Unbelievable!! Najib’s Idol – ISIS – Hacked Malaysia Airlines Website

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Jan 26 2015
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After Malaysia Airlines (MAS) lost two commercial planes last year – MH370 and MH17 – it seems the company is losing its website as well. The company’s IT team must be having the bluest of Monday Blues today, when its website is hacked by what appears to be hackers linked to ISIS or IS or ISIL or whatever you want to call them. As of time this article is being drafted, the website – http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/ – is struggling to bring itself online.


Minutes ago, MAS technical team was trying to redirect the URL to http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en.html, which worked for some minutes before being hacked as well with a message “404 – Plane Not Found”. Any techie guy or gal can tell you that the 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked - ISIS - Cyber Caliphate

Apparently, the hackers were not interested in bringing down MAS website, which it can do with DDOS (denial of service) attack. Instead the attack was a DNS redirect or poisoning whereby visitors were forwarded to another website page with hacked contents, in this case 404 – Plane Not Found. It’s also not sure if the attack was launched at MAS directly, or the local ISP, as the DNS resolution happens at ISP.


With due respect, it seems the hackers were poking fun at Malaysia Airlines, an entity owned by the Malaysian government. The hacked message was initially signed off by “Cyber Caliphate”. Now the “Lizard Squad” has signed it as the “Official Cyber Caliphate”. Hacker Lizard Squad was notorious for hacking Microsoft XBox Live and Sony PlayStation platforms during last Christmas. Obviously, the hackers revealed MAS or ISP is using Microsoft Web Server.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked - Najib Razak Praised ISIS

Here’s an interesting question – why does the ISIS hackers hacked Malaysia Airlines, after prime minister Najib Razak praised the terror group sky high not many moons ago? Of course for now, there’s no concrete proof to show these hackers are indeed the ISIS hackers. Perhaps PM Najib should give a call to his idol, the ISIS, to seek clarification why his once UMNO cash cow (MAS) is being hacked, and probably beg to be spared?


Hence, it doesn’t make any sense why would ISIS hackers slapped on PM Najib’s face with the latest hacking, considering how his political party, UMNO, is preparing to embrace and emulate ISIS’s bravery (*tongue-in-cheek*). Najib is the only leader from Asia who glorifies ISIS jihadists, so they should appreciate the prime minister’s endorsement, not a defacement of Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked - Rais Yatim Arrogance

On a second thought, maybe Najib administration should seriously consider about bringing back some genius past ministers such as former Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Rais Yatim, who brilliantly decided to simply pull the plugs from servers, instantly “stopped the embarrassing hacked pages”. Heck, Mr. Rais even assured the public that the government was prepared for any eventuality of hacker attacks. That was back in 2011, and how we all missed him (*grin*).


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