Ready For “Star Wars” – Israel Deploys Arrow 3 Missile Defence System

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Jan 19 2017
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Israel is a country surrounded by enemies. In fact, Israel is surrounded by 22 hostile Arab / Islamic countries, which happens to be ruled by dictators. To rub salt in the wound, Israel, which is merely 1/19th the size of California, is outsized by its enemies by 640 times. The enemies also possess close to 60 times of Israel populations and flushed with oil.


How could 8-million Israel population (including 1.7-million Arabs) stand against the mind-boggling 450-million Arabs – a ratio of 1:56 – all these years? If today belongs to ancient world, Israel would have had been crushed and sent to oblivion ages ago. Imagine an Israeli fighting 56 Arabians with spears, swords, shields, knives and whatnot.

Israel Surrounded by Muslim Countries - Map

Even during the present modern days, the Arab League’s 3-million active military personnel could easily overwhelm Israel’s 176,500. In a gunfight between an Israeli soldier against 17 Arabian soldiers, you don’t have to be rocket scientist to predict the winner. Arab League’s US$180 billion military expenditure is 10-times more than Israel’s US$18 billion.


Still, despite huge advantages in number and money, the Arabs couldn’t get rid of Israel. It was like the Jews are protected by the God. But perhaps the God is fair after all. Despite extraordinary numbers and military expenditure, the Arab military units are weak because thanks to autocracies, the Arab rulers cannot afford strong military overthrowing them.

1948 Arab-Israel War - Raising Israel Flag

The Arab-Israeli War in 1948, Iran-Iraq War in 1980s and the Gulf War in 1990 showed the Arabs only knew and used ancient tactics and strategies, which had been proven to be a failure. But against a tiny Israel and small number of soldiers, what the 22 Arab nations need to do is to keep sending soldiers and eventually the Jews would be demolished.


Here comes the vital factor – United States’ protection. The United States and Israel are the closest of friends and allies, until the recent surprise “back-stabbing” by outgoing U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama. Nevertheless, the U.S. signed a new 10-year military-assistance last year, valuing at US$38 billion, to Israel. And America is expected to renew the deal after 10 years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama

However, there’s another major reason why Israel can never be defeated – military superiority through latest technology. Make no mistake about it – Israel can be terminated by nuclear weapon though. Now, is it purely a coincidence that with the exception of Pakistan, no other Muslim nation (has been allowed to) possess nuclear weapons?


It was by design that Muslim countries are not to be trusted with nuclear weapons. In a way, it’s kind of an insult that North Korean fat boy Kim Jong-un gets to play with the toy, but none of Arab nations. But there’s a huge difference between a bully and an extremist. That’s why incoming President Donald Trump plans to go hard – militarily – on Iran because this is the only Muslim country capable of finishing Israel.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un’s Nuclear Threat

Despite signing the 2016 nuclear deal architected by Obama administration, Iran has carried out a number of missile tests, breaching the agreement. Only President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry believe the Iranian would obediently comply with the agreement. After lifting the international sanctions, Iran says its missile programme is “non-negotiable”.


If you wish to see the most sophisticated military technology, look at Israel. Besides developing their own military gadgets, Israel also gets the best of what the U.S. has in their arsenal. All they need to do is ask. On Wednesday, Israel has deployed Arrow-3 Missile Defence System, considered to be one of the most advanced in the world after under development since 2008.

Israel Arrow 3 Missile Defence System

The Arrow 3, which was designed and developed by Defence Ministry’s Israel Missile Defence Organization and the US Missile Defence Agency, is tasked to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere, taking out the weapons and their nuclear, biological, chemical or conventional warheads closer to their launch sites.


Facing the growing missile onslaught from Iran, the Arrow-3 will form the uppermost layer of Israel’s multi-layered defence system, along with the Arrow-2, David’s Sling and Iron Dome system. “We’re entering a new age – the age of the Arrow 3,” – announced Moshe Patel, head of the Israel Missile Defence Organization (IMDO).

Missile Defence System - Iron Dome, Arrow and Patriot

Together, the systems will provide Israel with a protective umbrella able to counter threats posed by both short and mid-range missiles used by terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as the threat posed by long-range Iranian missiles. The Iron Dome is currently used to knock down short-range missiles from the Gaza Strip.


Patel said – “Today, we delivered to the air force the first Arrow 3 interceptor, with interception capabilities that are much greater and can be done from much farther away than anything that we have now,” With the Arrow 3 system declared operational, Israel and the United States may now be the only countries capable of shooting down ballistic missiles in space.

Israel Arrow Weapon System - AWS

Designed to fly nearly twice as high at half the weight of Arrow-2, Arrow-3 is Israel’s first line of defence against advanced, manoeuvring Iranian Shihab-class ballistic missiles. The Arrow project was first launched in 1988 as part of the then Star Wars program under late U.S. President Ronald Reagan that was abandoned in 1993.


Costing a cool US$3 million a missile, the Arrow-3 can be deployed alongside U.S. counterpart system such as AEGIS. Arrow 3 missiles will fly into space, where their warheads detach to become “kamikaze” satellites that track and slam into their targets. Israel’s Arrow-2 system has been operational since 2000 but couldn’t fly into space.

Arrow 3 – Developed by Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries

Operationally, if the first Arrow 3 missile misses its target missile, and that can happen because nothing is perfect, the interception officer at one of the Arrow 3 batteries will have enough time to launch another Arrow 3 interceptor at the missile threat. Even if interception does not take place, or fails to destroy incoming missile, Arrow 2 interceptors will be directed at the target missile.


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