talking about safe sex.

PAS President Hadi Awang

That’s right, instead of talking about chopping hands and legs, which PAS is too chicken to tell, they’re lecturing the Chinese about sexual harassment. Despite Kelantan’s strict adherence to religion, sex, incestuous relationships and drugs have become a trademark in the state. Try asking Hadi why his hudud fails in Kelantan. Maybe he will try you that the Kelantanese are not as rich as the Chinese, so they use their children instead.


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