ISIS Provides Example How To Chop Off A Hand, Just Like What PAS Wants

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Jun 18 2015
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How long do we need to wait before Hadi Awang and his conservative minions from PAS can show they actually have dignity and are indeed the most spiritual and pious Muslims in Malaysia? Sure, we know what game they’re playing here. They provoke DAP everyday, hoping to be sacked. That’s why they do not want to quit.


Before Hadi Awang could officially bring PAS to marry UMNO as grand as Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding, if not grander, there is one last thing to do. And that is to make DAP the bad guy by forcing them to kick PAS out of Pakatan Rakyat. Then PAS can start crying and run to all its supporters moaning how cruel DAP was in booting them.

UMNO and PAS Unity Govt - Romeo Najib and Juliet Hadi

While Hadi thinks he was smart by playing a slow motion “Silat”, DAP was fast with its lighting “Kungfu” kick, declaring Pakatan was officially dead. DAP has since walked out from the ring, leaving PAS still dancing around the circle telling all and sundry the fight is still on, because it needs a meeting to certify the death (*grin*).


Some say the real reason DAP hates Hadi Awang was because the latter play them out during the Kajang Crisis. Of course, that’s only partly true. The fact that Hadi Awang went unilaterally with its own decision instead of a consensus shows the PAS leader cannot be trusted. Nobody knows what would be the final outcome should PAS have had agreed with DAP and PKR and adamantly submit only one single name for the Chief Ministership.

PAS Hadi Awang and UMNO Najib Razak - Happy at Hospital

But that was not the biggest issue. DAP knows there’s no way in a thousand years it can form a federal government on its own, simply because the majority ethnic-Malay will continue to dominate the country. It can even accept a PAS candidate as the Chief Minister of Selangor, as long as he / she is not an extremist.


So, the problem here is extremism, namely “Hudud Law”, that Hadi Awang wants to implement, come rain or shine. People may think the hudud will be applicable to Muslims only, and it would be implemented in Kelantan state, not other part of the country. So why not just let Hadi plays his little hudud game in Kelantan?

Hudud Law Cartoon by Reggie

Here’s the problem. Hudud in Kelantan cannot be implemented without changes to the constitution. But if you allow the constitution to be changed in order to accommodate Kelantan’s Hudud Law, the same new set of law can be implemented to the rest of the country. And how do you guarantee the law is 100% applicable to the Muslims only?


How do you guarantee there will be no “selective prosecution” of amputation for thieves and stoning for adulterers? How do you grow back hands or bring the dead back to life, in the event of wrong prosecutions and executions? Perhaps some gruesome examples of how ISIS militants carry out amputations, whom PAS leaders idolize, could shed some curiosities.

ISIS Hacking and Chops Off Hand - Step 1 - Tools Preparation

Before the sentencing, the onlookers, presumably PAS conservative supporters would be rejoicing to witness yet another exciting execution. An accused thief would be blindfolded (ISIS version) with his wrist tied with a tourniquet. Someone would then read out the charges. Of course, PAS can follow ISIS guidance by feeding the thief with drugs to calm him down.

ISIS Hacking and Chops Off Hand - Step 2 - Tying Process and Reading Charges

If the executioner prefers, he can even wear black balaclavas, just like the ISIS. Then, use a meat cleaver, “parang”, or anything that PAS endorses, to chop off the accused thief’s hand. Thereafter, bandages will be used to wrap up the bleeding wound. And voila, a job well done, thanks to PAS Hudud Law.

ISIS Hacking and Chops Off Hand - Step 3 - Hacking or Chopping

Of course, PAS can always modify its own version on how to best chop off peoples’ hand according to its own interpretation of the God’s Law. Perhaps Hadi Awang’s fanatic supporters should arrange some “overseas learning trips” to ISIS to get first hand experience on how to chop off hands, no?

ISIS Hacking and Chops Off Hand - Step 4 - Bandaging


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Jeez, hate writing. You dont contribute anything positive to society. SHAME ON YOU

>Jeez, hate writing. You dont contribute anything positive to society. SHAME ON YOU<

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