Reason Why Germany, Holland & Spain “Blackmail” UK Into Staying In The EU

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Jun 03 2016
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Brexit – British exit from EU – is very real and could happen after a referendum on June 23, roughly 3 weeks away. Unlike a referendum on Scottish independence which took place on 18 September 2014, the Brexit is different simply because the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England have been united since 1603, while the United Kingdom joined the EU as recent as 1973.


In a nutshell, the Scots and English are the same people, with different accents, of course. In fact, as long as 10 years ago, genetic evidence has proven that the Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh have a great deal in common with each other. That’s one of the reasons why the “sentimental” value made it quite impossible for the 2014 Scottish independence to succeed.

Brexit - UK Britanic Ship Leaving EU

It’s a different story altogether with Brexit. The British is very different from the Germans, the Dutch, the Spanish or any European Union country for that matter. For UK to exit from EU is as simple as US exiting NATO. But for Scotland to exit and gain independence from UK is like Alaska getting out of United States.


The billion dollar question is – should the British vote to get the hell out of EU? The funny thing is, while the number of Britons wanted to exit EU increase, they’re worried about the impact at the same time. Perhaps they should take the easiest way – do the “opposite” of what their government tells them to do.

Brexit - US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron

First, there was President Barack Obama who flew thousands of miles to Britain threatening and blackmailing the British not to exit EU. Otherwise, the great Kingdom of United States would not do any trading with the United Kingdom, says the lame duck Obama. Then the Spanish and Dutch prime ministers came, giving the same lecture to the British people.


Now, the great Chancellor of German – Angela Merkel – has warned the Britain that they would be punished if voters support Brexit. Just like President Obama, Angela Merkel is using trade deals to blackmail the British people as if the Britons were kids who couldn’t think on their own. To see leaders from these great EU nations trembling in fear, something must be right about Brexit after all.

Brexit - German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns British Prime Minister David Cameroon

To be lectured by Merkel, the same person who happily welcomed 1.5 million Muslim refugees into Germany in 2015 only to be repaid with mass sexual assaults / rapes by 1,000 Muslim migrants/refugees in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve, is simply mind-boggling. Under her administration, the police and Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker were under instruction to cover-up the crisis.


Angela Merkel should be the last person qualified to lecture Britain. Unfortunately to the EU elite, polls conducted has raise alarm that support for Brexit is gathering momentum. Therefore, Mariano Rajoy, Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel have little choice but to take turn warning, threatening, blackmailing, lecturing and whatnot. Actually, it’s not hard for Britain to decide about quitting EU.

Brexit - British Prime Minister David Cameron - Let's Stick Together

Britain’s 73 MEPs are a minority within the 751 in the European Parliament. That’s as good as saying the once Great Empire of Britain has now been colonised by the European Union. In actual fact, EU is nothing more than a super-expensive membership club. Being in the EU costs money and UK is paying a whopping £18 billion (US$26 billion; RM107 billion) annually.


After deducting “rebate” of £5 billion and EU’s spending back on UK worth about £4.5 billion (in 2015), Britain’s net loss is estimated at about £8.5 billion (US$12.3 billion; RM50.7 billion) – every year. In comparison, the smarter Swiss refused joining EU membership as it would cost Switzerland net payments of 3.4 billion Swiss francs (£2.4 billion; US$3.4 billion; RM14.1 billion) a year.

Brexit - United Kingdom UK Fee Payments To European Union EU

Instead, the Swiss pay the EU under 600 million Swiss Francs (£418 million; US$605 million; RM2.5 billion) a year, but enjoy virtually free access to the EU market. Meanwhile, Norway pays only 340 million Euros (£263 million; US$381 million; RM1.6 billion) a year, of which 110 million Euros are contributions related to participation in various EU programmes, to enjoy access to EU market.


So, why can’t UK follow Switzerland and Norway’s “cheap and cheat” way of gaining free access to the EU market, if trade deals were the primary concern? UK has been a sucker for too long – having paid close to £500 billion (US$724 billion; RM3 trillion) to the EU budget since 1973. But if UK hadn’t benefited from EU membership, who had?

Brexit - Bulgarian and Romanian Arrival to England - Chart

Well, generally the poor countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, have benefited greatly by employment offered by wealthy EU countries such as France, Netherlands, Germany and of course UK. In the same breath, this is the same reason why the Dutch, Spanish and German leaders pushed the panic button to prevent Brexit.


Here’s a little puzzle – if Britain exit EU, who do you think will pick up the bill of £350 million (US$509 million; RM2.1 billion) being sent weekly by the British to Brussels? The top-5 EU monetary contributors are Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Spain. The top-5 EU spenders are Poland, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Brexit - Britain's Bill for the EU - 2015 - 2021

So, there you have it, the real reason why UK cannot be allowed to exit. But if Britain chooses Brexit, it would limit the UK’s exposure to problems created by the EU members, such as the Greece’s financial meltdown which required bailout. And it doesn’t need to bend down and accept refugees just because big bully Germany says so.


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