3 Coronavirus Variants Discovered – Surprisingly, “Type-A” Found In Americans, Wuhan’s Type-B And Type-C In Europe

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Apr 12 2020
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Scientists were flabbergasted at the speed of Coronavirus spreading to around the world. With cases fast approaching 2-million and more than 100,000 deaths, everyone is asking the same question – when will a Covid-19 vaccine be ready? If you believe Microsoft founder Bill Gates, an effective vaccine is not likely to emerge until another 18 months.


Even if that’s true, there’s another problem. Scientists have discovered that the virus has been mutating at an extraordinary speed. Peter Forster, a geneticist at the University of Cambridge, said – “There are too many rapid mutations to neatly trace a Covid-19 family tree. We used a mathematical network algorithm to visualise all the plausible trees simultaneously.”


At the same University of Cambridge in the UK, researchers also discovered 3 distinct “variants” of Covid-19, consisting of clusters of closely related lineages, which were labelled as “A”, “B” and “C”. The jaw-dropping discovery would not only be useful to produce vaccine, but could certainly help scientists to explain why the Covid-19 is so contagious, as well as to identify its source.

Coronavirus - 3 Variants - Type A, B and C

Using genetic network techniques, the scientists analyzed the first 160 complete virus genomes from human patients around the world between 24 December 2019 and 4 March 2020. Together with researchers from Germany, they mapped some of the original spread of the Coronavirus through its mutations, and successfully reconstructed an early “evolutionary paths” of the Covid-19.


As the infection spread from Wuhan to Europe and North America, the paths show how the Coronavirus mutated to “type-A”, “type-B” and “type-C”. “These techniques are mostly known for mapping the movements of prehistoric human populations through DNA. We think this is the first time they have been used to trace the infection routes of a coronavirus like Covid-19,” – said Forster.


Mr. Forster and his team found that “type-A” – supposedly the “original human virus genome” – was closest to the Coronavirus discovered in bats and found in Wuhan, the epicentre of the initial outbreak. But surprisingly, the type-A was not the Chinese city’s predominant virus type. Instead, the most common variant found in Wuhan was “type-B”.

Coronavirus - Wuhan China

Variant “A”, most closely related to the virus found in both bats and pangolins, is described as “the root of the outbreak” by researchers and scientists. Type “B” is derived from “A”, separated by two mutations, then “C” is in turn a “daughter” of “B”. Type A was found in Americans who had lived in Wuhan, and in other patients diagnosed in the United States and Australia.


Even though Wuhan’s major Coronavirus type was “B” (when it should be “A”), the variant reportedly didn’t travel much beyond the region without further mutations – suggesting that there was some sort of “resistance” against variant “B” of Covid-19 outside East Asia. The variant “C”, meanwhile, is the primary type in Europe, found in early patients from France, Italy, Sweden and England.


The genetic network analysis discovered that while “type-C” is absent from samples in mainland China, they can be seen in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. In the same breath, the research suggests that one of the earliest introductions of the Coronavirus in Italy came via the first documented German infection on January 27.

Coronavirus - Peter Forster - University of Cambridge

In that German infection case, an employee of car parts supplier Webasto Group in Munich had contracted the infection from a Chinese colleague. The Shanghai-based Chinese employee, now known as Germany’s Case #0, coincidentally received a visit from her parents from Wuhan before she travelled to Stockdorf, Germany to attend meetings at the Webasto’s HQ.


Last month, a team of Italian scientists believed that Italy’s Coronavirus epidemic might have come to the country via Germany – not directly from China as many experts initially assumed. They matched the Italian genetic sequencing of the pathogen to a case that emerged in Germany in January. Another early Italian infection route was related to a “Singapore cluster”.


Likewise, in Brazil, a group of researchers had isolated SARS-CoV-2 from two patients confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19 and sequenced the complete genomes of both samples of the virus. They found that not only did the genomes differ from each other, but they were also very different from the genomes of the virus samples sequenced in Wuhan, China.

Coronavirus - Respiratory System

Previously, scientists announced the good news that Covid-19 virus mutates so slowly that when a vaccine is eventually developed, it would be most likely be effective for years, the same way measles or chickenpox vaccine does. In fact, the researchers said the latest Coronavirus is more stable than the flu because the SARS-CoV-2 does not seem to mutate much.


However, based on the latest study done by the UK and Germany scientists using the “Phylogenetic” network analysis, obviously not only is the Covid-19 capable of performing too many rapid mutations, it has also mutated itself into three types of variants for different continents – Asia, America and Europe.


China has been accused of covering up the spread of the virus, not to mention the suggestion that the spread of Coronavirus from China might have originated in bats that the Chinese people consumed before being passed on to humans. But the same bats are also favourite indigenous protein in Indonesia, particularly in North Sulawesi.

Coronavirus - New York United States

More importantly, why Americans who had lived in Wuhan had “type-A” of Covid-19, the root of the outbreak, but most of Chinese infected in Wuhan had the “type-B”, which can’t exist without type “A”? Two thirds (70%) of the 310 virus samples sequenced in the U.S. were type A. Naughty speculations would say this as proof that it was the America who first spread the Coronavirus.


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The article is all one big scream the Yanks were responsible for the virus outbreak at Wuhan.

And, after, responsible for the world outbreak.

The huge aggressive energy the Yanks spent to force the narrative the Chinese were responsible and everything else, was very telling – even when it is the famous habit of the US of A to blame someone and everyone else for their faults, anyway.

The sudden electric hush of the Yanks when the Chinese poked their eyes with the formidable and very plausible counter-attack claiming the outbreak was all the fault – and maybe even the deliberate intent of the Yanks, the Yanks started it all.

Remember the Yanks backed off suddenly, even said nice things about the Chinese?

We now have other angmohs come up and gave evidence the Yanks were responsible for the outbreak of the Yank virus.

So there you have it! Our colonial habits should convince many a damn native if the angmohs say so, then it is indeed so, it can only be so, yuz Massah!

The nervous and weird behaviour of the Yanks over the Yank virus was a dead giveaway, the Chinese most likely easily spotted the angmohs couldn’t stop twitching in anxiety that enough idiots would swallow their lies when they pulled that fast one on.

Well, the revelation in the article is cause for celebration for the US of A getting caught out with its pants off!

Next, we need wait for the news if bats are actually the carriers of the virus, there’s no definitive evidence as yet, no matter how our racist chickenshit supremacists (not too few bat eaters among them) would like to again rush off right away to blame any and every Chinese and his dog for “bat-eating” and everything else.

Keep calm, don’t twitch uncontrollably, don’t wet your pants, I say. Wait for scientific news to come out, spend weeks reading and digesting the facts, then put on your “warrior” gear, maybe a red Made-in-China Tshirt, go out and make as much angry grunts as possible, break a few truckloads of bricks with your thick skulls…

Well, the article is a no-news news, I wouldn’t have ever expected the Chinese to always be such easy cheap target for blame and condemnation, anyway. They are indeed an amazing lot, I dare say, a jolly damn superior one too!

Now is a jolly good time for our racist chickenshit supremacists – and all the other varieties of half-baked racists in our bat (and pangolin) -eating country to stand up, find a spine, stand tall, bend over deeply, bow and kowtow three times to the Chinese in sincere humility and respect, thank you!

I would celebrate the revelations in the article with, maybe, bat soup or BBQ bat with real handcut potato fries, bats are still on sale in Malaysia. I have never eaten bats, it is not a Chinese thing actually, but there’s always a first time for everrything.

If them poor pangolins, also eaten by Malaysians, are responsible for the virus, well, I’d try them in whatever way they are cooked – before our angmoh uncles pop their heads up again, demand us behave like “civilised” natives, stop eating our signature dishes with our hands…

So, remember, say sorry to the Chinese (and everyone who looks “Chinese”), find a concrete floor, bash your midget heads hard on it, and it’s three times, Amen!

p.s. If you are your usual useless, and would miss the floor, mark the target area for your head-bashing with a bullseye. Or a red cross. Or a green crescent. Good luck! Jiayou!

Have a few practice run. Aim well, good luck!

If this is the case, then Americans created the virus and spread it to Wuhan through their own people infected to spread it.

Propaganda machine of the US of A sings praises of China’s success fighting coronavirus, says its effort a “model” for other countries to follow.

White House plenty pissed off.


It’ s true. Virus is rooted from chinese. Chinese mostly create problems around globe. We dont like chinese in Malaysia. Why not they are not back when colonial back home? Also they cheated and corrupted civil servant for being rich in Malaysia. That was the TRUTH !

But … but … but all the Malay leaders love the Chinese – from past Prime Ministers like Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Badawi, Najib, back to Mahathir and the current Muhyiddin …

Too bad you didn’t get to become a billionaire like your leaders …

Investigative journalist George Webb said that there’s a great likelihood that the Patient Zero that the Chinese had been searching high and low could be an American …she is one of the 300 American soldiers taking part in the Military Games in Wuhan in Oct 2019. Her name is Maatje Banassi who, together, with 4 soldiers, came down with fever in Wuhan but was air lifted back to the US in a biohazard plane, which gave rise to enormous speculation why she and her colleague couldn’t fly back on commercial flight…or indeed,if it is just a normal flu, as they adamantly claimed, why even fly back, why not seek treatment in Wuhan ?

George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area that discovered the DNC blackberries and hard drives used by DNC Chairwoman’s IT assistant, Biden Awan. Webb produced a fact witness, a Marine named Andre Taggart, and Taggart confirmed the government marked blackberries and drives stashed by Awan in his home. Webb also interviewed a Capitol Hill staffer with a three decade relationship with Joe Biden that provided insider information about Biden Awan that was later confirmed in a House hearing. The House insider also left the phone with Webb which had Congressional markings, and the blackberry mapped to a DIA staffer on Capitol Hill in the Human Intelligence Services.”

Check out his video…a Must Watch


“Malay First”

It is impossible to figure out what you are attempting to say.

Can you please try say what you are struggling to say in English please?

If you can’t, please find a Chinese to help you.

Malay First bahasa ingris tak boleh di pakai..tetapi selepas 10 tahun attending BTN courses, he at least know how to label himself Malay First, hehehe. I think he is trying in his ‘ingris pecah’ for the Chinese to go back…balik Tongsan, kan? Kalau begitu, you moolayoo pun kena balik ke Indo la…tanah ini ada lah tanah orang asli la.

Malay First”

He might be meaning to say “thirst”, there’s desperation for those awful Heinekens and Carlsbergs..!

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Anyway, my Malay and my Muslim friends all know what I am on about when I say “thirst”. If it is “Malay first”, I have problems working out wtf that means, not that I give a shit if I don’t know what that means or doesn’t mean…

Maybe it is like an itch up somebody else’s butt hole, you don’t really want to know or care what makes that person ticks. Every time his butt itches, he whines, moans, bitches, but so what? If you pay any attention to the butthead it is not going to get you any beer, issit?!

Best learn from this parable, Amen:

Three old atuks, rather hard of hearing, met up on the street, first one said “It’s windy, isn’t it?!Second one said” No no no, it’s Thursday!”

Third one said” So am I, let’s go get a beer!”

The moral of the story is, if your Manglish is not up to it, don’t dodge reading and responding – work hard t it!


Here’s another idea… perhaps China released Virus A on US troops in Wuhan dduring war games? I mean how hard would it have been really to infect a handful of soldiers who obviously did not contract the virus here in the US? If you doubt that China isnt capable of being that methodical to have planned ALL of this out, all the way down to “the who done it” games, your absolutely off your rocker… All the while they released Virus B on their own people to make it appears as the US started this… and it isnt as bad as virus A or C….. yeah I definitely believe this was the beginnings of Chinas big move!! They are trying to say Checkmate….

You mean the Chinese have reached the intelligence level and technology knowledge that they could engineer and manipulate virus as to which variant of virus will infect which ethnicity or continent?


Try stay off them comic books, it ain’t healthy if you really believe the stuff in them.

Some conspiracy theories are fun to follow, even vaguely believable.

Some can be rather interesting and mildly plausible for the unthinking.

Yours, however, is right from the comic books and the delusional work of a rather unhinged mental retard.

Don’t switch on the light only after you’ve left the toilet, it’s that kind of “thinking” your type do!

Please include the references for the article at the end or link to the articles in the text, otherwise this is just Chinese propaganda.

Another bigoted lie and their evidence in fact, proves China IS the source based on the majority having Type B; you fucking idiots cannot even engineer an intelligent lie! lol.

A first wave of infection would show a majority of Type A infection but in a population that Type A started in and had a LOT of time to mutate in, you would of course see Type B as the majority!

So they simply tried to smear America, and that’s just a veiled way to once again, blame WHITE people for everything, but the lie was spun up by morons with a 9th grade skill level of rumor milling.

Are you trying to say Type-A (parent) started in China and later mutated to Type-B, but the same Type-A (parent) somehow “refused” to mutate to Type-B when the virus arrived in America?

Or are you saying the type arrived in America from China was Type-B but it made a reverse mutation and became Type-A (parent)?

That’s a genius theory from the White people.

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