Malaysia Declares War On “Impenetrable” Israel … To Be Slaughtered Like A Pig?

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Dec 13 2017
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Israel is in deep trouble (*grin*) after U.S. President Donald Trump, against all odds, declared the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish nation. Hidden quietly within Southeast Asia is a Muslim-majority nation so powerful that it had lectured, mocked and even threatened rogue nation North Korea and its brutal leader – Fat Boy Kim Jong-un.


That powerful nation is none other than Malaysia. After the assassination of Dictator Kim’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam at the country’s budget terminal KLIA2 by two women – a Vietnamese and an Indonesian – Malaysia declared war on the rogue nation. Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz famously warned – “Don’t try to push us, this is Malaysia. We have laws and they can’t do as they please.”


Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi arrogantly lectured North Korea’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Kang Chol – “Malaysia is not a third country which breeds criminals. Malaysia is not a country that protects criminals. Malaysia is a strict country and not in cahoots with any individual, organisation or nation.” And what had the North Korea done in retaliation?

Jaguh Kampung “Village Champion” - Prime Minister Najib Razak - Middle Finger Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un had chosen to remain quiet, until Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak booted North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol. Thinking he had easily won the war, Mr. Najib then insulted the North, calling them a bunch of rude people. Then KABOOM! – Mr. Kim politely notified the Malaysia Embassy in Pyongyang that it had temporarily banned Malaysians from leaving the country.


The simple tactic of holding Malaysians hostage had won North Korea the war without firing a single empty rhetoric. Caught with his pants down, Najib Razak – panicked and terrified – had rushed back from Jakarta to chair a National Security Council (NSC) meeting. With tail between legs, Mr. Najib had no choice but quietly released all the real suspects hiding inside the North Korea Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.


Although Najib has proven to the world what a bunch of fools his administration was made of, they obviously haven’t learned their lesson. After humiliated by a third country North Korea, Malaysia has again decided to make a bigger enemy. This time, Najib’s cousin, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, has challenged Israel to a war in the Middle East.

Missing MH370 - Hishammuddin Hussein Keris

Malaysia is perhaps the “first” Muslim-majority country that bravely committed its armed forces to combat the Jews, after President Trump declares the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In fact, Malaysia is the “only” Muslim-majority country in the world who openly declares a war on Israel – saying their soldiers are waiting for instruction for combat.


Even Turkey, NATO’s second-largest military force, has been extremely cautious about rubbing Israel the wrong way. Short of telling President Trump that his declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a “red line”, even Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan dares not commit his military manpower – numbering 410,000 and the world’s 14th most powerful – to fight the Jewish.


What did Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein hope to achieve by sending his boys to the battlefield in the Gulf? If Malaysia, under his cousin leadership, had chickened out at the first sight of Kim Jong-un, does Mr. Hishammuddin think the inexperienced Malaysian armed forces have any chance against the Israeli armed forces, whose military prowess is very much feared in the region?

Israel-Arab Six-Day War Ends - Total Israel Victory - Newspaper

Hishammuddin should search on Google how Israel defeated an alliance of Arab forces during the 1967 Third Arab-Israeli War. The forces of Egypt-Syria-Jordan had lost 20,000 lives while fever than 1,000 Israeli perished. That’s 50 years ago and Israel today is a different animal altogether, mind you. Unlike North Korea, Israel actually possesses workable ICBM and nuclear warheads.


With a maximum range of 11,500-km, Israel’s Jericho III ICBM could actually pay a visit to Beijing before flies into Najib Razak’s bedroom in Putrajaya, carrying with it nuclear weapon payload of 1,000-kg. Although both Israel and Malaysia possess roughly the same number of active military personnel, their military hardware and technology are miles apart.


Israel has 243 fighter aircraft while Malaysia only possesses 36. Of course, we’re not talking about pariah outdated jets or planes which could not fly because the engines had been secretly sold off as scrap metal as in the case of Malaysia. Israel has started taken delivery of 50 units of F-35 fighter jets purchased from the U.S., the stealth planes which offer “an entire Middle East” from the cockpit.

Israel Air Force F-35 Fighter Jet

Israel Air Force Apache Helicopter in Action

But Malaysia, probably short of fighter jets, might not fight the superior Israeli Air Force. Okay, let’s talk about main battle tanks. Israel has 2,620 tanks, mostly of Merkava (model Mark I, II, III and IV). Also known as Chariot, the heavily customized Israeli battle tank could give even U.S. Abrams M1A2 a run for its money. Malaysia’s PT91 main battle tanks from Poland, however, are considered 3rd-generation.


Malaysia’s PT91 “Twardy” was developed from T-72 chassis. One just has to see the wreckages of Russian T-72 strewn across the battlefield in Chechnya between 1994-2000 to bet on the winner should Israeli Merkava MK 4M Windbreaker goes to combat against Malaysian PT91 battle tanks. During “Desert Storm”, Iraqi’s T-72s were easily mauled by American M1 Abrams.


Even if Israel agrees not to launch its ICBM against the pathetic Malaysia, or agrees not to unleash its F-35 Lightning fighter jets and AH-64 Apache helicopters, Defence Minister Hishammuddin will still lose the war. That’s because Israel is “impenetrable” even if Malaysian keeps shooting missiles into Israel. In January 2017, the Jewish deployed Arrow-3 Missile Defence System.

Israel Arrow 3 Missile Defence System

Aimed at Star Wars, the Arrow 3, which was designed and developed by Defence Ministry’s Israel Missile Defence Organization and the U.S. Missile Defence Agency, is tasked to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere, taking out the weapons and their nuclear, biological, chemical or conventional warheads closer to their launch sites.


Surrounded by 22 hostile Arab / Islamic countries, Arrow-3 was specifically developed and deployed to form the uppermost layer of Israel’s multi-layered defence system, along with the Arrow-2, David’s Sling and Iron Dome system. In essence, the Jews could watch with popcorn and Coke while Malaysia shoots ICBMs, of which they don’t have any, without causing damages to Jerusalem.


The Arab and Muslim world, let alone an ill-equipped Malaysia, cannot defeat Israel primarily because Israel receives free bombs and rockets worth billions of dollars from the U.S. Even during the cold war between Netanyahu and Obama, the U.S. signed a new 10-year military-assistance last year, valuing at US$38 billion, to Israel. And America is expected to renew the deal after 10 years.

Malaysia Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Declares War On Israel

Sure, Hishammuddin’s stupid declaration of war against Israel was nothing but a cheap political drama to trick and con the super ignorant Malaysian Muslims. Still, you can only go so low before being called a moron. Even the lowly educated Malaysian armed forces think it’s a suicide mission – to be slaughtered like a pig – to go to war with Israel.


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