Germany’s Secret Plan For “EU Army” – The Making Of “Hunger Games”

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Jun 29 2016
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European Union political chiefs are treating Brexit as some sort of uprising. And it’s contagious. EU is scrambling to contain the “political tsunami”, with right-wing parties across the continent calling for dozens of referendums. A study by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) revealed “insurgent parties” are calling for a total of 34 referendums.

Brexit - UK Abandon EU Sinking Ship

Britain’s Pandora Box – Brexit – has gotten people questioning matters ranging from their countries’ membership of the EU to refugee policy. Even France, one of the greatest supporters of EU, might get to taste its own “Frexit” referendum. Netherlands’ “Nexit” is gaining momentum due to the inflow of refugees, which is seen as a “threat to national identity and the welfare state”.


Besides “Italexit”, anti-EU campaigns in other states – including Austria, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and even Germany – is growing. As Mark Leonard of ECFR said – “Many of these insurgent parties have views on foreign policy that are closer to President Putin than President Obama. They represent a revolution in European foreign policy.

EU General Affairs Council Meeting

You see, the problem with EU is this: each of the 28 countries making the union has slowly lost its democratic prerogatives to commissions and councils with no popular mandate. Member nations no longer determine their own budgets and are forced to open their borders against their will. Their fate is decided by a handful of elite sitting on EU commissions or councils.


The people of British have been calling the EU a dictatorship regime with Dictator Angela Merkel calling the shot. Her most trusted lieutenant is President François Hollande of France while Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy and acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain (and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain pre-Brexit) are minions who will obligingly tag along.

Germany Dictator Angela Merkel

In the wake of Brexit, Germany and France are fine-tuning a proposal to create European Super-State. Disguised under a blueprint to enhance EU integration in the area of security, migrant crisis and economic cooperation, the plans eerily mirror the film “Hunger Games” where armies, economic and financial systems and border controls were centralized under “The Capitol”.


This is probably the future in the making but like the “Hunger Games”, the purposes of the 27 nations under EU are to provide labour and create wealth in order to enrich the commissions and councils (The Capitol). Ultimately, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels, it would be an excellent preventive tool to counter European peoples’ uprising.

The Hunger Games - President Snow

Wait a minute, isn’t there NATO in place to take care of the EU’s security? That’s the whole point of creating an EU army. NATO army is to deal with external defences of Europe, and they’re forbidden to police the internal affairs of member states. Therefore, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel desperately needs a new set of army to deal with domestic affairs.


As British Lord Christopher Monckton warned –The danger with the European army proposal is that there is no court to which anyone in Europe can appeal. This is an internal army designed to suppress the will of the people and keep them cowering in fear and to kick down the door just like the KGB if the people disagree with them.”

European Union Army - Tank with EU Flag

The secret plan to create “United States of Europe” means the present countries making up EU would no longer be countries. Former British Foreign Secretary Lord Owen warned the move could see the US withdraw funding from NATO. To avoid influencing Britain’s EU referendum, the plan was temporarily kept secret in a sealed room, but it got leaked anyway.


Does this mean Brexiteers were right by voting to leave the EU? Absolutely because according to insiders, despite UK’s veto in 2011 for the creation of EU army, there was a loophole that could allow 9 states to group together and bypass opponents. The leaked document also revealed that EU members who opposed such plan would be given ultimatum – sign it or get out of EU.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel with European Union Army

Was the whole plan a hoax? About 2 months ago, 600 members of various European police and military forces had carried out an EU funded training exercise in Germany, preparing for major civil unrest and even war. Last month, two British Army divisions had joined a 1,500-strong EU Battle-group training in the British countryside adorned with EU flags.


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