Forget Terrorism, The Arab Mafia Families Control Berlin Underworld

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Apr 12 2016
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Who says the Arab only excels in terrorism? Thanks to certain Western leaders who have nothing better to do than championing human rights and freedom of everything “excessively”, regardless of the consequences, the Arab has taken over one of the most profitable businesses in Berlin – underworld organized crime.


The Middle East migration has transformed the Germany capital of Berlin’s criminal landscape entirely. The majority of Berlin’s organized crime is controlled by 7 to 9 powerful families who came in the late 1970s from Lebanon. These “Arab Mafia” clans specialize in property crime and drug trafficking. And they would proudly display their stunts like American “Al Capone”.

German Muslim Gangster Fighing With Police

Before the refugee crisis-turned-goldmine, the Arab Mafia families would organize masked gang armed with assault rifles, machetes and hand grenades conducting robberies and other types of crime. When Angela Merkel starts begging refugee to come to Germany, the Arab criminal clans in Berlin started earning a new type of fortune from “refugee” centres.


Late last year, Berlin police revealed that established Arab crime gangs are “making great fortune” from renting out accommodation to the German government for use as “asylum refugee” at inflated prices. Essentially, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of importing refugee at industrial scale has created a new type of cash cow to the Arab gangsters.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Sad - Shown Wearing Hijab on German TV

In fact, the “refugee” centres renting business has become “more profitable than the drug trade”. The Arab crime families were buying real estate ferociously with their ill-gotten money and leasing it to “asylum seekers” at hugely inflated prices – an easy way to launder money at the same time. How did they do it?


A 215 square feet (20 square meters) apartment in Berlin would be acquired to fit 5 refugees. The normal rental for such an apartment of €300 per month (US$342; £240; RM1,330) would then be jacked up to €3,700 per month (US$4,221; £2,949; RM16,397) and rented to the “asylum” services, which were desperate for such accommodation.

Syrian Refugees in Germany

There’re roughly 30 criminal Muslim family clans in Berlin, each of which has up to 500 members, whereby 10% of all members are engaged in serious criminal activity at any given time. Running drug rings and pimping prostitutes, as well as owning legitimate street businesses can be worth tens of millions of Euros a year not only in Berlin but also other major European cities.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies saw well over a million migrants from the third world, mostly Arab countries, settle in Europe last year. The Arab-Muslim Mafia families have been recruiting the “young and physically strong men (refugees)” to expand their empires. Once recruited, the refugee would be sent to do “dirty work” like burglaries, drug trafficking or simply fights with criminal competitors.

Germany Police Arresting A Gangster

The “Elite Arab Mafia families of the city” also control the majority of prostitution in Berlin. Prostitutes must pay the Arab clans a demurrage “otherwise there are beatings”, pimps must pay protection money, and pressure has recently been growing too on the small apartment brothels dotted over the German capital.


These refugees are particularly precious to the Arab crime families due to their unrecognizable and unknown “new faces” to the Germany police. The newly arrivals-turned-criminals are willing to take the risk serving the crime families because they will unlikely be deported. Even within the Arab-Muslim gang members, fights could start pretty easily.

Arab Gangsters in German

What you need is two young boys fighting each other. Before you know it, their adult family members and later the head of families would get involved on behalf of the boys. Once, there was a case when two women got into an argument over a man. It turned violent and at the end, 90 police officers were deployed to break up the fight, which had ballooned to 70 members of rival immigrant clans.


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This article is just media sensationalism and there is no
such gangs in Berlin or Germany. Germany is a very peaceful country and Merkel multiculturalism is working. The country economy is booming and most refugees working to make this happen.

Wow!! every sentence of your “shallow-narration” has been full of hatred! Arguments without facts, pictures without real source! I think your target groups are some over 80s seniors!

What a bullshit post, we can all tell how bias and full of hate you are!

You do realize the contents were extracted from Western media, don’t you? The same Western country that hosted the Arabs.

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