Recognition Of Jerusalem – Why Muslims Should Wake Up & Stop Hallucinating

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Dec 10 2017
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Before June 4, 1967, Jews were forbidden from praying at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site. Jews could not live in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, where their ancestors had built homes for thousands of years. Jews were forbidden to attend classes at the Hebrew University at Mt. Scopus. Heck, the Jews could not even seek medical care at the Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus.


In comparison to today’s 1.8-billion Muslims, the 6.5-million minority Jews in Israel couldn’t do all of the above prior to 1967 because the Jewish areas had been captured – militarily – by Arabs following the 1948 Israel’s War of Independence, which would lead to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War – also known as the First Arab-Israeli War.


On 15 May, 1948, a combined forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attacked Israeli forces and Jewish settlements. When the Jordanian, then the strongest force of all, occupied the historic Jewish sites, they destroyed whatever leftovers of Judaism – including schools and cemetery. What had the Muslim world and United Nations done?

1948 Arab-Israeli War - the First Arab-Israeli War

Between 1948 and 1967, the so-called world body United Nations neither offer a single resolution condemning the invasion of the Jordanian occupation nor the cultural destruction. When Israel finally won the Six-Day War, also known as the 1967 Arab-Israeli War or Third Arab-Israeli War, and reclaimed the lost areas, all hell breaks loose.


The U.N., Muslim and Arab world, surprised by Israel’s victory, has been condemning Israel ever since. Nearly the entire Egyptian air force, caught by surprise of Israeli air supremacy, was destroyed. But it was the Egyptian who mobilised its forces along its border with Israel that forced Israel to launch its pre-emptive strikes against Egyptian airfields.


In spite of its humiliating losses, the Egyptian actually tricked, bluffed and lured their Arab brothers – Syria and Jordan – into believing that Egypt had defeated the Israeli air strike. In the end, Israeli counterattacks resulted in the seizure of “East Jerusalem” as well as the “West Bank” from the Jordanians, while it’s retaliation against Syria resulted in its occupation of the “Golan Heights”.

Israel-Arab Six-Day War Ends - Total Israel Victory - Newspaper

With tail between legs, the Arab forces lost 20,000 lives while fewer than 1,000 Israelis perished in the 1967 Third Arab-Israeli War. So, it’s okay for the Jewish lands to be invaded, occupied and destroyed by the Arab Muslims but not okay for the Jews to defeat the Arab Muslims and reclaim its lost lands after close to 20 years?


So, when the Arab Muslims destroyed and killed the Jews, it’s the Allah’s will and their birthright. But when the Jews destroyed and killed the Arab Muslims, the Jews are condemned and called the brutal Zionist. After Israel declared its independence as a sovereign nation in 1948, it also declared Jerusalem as its capital – which is the right of any sovereign state.


Strangely, when even North Korea, Iran and Cuba get to decide what their own capital is, Israel is the only country in the world that can’t. But the simple fact that the world recognizes Israel as an independent nation by virtue of admitting the country to the United Nations in May 1949 means not even the U.N. can stop Israel from naming Jerusalem as its capital.


Unfortunately to the Jews, even the U.S. – prior to Trump administration – was too afraid and weak on the issue of recognizing Jerusalem. Actually, the U.S. Congress had passed the 1996 Jerusalem Embassy Act Congress, recognizing not only Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s permanent capital but specifically directed that the U.S. Embassy be moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.


However, every single U.S. president, whether Republican or Democrat – from Harry Truman to Barack Obama – had refused to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Hiding under national security, President Bill Clinton (42nd POTUS from 1993 to 2001) refused to move the embassy by signing half-yearly presidential waivers, as did George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


Jerusalem was cut in two after Israel lost the 1948 First Arab-Israeli War. But Jerusalem was subsequently “united” after Israel won the 1967 Third Arab-Israeli War. It’s as simple as that. It became an issue when PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and the Palestinian Authority passed a law self-proclaiming East Jerusalem to be the capital of the State of Palestine – in the future.

The Arab League - Cartoon

In reality, the Arab Muslims don’t really care about the Palestinians. In fact, the Saudis despise the Palestinians. The Arab League actually has at its disposal 129-million military manpower – enjoying US$180 billion military budget. Get real, are you saying they can’t beat Israel, a country with less than 3-million military manpower (both male and female) and just US$20 billion of military budget?


The Arab Muslims knew Jerusalem is legitimately Israel’s capital. The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, convenes there. Israelis call it their capital, the same way Saudis call Riyadh their capital. Even the Russians have recognized West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel earlier this year. But the Arab Muslims still can’t accept the humiliation after defeated by the Jews in the 1967 Third Arab-Israeli War.


There’s a hidden reason why the Arab and Muslim world continue to ignore the fact that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel. They need a punching bag – the Jews, the Israel, the Zionist – to divert attention whenever they have domestic crisis. It’s easier to blame the Zionist Israel on every single problem they have. Bashing Israel is also good to project themselves as protector of Islam.

Jerusalem Recognition - Palestinians Protest

American past presidents have had refused to do what President Donald Trump has courageously done now, because they were spooked by the threat of violence by Arab Muslim terrorists. The threat of violence has been holding the U.S. government to ransom for decades. The real issue is this – everyone, including U.S. expired presidents, had agreed to pretend.


Until Trump’s latest announcement to recognize Jerusalem, everyone who disagreed has been pretending that “a peace process” is possible, therefore, don’t rock the boat. So they would turn a blind eye over Jerusalem being the legitimate capital of Israel. But there’s no peace process. There has never been one to begin with, at least one which makes sense to both the Jews and the Palestinians.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, for example, has refused to meet with the Israelis to discuss anything since early in the Obama administration. And because Barack Hussein Obama hates the Jews, there was no progress for the whole 8 years of his administration. Everyone has been dragging their feet, fantasizing and denying the reality that a peace process “is impossible”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama

Mr. Abbas talked at great length about Jerusalem’s history as a Muslim and Christian city, conveniently ignored the fact that it’s also a famously Jewish city, having been established as the capital of ancient Israel 1,000 years before Jesus was born. Now that Trump has sent a jolt of shock to the Arab and Muslim world, they are not happy to be woken up.


As reality slowly but surely emerges, even Saudi Arabia, a longtime Palestinian patron, has been moving steadily closer to Israel. Kuwait had already declared ages ago that Israel is not Muslims’ real enemy. For those who are still dreaming and hallucinating, such as Trump’s golf buddy Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, do you dare sending military to fight Israel?


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