Europe’s Largest Terrorist Breeding Ground – Belgium – Hit By Triple Attacks

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Mar 22 2016
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The attacks were largely expected. What was unknown were the place of targets and the number of innocent people who would be killed. Innocent people here, of course, aren’t referring to politicians. Politicians always get away scot free. But the policies made by these supposedly clever Western countries’ politicians have gotten many citizens killed.

Belgium Brussels Terrorist Attacks - Map

There’s something equally annoying. Whenever Western countries are attacked by terrorists imported or bred by them, their leaders would scream “We must face this challenge in solidarity, united, together”, “This is an act of war”, “I strongly condemn these hateful attacks”, “I express my full solidarity with the Belgian people” and the rhetoric goes on.


After Paris Attacks last year, it’s Brussels’ turn when three explosions ripped through the Belgian capital – 2 in Brussels Zaventem Airport and the third an hour later at Maalbeek metro station during the morning rush hour. According to Belgian news agency Belga, shots were fired and shouting was heard in Arabic in Brussels Airport.

Belgium Brussels Terrorist Attacks - Airport Photo

Belgium Brussels Terrorist Attacks - Outside Airport Photo

So far, at least 34 people (14 at airport and 20 in the metro) were reportedly killed and more than 100 injured. Only after the multiple attacks, authorities busy ramping up security at airports and other transport hubs around Europe. Coincidently, Salah Abdeslam, the main fugitive from November’s Paris terror attack, was arrested Friday along with two other suspects in a raid on an apartment in a Brussels suburb.


Were the confirmed suicide attacks days after the capture of Mr. Abdeslam a plot to “avenge” his arrest on the Belgian authorities? Or was it simply the failure of Belgium rather than an ISIS terror group’s plot? For as long as one could remember, Belgium is the largest terrorist breeding ground in Europe.

Paris Terror Attack - Salah Abdeslam - International Police Photo

Two days after the 9/11 attacks on American soil in 2001, a 31-year-old former footballer of Tunisian origin – Nizar Trabelsi – was sentenced to 10 years in prison for plotting an attack on a NATO base. Thereafter, Belgium suffered waves of terrorism in the 1980s and 1990s linked to unrest in the Middle East.


Belgium has supplied the highest per capita number of fighters to Syria of any European nation – between 350 and 550 – out of a total population of 11 million that includes fewer than half a million Muslims. Authorities estimate at least 130 have since returned with the intention of committing attacks at home, while Belgium authorities have done virtually nothing.

Paris Saint-Denis RAID - Paris Attacks Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud - Smiling

The 13 November attacks in Paris last year were, as authorities had suggested, planned and carried out from Brussels. Their ringleader, Abdehamid Abaaoud, was born in Belgium. Even just captured Salah Abdeslam is a Belgian-born French national, of Moroccan descent. In fact, Mr Abdeslam has spent his whole life in Molenbeek, a district of 90,000 in the capital with up to 80% being Muslim.


It was no coincidence that Salah Abdeslam could hide for more than 4 months under the nose of Belgian’s police and military intelligence. As the epicentre of “jihadism”, Belgium provides the safest place to hide. To rub salt into injury, Belgium has long been a clearing house for illegal arms deals.

Paris Attack - Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene photos

Take for example Amedy Coulibaly, the Frenchman who attacked a Jewish supermarket in Paris days after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January last year. What he did was drive to Brussels and swapped cars bought on fraudulent credit cards in France for automatic weapons and ammunition.


Belgium’s geographical situation also makes it a perfect launch-pad for attacks on neighbouring countries. Politicians in this country also mind their own territory’s business. Mayor Francoise Schepmans admitted contacts with radicalism and jihadism is relatively easy in Molenbeek. But she says it’s the federal government’s responsibility to keep track of terrorists, not hers.

Belgium Brussels Terrorist Breeding Ground - Molenbeek

The mayor’s office openly told journalists that there are about 800 suspected jihadists in Belgium, 450 in Brussels, and 85 in Molenbeek. Brussels, amusingly, has 6 different police departments and 19 districts despite a population of only 1-million people. With lack of manpower and influx of foreign influence, authorities often blame each other.


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It won’t be long that Germany will take over from Belgium as the terrorists hub. Merkel will really enjoy it. Let the white man countries enjoy their rhetoric. The Chinese saying is very simple “You will only cry when you see the coffin”.

Some said what they couldn’t do in the past, is easily achieved without a shot being fired and not a drop of blood being shed through migration……..an the politicians in Europe are totally naive or simply self-serving…..

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