Meet Helan Abdulla, The “Kurdish Shakira” Who Fights ISIS With Pop Song

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Jun 15 2015
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After the first UAE female top gun – Major Mariam – took to the sky bombing the barbarian ISIS, denying the fake jihadists of their supposedly 72 virgins reward in heaven, another woman is taking to the sky for the same purpose. But instead of flying F-16 fighter, this woman is using cyberspace to fight ISIS.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - two photos

Enter Helan Abdulla, or popularly known as “Helly Luv”, whose “Revolution” pop song has attracted more than 750,000 views in YouTube since it was uploaded on 28 May, about two weeks ago. Her Facebook has more than 1.3 million “Likes”, and counting. With golden high heels and bright red hair, singer Helly Luv filmed her latest music video just 3-km away from ISIS.



Her latest music video – “Revolution” – opens with a peshmerga soldier looking at a picture of himself with a young boy, presumably his son, as shelling and gunfire are heard in the background. He tucks the photo inside his helmet and goes to fight. The video then moves to a quiet village where children play and people sit drinking tea.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - Revolution

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - Revolution - Car Painted End War

Soon, the village comes under fire from (ISIS) black-clad militants driving armoured vehicles, including a tank. A child screams and residents flee, but Helly Luv – wearing golden high heels with a white and red scarf covering her face – walks the other way to dramatic music, unleashing a banner before the tank that reads “STOP THE VIOLENCE”

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - in Military Uniform with Cannon

She then sings and dances next to a car with “END WAR” spray painted on its side. Video footage that includes peshmerga forces counterattacking and lyrics such as “We gon’ keep on fighting” fills the scene. The song was made to encourage mountain-based Kurdish peshmerga rebel fighters primarily, and to encourage “international community” to support, generally.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - in Military Uniform

Helly Luv was born Helan Abdulla on November 10, 1988 in Urmia, Iran, during the Persian Gulf War. Her family escaped death during Saddam Hussein regime to live in Finland. At the age of 18, she saved all her money to purchase a plane ticket to Los Angeles, California, believing in the “American Dream.”, to pursue a career in music.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - Side Photos - Kurdish and Modern

She would soon see the ugly side of the music business and often told her talent was not what people would look for. Just before giving up and leaving America, she received a MySpace message from music producer Los Da Mystro. She signed a music deal with G2 Music Group and soon released “Risk It All”.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - four photos

“Risk It All” caught fire almost immediately in Finland, peaking all the way to the top three iTunes singles and contesting with Rihanna’s “Diamonds”. Helly Luv appeared on the TV news because her music video was spreading like a wildfire. She also began receiving death threats for her controversial music video, which attacted over 4 million YouTube views within 4-month.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - Side Photos - Kurdish

In the “Revolution” music video, it also comes with controversial scene, such as the appearance of the Jewish Star of David. There was also the religious symbol of the Buddhist Wheel. But in order to deliver the coexistence message, religions sensitivities are taking a back seat, hence people can be seen in the video carrying banners with peace messages in various languages and an array of religious symbols.

Helan Abdulla - Helly Luv - Long Gown

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