Here’s Why Nobody Can Afford A Racial Riot, Including The Police

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Jul 13 2015
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As the dust of Low Yat riot slowly settles, more facts have emerged. The earlier rumours about the thief, “TWO THIEVES” to be exact, being conned by Low Yat Plaza salesman into purchasing a cloned smartphone hence the retaliation, is false. So far, the Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajuddin Mat Isa said “no report” has been lodged to support the cheating story.


Not only wasn’t there any scam as alleged by (majority Malays) netizens who have gotten emotional about the whole fiasco, police will now investigate a police officer who had freed the accomplice of the thief, thus allowed him to gather his gangster friends and ran amok at an OPPO Concept Store responsible for foiling their earlier escape attempt.

Low Yat Riot - Farah Liana Side of Story

That roughly confirms the version of a story told by one Farah Liana, a secretary working in the Management office of Low Yat Plaza. Surprisingly, police chief Khalid Abu Bakar tells all and sundry that his men have been instructed to arrest pro-UMNO blogger Papagomo, for spreading lies that led to the riot at Low Yat during the weekend.


Papagomo, whose real name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, was also a former traffic policeman convicted of bribery. Amazingly, even the extreme organisation involved in the riot – PEKIDA – is now singing a different tune after mobilised 200 mobsters to Low Yat Plaza. All these latest twists are strange for one reason – they do not conform to the normal SOP.

Low Yat Riot - Najib Razak and Papagomo - With Other UMNO Leaders

Like it or not, nobody wants a repeat of the May 13, 1969 bloody racial riots, with the exception of three persons. The first person would be PM Najib Razak himself, because a repeat of such riots would enable him to declare a state of emergency, hence invokes Emergency Law so that he can rules for as long as he likes, and arrests anyone he wishes to. That was what RPK wrote and proposed.


The second person would be Mahathir Mohamad, simply because knowing how coward and clueless Najib is, he can put the blame of a bloody chaos squarely on Najib and indirectly pressures panicky UMNO warlords to boot the prime minister. The third person would be fugitive RPK, simply because, well, he would get orgasm by writing another “I Told You So” article (*grin*).

Low Yat Riot - Thugs and Pekida Extreme Organisation

Do you know that if the government had wished for a racial riot, the Low Yat fiasco was the perfect opportunity to do so? What the Kuala Lumpur Police needed to do was to just let the 200 PEKIDA thugs storm Low Yat and watch from its HQ which is located just a stone’s throw away from Low Yat, with popcorns and Coke.


But they didn’t. Instead they mobilised hundreds of policemen and FRU to stop the rioters, a massive operation not seen in decades. Why? Before the Malay and Chinese start calling for each others’ blood, obviously due to extreme emotion without the ability to think straight, one has to understand what are there in Low Yat.

Low Yat Riot - Crowds Outside

Sun Complex, Low Yat, Sg Wang, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor are the centers and headquarters for “Taikors” dealing in prostitutions, drugs, weapons, piracy goods and whatnot. That was why grenades were used last October to terminate another “Taikor”. Tens of millions of dollars in business transactions occurs everyday.


Of course, the “authorities” knew about it because millions of dollars flow into their balance sheet every month. Do you really think the authorities give a hoot about two Malay thieves, one of whom claimed his daddy was a policeman hence was freed? And do you really think they really care about protecting (fake) Malay supremacy as trumpeted by PEKIDA?

Low Yat Riot - Thugs and Pekida Extreme Organisation

Hell no, because what they really care was their monthly “allowances” from the goose that lays golden eggs. To those PEKIDA warriors who screamed for Chinese blood inside Low Yat, do you have any idea the background of some of those innocent looking salesman? Do they even know what was waiting for them behind Jalan Alor that night? (*grin*)


Underground rumours had it that hundreds had been weaponised, only waiting for instruction to strike, which would make those 200 PEKIDA mobsters like potato chips on a chopping board. Did the emotional Malay social media users think that hundreds of Chinese at Low Yat Plaza were no match for their seven Malay “thuggish friends”?

Low Yat Riot - Jalan Alor

The Chinese didn’t break the seven Malay gangsters’ hands and legs because they always consider about monetary losses before they retaliate. If by whacking the seven idiots would mean losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage goods, what’s the point? That was why they were only ready to “settle” it outside of Low Yat Plaza.


After the Chinese whacked the Malay PEKIDA gangsters, then what? How long would it take for the riot to spread to the rest of the country with the present social networking age, before the Malays start chopping the Chinese? At the end, thousands of lives would perished, over a stolen Lenovo phone. Are Malaysians’ life so freaking cheap?

Low Yat Riot - Damages with Thugs Inset

But the police had deliberately allowed PEKIDA into inciting hatred and provoking racial unrest, hadn’t they? Well, the police actually were stuck in the middle. On one hand, they couldn’t offend PEKIDA who has “license” to amok issued by UMNO. On the other hand, they couldn’t afford to see their Low Yat golden goose gets slaughtered.


We’ve written this many times. Unlike the 1969 riots, nobody can afford a repeat of such bloody tragedy. It’s extremely easy to start the flame of riots. Anybody can do it. The billion dollar question is – can the authorities control and contain it once it has started? In reality, UMNO Malay cronies, authorities and even extreme agencies such as PEKIDA rely on business interests within the Golden Triangle, one way or another.

Low Yat Riot - Golden Triangle Map

Now that Low Yat is literally closed for business, let’s see the impact on the authorities’ cash-flow. Besides Low Yat Plaza, businesses at Federal Hotel, Sg. Wang, Bukit Bintang, Lot 10, Starhill, JW Marriot Hotel, Berjaya Times Square, Ritz-Carlton, Fahrenheit, Grand Millenium Hotel, Pavilion and other tourist hotspots would be affected. At the end of the day, money talks and bullshit walks.


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FT bro i had a good laugh reading those racial comments made by malay netizens who in reality are just good at being keyboard warriors, hiding behind the computer. I seriously doubt anyone one of them have the ‘telur’ to go down to the ground and do what they imagine that they are capable of. making those silly racial chest-thumping comments only make their imaginary balls seem bigger, nothing else!!

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