Chief Minister Lim Will Be Sent To Jail, Because The Emperor Says So

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Jun 30 2016
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This is quite boring but since millions of ethnic-Chinese are foaming on the mouth beating their chests in anger over the arrest of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, we thought an article or two might be able to stop them from going crazy when Mr. Lim is eventually sent to prison, hopefully to be given a cell next to former de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim Guan Eng - Penang Chief Minister - Inset - Jailed for Defending Malay Girl Raped by Rahim

That’s right, before the trial could even begin; we already knew the verdict Malaysian Kangaroo court would deliver – GUILTY. When that happens, Mr. Lim is going to set a new record. He would be the only opposition DAP leader to be imprisoned twice. Of course, we’re talking about criminal charges, and not detention without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA).


He was first imprisoned for defending an underage Malay girl who was raped by former Malacca Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik, who was then an UMNO warlord. By the way, why is this Tamby guy still a free man after he had insulted the Sultanate of Selangor, accusing Crown Prince Tengku Amir Shah of giving up everything to marry Spanish model Cristina Gomez?

Rahim Thamby Chik - Apologise To Selangor Palace Facebook Posting

Ahh, that’s because the Tamby guy is more powerful than the Sultan of Selangor by virtue of him being a member of UMNO club. Too bad Lim Guan Eng belongs to a pariah club – opposition party DAP. Therefore, in his second criminal charges, he will be sent to prison because the court will find him guilty of corruption, abuse of power and whatnot.


Are we trying to be a hero by playing reverse psychology and pre-emptive games here? Not at all because what Najib regime is doing now is part of UMNO’s SOP (standard operating procedure) so it’s extremely predictable. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that 99.99% Lim Guan Eng will be sent to prison.

Phang Li Koon and Shamsuddin Hayroni - Profit and Loss Comparison

Three months ago, we published why there wasn’t a criminal case against Mr. Lim over his bungalow fiasco, or scandal as some would like to trumpet it. PM Najib’s minions were comparing Lim’s bungalow purchase with former Selangor Chief Minister Khir Toyo’s bungalow scandal, despite the differences between both cases.


Clearly, after months of investigation, questioning and intimidation, the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) couldn’t find any “direct link” that Lim Guan Eng has been bribed by the seller of the bungalow, Miss Phang Li Koon. Didn’t we write Najib’s boys would implicate the Penang Chief Minister based on “indirect link” (*grin*)?

Lim Guan Eng Bungalow – RM2.8 Million (Jalan Pinhorn, Penang)

Here’s how the country’s Kangaroo court would deliver the story. Lim is to be charged under Section 23 of the MACC Act for allowing an application to rezone a piece of land owned by Phang Li Khoon’s company Magnificent Emblem and Sect 165 of the Penal Code for buying a property below market value.


Section 165 stipulates that it is an offence for a public servant to obtain anything without consideration from persons concerned in any proceeding or business transacted by such a public servant. Because Mr. Lim bought his bungalow from Miss Phang, a former landlord, arguably below market price, therefore, he is to be found guilty.

Attorney General Apandi Ali - Holding Charts

And believe us when we say 99.99% Lim Guan Eng will be sent to be fed by mosquitoes. That’s because Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali will lead the prosecution team. How could a country’s top lawyer lose such an important criminal case, right? To Apandi, this case is easier to prove than the one where his boss PM Najib was caught red-handed with RM2.6 billion in his private bank account.


But isn’t the case too weak to send Mr. Lim to prison? Well, if you care to read how Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty of sodomy, despite 12 screw-ups by prosecution team back in October 2014, then you’ll understand why Lim Guan Eng is game-over before the trial could even begin. Anwar’s defence was 12 times more solid than Lim’s, mind you (*grin*).

Anwar Sodomy Busted - Selective Recognition Of Reports

What A.G. Apandi needs to establish is the “perception” that Lim Guan Eng had “indirectly” benefited from Phang Li Khoon, and the judge(s) will do the rest. Unless the judge(s) hates promotions, they would do as what Emperor Najib wants them to do. People will also witness how Malaysian judges, for some miraculous reasons, would deliver the verdict at lightning fast.


Okay, here’s another spoiler. Emperor Najib needs to send Lim Guan Eng to prison – urgently – because by doing so, it could disintegrate Penang state government. Without the Mr. Popular defending the Penang fortress, DAP’s internal power struggle would do the magic as there’s no single general who could fill the vacuum in DAP Penang.

Emperor Najib Razak

There’s little time to waste because Najib son of Razak is preparing his boys for a snap election – earliest this year, and latest next year – so that he could hike GST soonest possible to cover holes of debt. His next target is former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, if the old man still doesn’t get the message from Lim Guan Eng’s prosecution, or rather persecution.


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Perhaps the writer of the blog envisages himself a lawyer? Is he competent enough to read the law? Is this why he is trying to sell the idea of virtual investments on his so-called blog?

Lets get to the crux of the matter.

Any prosecution depends on the strength of the case at the pleasure of the AGC. Thankfully it is a process free of the stupidity of opinions of the layman such as the blog writer.

To call the judicial process of Malaysia a kangaroo court, only belies the the absolute prejudice of the writer. Clearly, the writer has never been outside the country nor learnt anything about the law. So why is it he writes about legal stuff? Why is it that when DSAI appealed and won the first time, there was nary a word about kangaroo court and that most “pembangang” applauded the judiciary due process? And yet, now, when the weight of the legal system bears down upon yet another pembangang leader, we will hear the terms kangaroo court being bandied around yet again. Just ask LGE if he thinks as you do, that the judicial process that awarded him RM700K in damages is a kangaroo court?

With regards to the price, and so-called profit of RM300K, it is obvious that for a blog calling itself “financetwitter” it has no inkling about finance at all. When making a housing loan, there are extrenous costs such as MRTA, insurance legal fees, stamping and most importantly, INTEREST, which culminates to well over RM300K. Still think there’s a profit? Think again.

The feeble attempts at downplaying the importance of market and fair value pricing by saying “arguably under market price” is pathetic and laughable. IT is CLEARLY sold under the market value, an offence under sect 165. It is most obvious that as the “tokong” LGE had a complete disregard to the act and treated it with complete impunity. Is this the actions of a seasoned public SERVANT or a clear display of arrogance?
Remember, notification of fair market value was given when paying the stamping fees.

RBA, DAP and their cohorts are now desperate in trying to undermine the proper authorities, resorting to the most inane and insane defensive and truly mindless offensives against the authorities.

Perhaps, there are the fools within their own ranks who would be fooled by their rhetoric, but thankfully, as clearly demonstrated by the recent PRN and PRK, that number is few and far between.

RMF Shahnan,

You have no idea what is match-fixing or how it’s being done, do you?

Cheers …

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