BREXIT!! – Here’re 7 Major Reasons Forcing British To Leave The EU

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Jun 25 2016
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Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a historic decision which would be known as the kingdom’s Independence Day – from the EU’s colonization since 1973. The surprising results mean tons of punters and speculators are losing their shirts. The Britons have done something extraordinary – beating the odds that they were too chicken to vote Brexit.

Brexit - UK Abandon EU Sinking Ship

This round, the bookies have gotten it wrong – 76% to 84% that UK would vote to remain in the EU. But who can blame the bookies when even opinion polls and currency speculator George Soros were dead sure that Brexit would fail. British Prime Minister David Cameron who was confident there was little chance for a successful Brexit was shocked himself about the uprising.


In fact, none of EU top leaders, including Chancellor of German Angela Merkel, President of France Francois Hollande and Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte, had believed Britain would dare to vote for a divorce. British UKIP leader Nigel Farage could not believe his windfall, who had initially admitted “Remain” had won but later was found grinning from ear to ear.

British Prime Minister David Cameron – Resigning

Brexit - UKIP Leader Face Transformation from Defeat to Victory

PM David Cameron was so devastated that he has announced his resignation and will stand aside in October, paving way for former London Mayor Boris Johnson as the possible new prime minister. Campaigners have called for EU withdrawal ever since the UK joined the common market in 1973 but the term Brexit became the buzzword only in 2012.


Essentially, nobody believes Britain would vote to leave the European Union. After all, anti-Brexit had great success with fear-mongering for 4 decades. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain but Wales voted otherwise. It was an early victory for “Remain”. Enter England where more than 15-million votes (53.4%) became the deciding factor for UK to leave the EU.

UK Votes to LEAVE The EU - Results - Chart Summary

So what was the tipping point that had contributed to the United Kingdom leaving European Union, a vital decision which could cause the domino effect with more countries wanting to leave the prestige but expensive elite club?



{ 1 }  Excessive Fear-Mongering

Perhaps the EU elite, including British prime minister didn’t know the saying – “You can fool some people some times but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. A year-long recession, economic growth down by 3.6%, hundreds of thousands of people to be out of job, tumbling household income and everything but the kitchen sink were thrown to scare the people.

Brexit - Project Fear - Boris Johnson Cartoon

That was fine until Cameron’s apocalyptic comments about World War 3 should Brexit succeeded. He also bitched on how the average holiday for 4 people travelling together for 8 nights in Europe would cost £230 more. When that fails, Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever was roped to assist the “Project Fear”, warning of pricier ice cream. Clearly, the propaganda was overkill.



{ 2 }  Insult and Threaten Britons’ Intelligence

Panicked without ammunition, PM David Cameron thought it would be a good idea to leverage on U.S. President Barack Obama’s popularity, whose favourability ratings of 83% among British voters and 91% among those who were undecided could come in handy. Obama was decorated like a Christmas tree and treated as if he was the Queen.

Brexit - US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron

However, the British public won’t take too kindly to a foreigner telling them what to think, let alone being lectured at by someone who does not know what he’s talking about. Not only were the Britons insulted by Obama’s PR bullshit, they were angered by Obama’s threat to make it difficult for pro-Brexit government to trade with America. Today, Obama suffers a humiliating defeat.



{ 3 }  Cologne Rapefugees

Anti-EU sentiment was a time bomb ready to explode. However, EU elite such as Angela Merkel thought she was a Goddess who can do no wrong. When 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault in Cologne, Merkel’s policy of welcoming refugees backfired and she was condemned by her own people.

Germany Cologne Train Station - 1000 Arab Mobs Molest, Rape, Sexual Assault Women - Illustration

Not only German Chancellor Merkel kept quiet for days while close to 650 cases of sexual assault and theft were filed, she instructed her officials to deny and cover-up the migrant rape crisis. That happened when Germany had imported 1.1-million refugees, with 8-10 million on their way. The “Cologne Rapefugees” has awakened Britons of the hard fact – England is next to be raped if they don’t Brexit.



{ 4 }  Terrorist Attacks In Paris & Brussels

Two deadly terrorist attacks sandwiched the German’s Cologne crisis. Before the Cologne migrant rape crisis, Paris was terrorised by ISIS leaving 137 deaths with 368 injured. After the Cologne crisis, it was Brussels’ turn which saw 35 people killed and 330 injured. United Kingdom was watching in horror, but determines to do something.

Paris Attacks by ISIS Terrorists - ISIS ISIL Cheered Paris Burnt to Ground Photo

Britons realized it’s a matter of time before their country is to be hit with similar Cologne migrant rape crisis and the Paris and Belgium terrorist attacks. They knew staying in EU means they’re defenceless as they’ve no control over border since the EU cares more about refugees and migrants than the citizens of Britain.



{ 5 }  Arrogant EU Leaders

As the founders of EU, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have been the dominating force. They don’t really care about UK except the cut-throat membership fee where the British have paid close to £500 billion (US$724 billion; RM3 trillion) to the EU budget since 1973.

Brexit - German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns British Prime Minister David Cameroon

PM David Cameron was treated like a second-class EU leader whiles the Britons as third-class (migrants and refugees as second-class) people. It’s absolutely crazy that the EU was telling British how powerful the vacuum cleaners should be and what shape Britain bananas should be. Arrogant EU leaders didn’t care and had little respect for the British, until now.



{ 6 }  The Murdoch Factor

EU leaders were so arrogant that even arrogant media mogul Rupert Murdoch felt insulted by the EU’s arrogance. While people like Angele Merkel, Francois Hollande and Mark Rutte were in denial syndrome, British PM David Cameron soon realized that he might be jobless after Britain’s biggest selling newspaper – The Sun – openly backed Brexit, just days before the referendum.

Britain The Sun Newspaper - BeLEAVE in Britain - Cover

Cameron knew a tsunami was about to strike because it was the same Rupert Murdoch who sent the Tories into the government in the 1992 general election. Like it or not, the newspaper’s headline – “BeLeave in Britain” – had swung tons of undecided votes to the “Leave” camp. The Brexit’s win means it’s true that Rupert Murdoch does not typically back the loser.



{ 7 }  Uncontrollable Immigrants

With net migration to Britain of 330,000 people in 2015, more than half of them from the European Union, Mr. Cameron had no effective response to how he could limit the influx. All he could do was to run to Merkel, only to be told to shut up and sent back home with tail between legs. The straw that broke the camel’s back was none other than – “immigration”.

Migrants at UK Border Control

Before the European Union was created in 1993, immigration wasn’t a huge deal in the UK. Back then, “net migration” was less than 100,000 annually. Between 2004 and 2014, the percentage of migrants entering the UK from Europe spiked to 50% from 25%. Thus, Brexit wasn’t about anti-refugees alone but more about anti-migrants from other EU member states.


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