How Come The Chinese Always Get The Blames & Beatings?

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Jul 16 2015
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The 1969 bloody racial riots were started by Tun Abdul Razak, together with Selangor Chief Minister Harun Idris, in a coup d’état against the first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. This year, 46-years later, the same mastermind’s son – Najib son of Razak – is not only tainted with multi-billion dollar corruption, but also hit with Low Yat racial riots. In both riots, Chinese get the bashing.


Fortunately, there’s no proof that Najib administration was behind the riots, at least not yet. But don’t be surprise if somehow Mahathir could link it to the prime minister, as part of a mini experiment. After all, there’s no harm for Mahathir to throw everything at Najib, hoping one of the rotten eggs would splash on the prime minister’s face (*grin*).

Low Yat Riot - Shaik Hussein, Papagomo, Ali Tinju

So far, UMNO blogger Papagomo (real name: Wan Mohd Azri Wan Deris), Bagan UMNO head Shaik Hussein Mydin and UMNO extremist Ali Tinju (Mohd Ali Baharom) have been detained for investigation under the Sedition Act 1948. But nobody in Malaysia believes these three scumbags will be sent to prison, for obvious reason.


However, despite overwhelming evidence that the main culprits were the two Malay thieves and six other thugs running amok, the police have arrested 22 people, including Low Yat traders. Deny it as much as IGP wants, but the perception is some Low Yat Chinese traders needed to be arrested to “balance” the racial composition, regardless how innocent they are.

Low Yat Riot - Damages with Thugs Inset

Here’s the painful but truthful reality. Racism is very much alive and kicking, one way or another, and is a time-bomb. Low Yat riot was not the second one (after the 1969 riots) and certainly will not be the last one, as long as mastermind UMNO continues to feed and breed racist monsters such as PEKIDA, PERKASA and ISMA.


Heck, even the lawyer representing the thief sounds and acts very much like one of PEKIDA thugs when he insisted that his clients were merely out to “enjoy life” and had the cheek to even accused the country’s IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, of lying. But that’s understandable because the lawyer – Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz – is a diehard UMNO lawyer.

Low Yat Riot - Victim vs Culprit and UMNO Lawyer

Amazingly, even after the truth has been established that the two Malays were directly involved in the phone theft; one of them spread false rumours that they were cheated by Chinese salesman at Low Yat; and ran amok with 6 more mobsters beating people and smashing properties – some Malay social media users are still spinning the story.


Poisoned by ISMA, another extreme group, now the justification for the racial riot was because it is only natural for Malay youths to release their anger on the Chinese traders in the popular Low Yat Plaza as the Malays are known for “running amok”. It added that chauvinists started the provocation – belittling Islamic teachings and ridiculing Malay culture.

Low Yat Riot - Malays Running Amok - Welcomed and Celebrated

Poor Chinese, not only were they beaten by seven Malay Marvel superheroes, they’re forced to learn a new global concept, which could bring the dead Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein back to life. So, the next time Malays steal, they should be welcomed, preferably with loads of firecrackers“kompang” and lion dances, because if you try to apprehend them, then you risk provoking them hence it’s not their fault for running amok?


Most importantly, by arresting Malay thieves, it also means you’re ridiculing their culture, which in turns belittling Islamic teachings, so non-Malays deserved to be whacked till their parents couldn’t recognise them. Was that what ISMA trying to justify, which sadly, many Malay social media users actually subscribe to?

Low Yat Riot - Thieves and Thugs on Lenovo S860

If that was not enough to amaze NASA scientists who just celebrated their space exploration’s success with photos of Pluto, the ethnic Chinese traders are accused as swindlers who regularly cheat Malay consumers to gain extra profit. If this is so, then Malays should start whacking Americans at the U.S. Embassy too because they make even bigger profit selling iPhone to the Malays (*grin*).


It’s call “profiteering”, and every business does that. Do the Chinese businessmen cheat fellow Chinese customers? All the time. But how come Chinese can get cheaper prices? That’s because they negotiate and can only get them after become regular customers. Chinese traders also sometimes sell in volume but with lower profit margin hence lower price.

Low Yat Plaza - Upper Ground View Down

Get real, why Malays flock to Low Yat looking for a bargain despite knowing the Chinese traders would cut their throat? Low Yat wasn’t born yesterday, right? That’s because a Malay trader wouldn’t budge from their pricing while a Chinese salesman next door would gladly throw in some free gifts, if they couldn’t reduce their price, just to close the deal.


If Malay traders could be flexible and don’t always think of immediate maximum profit margin, Pertama Complex would have had been Malay version of Low Yat decades ago, certainly not Imbi Plaza and now Low Yat Plaza. The simple fact that Malays do not even buy from fellow Malay stalls is the best proof that Malay businesses are bigger cheater, no?

Pertama Complex

What do Malays expect Chinese traders to do? Give special preference or discounts even for a phone cover, the same way the Malays enjoy discounts when purchase a house? One has to remember the Chinese generally work long hours because they’re on their own without government’s assistance, from putting a roof over head to sending kids for better education.


And we have not even talk about hundreds of government agencies and authorities literally queuing into Chinese businesses, conveniently asking for “coffee and tea” money. Naturally, that money needed to be offset by passing it back to consumers. Hence, depending on luck, you may be the lucky winner who sponsors them, who most likely are Malays.

1MDB - Tabung Haji Scandal

Strangely, when fellow Malay UMNO leaders openly and proudly plunder their hard-earned money in Tabung Haji, cheat their Felda lands, tax them via GST, sell them inferior Proton spare parts, retrench them from MAS and banks, the Malays never hear anything from ISMA, PEKIDA or PERKASA about running amok. How come?


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“How come”? Well isn’t that THE way of life? “Bogeymen/Punching back………..” you need one every now and then lah………………

“How come?”
Good question; asked many times over many incidents. But has it ever been answered?
Or anybody has an answer?

This City is what it is because the people are what they are..


“One has to remember the Chinese generally work long hours because their’re on their own ……………..” Thus, making them the ideal target to be taught a lesson by the power that be. United you’ll prevail and eventually overcome, divided you will become someone’s bitch eventually.

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