Malaysia VS North Korea – Two Rogue Nations Accusing Each Other As The Bad Guy

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Feb 25 2017
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Popcorn and Coke – that’s what you need to get as we watch two nations compete in a mud splashing competition. Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, was assassinated at the budget terminal of KLIA2 by two women – a Vietnamese and an Indonesian. The public perception is – North Korea was the mastermind behind the assassination.


But did fat boy Kim Jong-un go bonkers one fine day because he couldn’t get his favourite French cheeses, therefore, instructed his half-brother to be killed? The assassination invites various conspiracy theories. As a brutal dictator who had proudly killed many of his family members, why is Kim Jong-un fighting tooth and nail denying the assassination?

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

North Korean Kim Jong-nam – Assassinated

The assassins seem to be amateurs who had done a sloppy job. However, Malaysia Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said both women suspects were “trained” and had even practised the attack at different public places, including major shopping malls KLCC and Pavilion. Did Special Branch know about the “trial runs” but let the assassination takes place anyway?


Now that the national police chief has confirmed that VX nerve agent was used to kill Kim Jong-nam, can he also explain how such banned chemical weapon made its way into Malaysia, assuming they couldn’t be bought at local pharmacies or grocery shops? North Korea’s ambassador, Kang Chol, demanded that no autopsy take place and the body be released immediately.

Malaysian IGP Inspector General of Police - Khalid Abu Bakar

Malaysian police refused both requests. That’s fine. But why can’t there be a joint probe considering that North Korea is accusing Malaysia of conspiring with South Korea in the assassination? How did South Korea media know the victim was Kim Jong-nam before Malaysia could determine he was indeed the half-brother of the North Korean dictator?


Police Chief Mr. Khalid also wanted North Korea to hand over one of his diplomat, Hyon Kwang Song, a second secretary at the embassy, for questioning. North Korea might be a rogue nation but they aren’t stupid. They must have had read how opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s DNA was fabricated for sodomy hence it would be suicidal to hand over their diplomat.

Kim Jong-nam Assassination - Suspects Hiding in Embassy - Hyon Kwang-song and Kim Uk Il

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation - North Korean Kim Jong-un and Malaysian Najib Razak

Trying to score some brownie point was Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz. Condemning North Korea as a rogue nation, Mr. Nazri declared – “Don’t try to push us, this is Malaysia. We have laws and they can’t do as they please.” He warned Malaysians against travelling to North Korea, saying – “they can do all the impossible things”.


True, it’s wise not to travel to North Korea as Malaysians would certainly be held hostages by the brutal dictator Kim Jong-un. It takes a thug to understand a thug. Popularly known as Gangster Nazri, the super corrupted UMNO warlord made history when he shouted “racist” 28 times in Parliament.

Nazri Aziz Showing Finger Gesture

Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz with Son Mohamad Nedim Nazri

Nazri’s son – Nedim – was involved in a brawl that resulted in the death of a student Darren Kang in 2004. Later in 2012, Nedim, who has fleets of supercars, bodyguards and RM7 million bungalow despite not having a specific job, was caught on CCTV cameras assaulting a security supervisor at a posh condominium in Mont Kiara following a “minor altercation”.


Just like the death of Darren Kang, Nedim walked away scot free because daddy Nazri could also do all the impossible things like North Korean Kim Jong-un. While Mr. Nazri lectures North Korea about laws, he conveniently ignored the fact that he, together with everyone in Barisan Nasional coalition are doing exactly the same – do as they please.

Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz with Performers

Mohamad Nedim Nazri during his Playboy time with Chicks

Of course, the party didn’t stop there as Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, sensing it was jolly good to get some cheap publicity, launched an attack against North Korean ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol, accusing him of spewing lies. Again, it takes a liar to know a liar. Mr. Anifah must be so honest that he had forgotten about Rizalman.


Flashback 2014 – Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, a Malaysian diplomat to New Zealand was caught with his pants down trying to assault and rape a Kiwi woman, triggering an embarrassing rape scandal. Rizalman was a staff assistant with a defence portfolio at the Malaysian high commission holding the military rank of warrant officer.

Anifah Aman - Malaysian Foreign Minister - Liar in Rizalman Rape Scandal

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail Cutting Cake - Photo

Initially, Mr. Anifah claimed that New Zealand authorities offered Rizalman the “alternative” to go home. He had lied by claiming that Malaysia was willing to waive the diplomat’s immunity but decided to take up New Zealand’s unbelievable “generous” offer to invoke diplomatic immunity and bring him back home.


New Zealand Government retaliated by disclosing official documents which told a different story. Apparently New-Zealand documents, obtained by Fairfax Media under the Official Information Act, clearly showed New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had written to the Malaysian high commission in Wellington asking it to “waive diplomatic immunity” for Rizalman.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Malaysian Government Letter - 1

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Malaysian Government Letter - 2

Malaysian high commission replied that not only they refused to waive immunity, but also (has the cheek to) sought to “seal the police file” on the case and “withdraw all charges” – obviously trying to sweep the case under the carpet. Malaysian high commission had also decided to repatriate their diplomat back home as soon as possible.


Malaysian high commission also threw in a sweetener – that it will ensure Rizalman does not return to New Zealand in the future, should the Kiwi authorities agree to the suggested proposal. With tail between legs, Foreign Minister Anifah Aman went into silence after caught spewing lies. The entire world knew how Mr. Anifah had lied in the rape scandal.

Nurul Hidayah and Father Zahid Hamidi

Enter Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, another UMNO scumbag who couldn’t resist throwing some punches at North Korea. The Deputy Prime Minister was apparently offended by North Korea’s wild accusation that Kuala Lumpur was in cohorts with Pyongyang’s enemies in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam.


Zahid lectured North Korean Kang Chol – “Malaysia is not a third country which breeds criminals. Malaysia is not a country that protects criminals. Malaysia is a strict country and not in cahoots with any individual, organisation or nation. Our PDRM (police), Health Department and Chemistry Department have acted professionally.”



Mr. Zahid must be really proud that Malaysia has first-world infrastructure compares to North Korea. But the fact remains that Malaysia, under leaders like Zahid, is a third-world mentality country. Not only Malaysia is a breeding ground for terrorists, the country also breeds tons of criminals. We’re not talking about Zahid’s rotten English at the United Nations General Assembly last year.


We’re talking about how he wrote a letter to U.S.-FBI in 2015, declaring that gambling kingpin Paul Phua Wei Seng wasn’t a member of the “14K triad” in Malaysia. Aside from Zahid’s desire to shield and protect the gambling criminal, the FBI was also puzzled by the standard of English language used in the letter. Yeah right, Malaysia is not a country that protects criminals.

Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Zahid and Lower Amir Basli

Nurul Hidayah Lover Amir Basli Beaten by Zahid Hamidi

To rub salt into Zahid’ injury, the man is a thug who considers himself above the law. When he didn’t like his daughter’s lover – Amir Bazli Abdullah – he instructed his men to bring the guy to a recreation club at Country Heights, Kajang, where Mr. Zahid personally threw punches on poor Mr. Amir, so much so that it broke his nose, before his men joined the punching party.


Prime Minister Najib Razak is perhaps the least qualified person to comment on North Korea. He said – “Our police and doctors are very professional. I have absolute confidence that they are very objective in whatever they do. But we will be objective and we expect them to understand that we apply the rule of law in Malaysia.”

Altantuya-Shaariibuu Murder - Najib Razak and Razak Baginda Inset

Najib Razak Worry Sad - Al Jazeera Exposed Altantuya Murder

Just because North Korean spoke Korean and eats Kim-chi doesn’t mean nobody in their embassy in Kuala Lumpur is fluency in English. They have had read how some Malaysian detainees who were alive and kicking would end up dead in cell while in police custody, with bruises all over the body. Stop insulting North Korea’s intelligence as if they didn’t know our police’s track record.


Has PM Najib forgotten Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian beauty whom he had “anal intercourse” with as alleged by witness Balasubramaniam in his Statutory Declaration? Is Kim Jong-nam assassination with VX nerve agent worse than the murder of Altantuya (who was allegedly pregnant) where she was blown into pieces beyond recognition using military-grade C4 explosive?

Altantuya-Shaariibuu - Murder Site - Military Grade Explosive

Altantuya-Shaariibuu - Sunglasses

Get real – Malaysia is as rogue a nation as North Korea, if not worse. Like North Korea, Malaysia also has two sets of law – one for the ordinary people, one for the elite and powerful. Malaysian ministers and officers are also great liars, not to mention are gangster themselves. And the way they use police to professionally cover up their crimes are legendary.


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The best read to date. Spot on comparison and fine examples of the rogues outdoing each other to gain infamy on who is the best!!!!!

You guys need to edit the grammar before publishing any articles.

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