Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Google Can Read Your Emails, And Remind You To Pay Bills

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Oct 08 2014
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Remember Apple’s latest promise to protect your personal data stored in iPhone or iPad to prevent any other third parties except the owner (that’s you, dude) from accessing them, as long as the devices are running iOS 8? Well, Apple fanatics rejoiced when the company announced that the new privacy policy (finally) means the police, FBI, CIA or whatnot will not be able to get your data even when these authorities have a search warrant.

Google Watching You

However, while celebrating, many have forgotten that this latest news also means that prior to this, Apple maintained the ability to unlock some content on devices for legally binding police requests. In other words, nobody (except Apple themselves) knows exactly how much data from  the 800 million iOS devices (as of June 2014) that Apple had surrendered to the United States authorities ever since.


The latest iCloud nude pictures leak by hackers is a classic example how unsecure your data is, the moment you store your data – public or private – on the internet. The security concerns are not limited to iCloud but every single bit of data that you store online, including emails. Do you also know that Google has been scanning your Gmail for as long as one can remember? Google has just announced something jaw-dropping.

Google Search mobile app can now remind users when bills are due

Google says its Google Search mobile app can now remind users when bills are due by spotting or scanning emailed bills in their Gmail accounts and automatically reading the important details. What you need to do is simply “tap” the mic on the Google app and say, “Show me my bills” or “My bills due this week.” And voila – if you have the payment due date and amount in your Gmail, you’ll see a quick summary of upcoming and past bills.


Sure, this is so cool because Google is getting more intelligent and could act as your personal assistant, without the need to pay it salary. These features are available to users of Google’s search app who have turned on the “Google Now” feature and given Google permission to access information from their Gmail accounts. In a way, you still have some controls over your precious data.

Google Gmail - Privacy, Top Secret, Confidential

But this also means, if you do not already know, that Google already scans users’ email accounts for flight information, hotel reservations, financial information and whatnot. You may not realise how scary this can be, but the fact that Google is reading your bills via email means your privacy is not so private after all. Google could be building users’ profile as we speak now, and soon it could deliver packages via drone from your online order confirmations.

Government Watching Your Email Records

The artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly built around your supposedly private information stored in Google’s various database through data mining. It’s a matter of time before Google can predict or anticipate what you need next, not to mention where you will be in the next hour through Google Map, for example. The only thing you can do now is not to rely on Gmail as your primary mailbox – separate them to different email providers.


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