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ISIS Terrorism Hits Orlando As America In Self-Destruction & Self-Denial

At least 51 people are dead and 53 others wounded after a domestic terrorist – Omar Mateen – opened fire and took hostages at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning. The shooter who stormed the Pulse Nightclub about 2 a.m. ET with an AR-15 type rifle and a handgun was eventually killed […]

... written on Jun 13 2016

Take A Tour Inside Emirates Airbus A319 That Rosmah Took For Her Cheap Award

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s beautiful wife – Rosmah Mansor – has hit the headlines again, for the wrong reason. Naughty boy Rafizi Ramli, an opposition MP, exposed another lavish spending by Najib administration this week when he revealed Rosmah hired Emirate’s Executive Airbus A319 private jet so that she can fly into Turkey – with […]

... written on Jun 13 2016

Simply No Match! – English Hooligans Hunted & Attacked By Russian “Ultras”

When one talks about football hooliganism, one cannot but link it to England. After all, the football violence can be traced back to 14th-century England whereby King Edward II personally banned football in 1314. Football hooliganism in England was such an embarrassing affair that even Britons were condemning their own people.   In reality, football hooliganism […]

... written on Jun 12 2016

How Najib Razak’s Scandalous 1MDB Brings Down A 143-Year-Old Swiss Bank

The news of a mass defection at RBS Coutts, which has the British royal family amongst its customers, came as a shock. In 2009, Hanspeter Brunner, former Asia head of RBS Coutts Bank Ltd., Singapore, had jumped ship with a staggering 70 colleagues. Their destination: BSI SA, a small Swiss bank catered primarily to Italian clients but […]

... written on Jun 11 2016

Market Crash! “Sell Stocks”, “Buy Gold” – Soros Has Profited $90 Million So Far

Famed for making a cool billion US dollar by “breaking” the Bank of England in 1992, semi-retired George Soros had warned that we’re about to see something that hasn’t happened in “80 years”. He spoke about the financial apocalypse during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January this year.   Soros made the […]

... written on Jun 10 2016

“There’s No Money Left. Cheers!” – Will PM Najib Say This To Pensioners?

Russians might love their President Vladimir Putin, who enjoyed consistently high rankings. Last year in June, Putin’s approval rate was at record-high of 89%, despite economic challenge due to tumbling currency ruble and oil price. But it’s a different story altogether with the Russian prime minister, who assumed office since 2012.   When Russian Prime Minister […]

... written on Jun 09 2016

This Chart Shows Oil Could Hit $60, But American Drillers Have Awaken

Crude oil prices – both WTI and Brent – have breached US$50 a barrel, and that is good news to oil producers. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures for July were trading above US$51 per barrel for the first time since July 2015. So, what’s the big deal? Because a technical analysis shows the bull is […]

... written on Jun 09 2016

Forget MARS – China Is Building A “Space Station” … Under South China Sea

China is not giving up South China Sea, or at least 90% of the waters, islands or rocks it’s claiming. If that statement isn’t clear enough, here’s Beijing policy – China will NEVER give up South China Sea. If United States still don’t get it, here’s China message over the weekend – China was not […]

... written on Jun 08 2016

Gaokao Exam Season – China Uni Entrance Exam Cheats To Get 7-Year Prison

Last year when the China’s State Administration of Civil Service announced they would revise Criminal Laws to include cheating in the country’s national servant exams, some laughed and thought the Chinese authorities were merely blowing hot air. The proposed laws would see cheaters sentenced to three-to-seven years in prison. Today, the Chinese government is making it […]

... written on Jun 08 2016

British MPs Plotting Dirty Tricks – Even If “Brexit” Wins, They Can’t Exit EU

At least 3 new polls show Brexit – British Exit – could succeed on June 23 after all. An online survey by ICM shows 48% wanted to leave European Union as opposed to 43% who don’t. Pollster YouGov found “Leave” on 45%, with “Remain” on 41%. Meanwhile, TNS registers 43% Britons preferred “Out” as compared to […]

... written on Jun 07 2016

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