Already Panicking Over 1,000 “Rapefugees”? It’s Just The Beginning

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Jan 11 2016
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Finland and Sweden became the latest European countries to issue warnings to women to be wary of the threat of sex attacks. Switzerland and Austria did the same. Germany, of course, is in the state of panic, denial, cover up, and clueless on migrant rape crisis after the mass robbery, molest, rape and sexually assault by 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants.

Germany Cologne Under Attack by 1,000 Arab and North African MobsGermany Cologne Under Attack - Victim – Surrounded and Groped by 20-30 Arab Men

After an initial attempt to cover up the rape scandal failed, which leads to a demonstration organised by far-right PEGIDA movement, Merkel administration realizes the type of shit they have been worshiping. German justice minister Heiko Maas is reduced to admit that the sexual assaults and thefts carried out in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were coordinated and pre-planed.


Initially rubbished the seriousness of the crisis, the German police has no choice but declared 516 criminal complaints had been filed by individuals or groups in Cologne and 133 in Hamburg ranging from sexual assault to theft. That was close to 650 cases from 2 cities alone. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fired police chief of Cologne, Wolfgang Albers, to pacify angry Germans.

Wolfgang Albers - Police Chief of Cologne - FIREDGerman PEGIDA Protest - Rapefugees Not Welcome

The PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe) march against the rape of German girls by refugees during the weekend but invited a new set of criticism against Angela Merkel. Where’s the common sense when the police deployed merely 143 officers to stop the mass rape but saw it fit to send 1,500 officers to stop an anti-rape protest?


Germany is in chaos while their women are angered for being “imprisoned” in their own country, too scared to go out alone. But the best part has yet to come until Germany’s Development Minister – Gerd Müller – warned that the 1.1 million refugees imported by Merkel government was just the tip of the iceberg.

Syrian Refugees in GermanyWave of Syrian Refugees

In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, Mr. Gerd admitted Europe has only housed 10% of Syrian and Iraqi migrants or refugees. Some 8-10 million are still on the way. And if 1.1 million refugees currently in Germany could do the type of damage at Cologne, Germans can roughly multiply that by a factor of 8-10 when 10-million settle in Europe eventually.


Shall we say the Germans (and the Finnish, Swedes, Austrians, Swiss for that matter) deserve the mass rapes, molestations, robbery and sexual assaults for being too ignorant and dumb? Frankly, it wasn’t Merkel’s fault alone. The Germans were fighting tooth and nail welcoming the refugees with not only free shelters, furniture, food, money but also banners, cheers, hugs and kisses.

German - Syrian Refugees Welcome - Banner by German GirlsGerman - Syrian Refugees Welcome - Banner by German Men

Sure, someone has to help those refugees but the methodology is wrong. Saudi has 100,000 unused air-conditioned tents but they won’t help their brothers and sisters. Have the Western countries ever give it a thought why the Saudi despise them? Leaders of these European countries were so freaking stupid that it makes clown Donald Trump looks like Albert Einstein.


It’s nice to scream till foam at the mouth about championing humanitarian and human rights. However, to blindly welcome them at an industrial scale without a foolproof vetting process is plain stupidity at the highest order. It invites disaster. As harsh as this may sound, these refugees should be “quarantined” at different stages, integrating them in batches.

 German Volunteers Feeding Food to Syrian Refugees

Well, if this looks like those Jews confined to camp, too bad because it’s hard to trust alien refugees. These refugees or migrants came from countries that have little respect for women, unlike more progressive Muslims from Malaysia, for example. They treat women as sex tool and baby-making machine. Warm hospitality is now being replaced by fear.


Ask yourself why these refugees do not fancy other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, India or Bangladesh but would rather risk their lives to enter Europe. That’s because Germany, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France are paradise with kind-hearted people. These hotspots also offer something unavailable back home.

 Sexy German Girl Holding Mug of BeerGerman Girls at Beer Festival

The different culture between the Western countries and countries from the “Arab or North African” is something quite simple but often overlooked. To let these refugees or migrants into the European society is like trusting a pack of hungry wolves with your sheep. Worse, your sheep wear very little clothing with lots of flesh and cleavage to be admired, touched, groped and raped.


Obviously these sex maniacs do not understand why the Germans demonstrated and protested about violating their women. As far as these refugees are concerned, Chancellor Angela Merkel loves them and considered them VIP. Thus, German women were part of free gifts for them to enjoy, as did free home, food, school, drugs, alcohol and the list goes on.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel Selfie with Syrian RefugeeGermany Cologne Train Station - 1000 Arab Mobs Molest, Rape, Sexual Assault Women - Illustration

It was a good idea to get these refugees or migrants to integrate with the Western society, hoping they would progress and become less extreme and savage. Guess what – numerous reports indicate that the migrants are not integrating and have no plan to do so. That’s fine because the Europeans almost orgasm imagining a multi-cultural society in EU.


Here’s the problem – these newcomers bring their culture with them and wanted their culture to become the culture of the European Union. With enough number, they wanted “Islamification”, forcing the “kafir” Western people to accept their Shariah Law as the supreme law of the EU. They wanted to challenge the tame and obedient but naive Western society.

Syrian Refugees - Preaching Extremism - Pierre VogelGermany Chancellor Angela Merkel - Looking Down Sad

Perhaps it’s a valid question to ask as to why young energetic men were allowed to enter Western countries. Perhaps only women and children should be given priority. Even though women could be suicide bombers, at least they don’t molest and rape women. But then it won’t be cool for Angela Merkel to take selfie with women (*grin*).


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Finally, the refugees whom are muslim do not have to resort to suicide bombing to go to heaven and have 600 virgins waiting for them. Down in Europe they are already in heaven and they have more than 600 virgins waiting for them. What luck.

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