Missing Jet – Results of Endless Corruption, Incompetence, Extremism

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Mar 11 2014
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Global Times, one of China’s government mouthpieces have expressed its displeasure at Malaysia government. Apparently, the pro-Beijing newspaper couldn’t afford anymore of Najib administration’s “slow motion” in handling the disappearance of flight MH370 crisis. Indirectly, Beijing was telling Putrajaya to stop all the nonsense of being secretive about almost everything and come clean with their investigations.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Beijing Airport Arrival Status

According to Global Times:

  • the plane’s disappearance “must be investigated thoroughly and the crux of problems on the Malaysian side must be found out” …
  • “There are loopholes in the work of Malaysia Airlines and security authorities,” …
  • “The missing MH370 took place high in the sky, which makes us doubtful. No matter what the reason, it has influenced the way in which people see air safety” …
  • “If it is due to a deadly mechanical breakdown or pilot error, then Malaysia Airlines should take the blame.” …
  • “If this is a terrorist attack, then the security check at the Kuala Lumpur airport and on the flight is questionable. If it is due to some natural or uncontrollable factors, all airlines across the world, including Malaysia Airlines, should draw a lesson,” …

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin

Now that the Chinese government has openly criticise the Malaysian government, will we get to see stunts from UMNO-linked NGO leaders such as Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and all the pay-to-rent “Machais” making thousands of police report and take to the street condemning China for insulting the “Malay, Religion and the King”? If these jokers believed Theresa Kok’s mimicking Aunty Rosy was an insult to the “Malay, Religion and the King”, surely the Chinese latest criticism targeting the whole of BN-led government is more serious than that, no (*grin*)?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Malaysia Not Disclosing

It’s not hard to understand why the Chinese losses patience over Najib administration in handling the crisis. Almost everyday, there’re some discoveries from neighbouring “friends” especially from Vietnam and Singapore (though later it were found to be false alarms). But Malaysia, on the other hand, seems to be very secretive about its own progress. People’s hunger for information are often fed with “We’re still investigating … Can’t reveal more” standard response from Malaysian authorities.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - What May Have Happened

Najib administration has to understand that “Tai-Chi” originated from China. The Chinese government can smell 5,000 kilometers away when the Malaysian government is playing “tai-chi” during this crisis. The China government is under tremendous pressure from its own people for answers. Unlike 20-years ago whereby you can tell the Chinese to fly-kite, the economic power-house today has the ability to cause serious economic problem to Malaysia if they wish to do so.

If feet-dragging was not enough to frustrate you, Malaysian authorities’ statements are full of contradictions. Earlier into the crisis, Malaysia Airlines claimed the plane disappeared from air traffic control radar in Subang Kuala Lumpur at 2:40 a.m., but Mr. Lindahl of Flightradar 24 said that the last radar contact had been at 1:19 a.m., less than 40 minutes after the flight began. So, what happened during that 1-hour time frame?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Asian Feature by Ahmad Zahid and Hishammuddin Hussein

Now, in what seems to be “under international pressure” about security breach within Malaysia’s immigration, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid took the short-cut by blaming immigration officers who couldn’t think (or rather dumb?) or differentiate between Italian / Austrian and Asian facial features. But Defence and acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein later denied the two passengers travelling with stolen passports on board MH370 had “Asian features”.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Luigi Maraldi TicketMalaysia MH370 Missing - Christian Kozel Ticket

Foreign news, AFP, on the other hand revealed that the two imposters who boarded MH370 booked their tickets under Maraldi and Kozel’s names on March 6, 2014, and issued in the Thai city of Pattaya, a popular beach resort south of the capital Bangkok. Surprisingly their e-ticket numbers for their flights are consecutive and both were paid for in Thai baht. Each ticket cost THB 19,560 (US$625). They knew each other and possibly partners.


Imposter Kozel booked the ticket to travel from Kuala Lumpur to (transit) Beijing, before continue to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Meanwhile, Maraldi was to take the same flights until Amsterdam, where he was to continue to Copenhagen. Both do not need China’s Visa since their journey is on transit at Beijing only. Interestingly, the Austrian and Italian passports were added to Interpol’s SLTD database after their theft in Thailand in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Who Are the Terrorists On Board

The Financial Times reported that the two passengers who boarded MH370 with stolen passports are believed to be from the Middle East – Iran to be specific. A Thai travel agent, Benjaporn Krutnait, apparently booked the tickets on behalf of “Mr Ali”. While it’s still early to conclude, does this means there was plan to blows up Malaysian airplane in revenge of UMNO’s latest anti-Shia campaign, as per our earlier article (read here)? Or the target was actually China or some European countries but somehow the plan got screwed up in the sky?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Why Never Check Interpool Database

Meanwhile, when asked by a journalist why Malaysia authorities never cross-check these supposedly stolen passport against Interpol’s database, Hishammuddin flexed his muscles (trying to be smart) and questioned the journalist in return if she knows how many stolen passports are there in the database. Heck, he must have forgotten that there’s something called computers. Indirectly, the country’s Defence Minister was saying it’s alright to be “lazy”, as long as disaster hasn’t strike (yet). For now, the authorities said the two imposters looks like Mario Balotelli.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Mario Balotelli Look Alike

Fortunately MH370 is an international crisis, otherwise you can bet your last penny that journalists who ask “creative and professional” questions would be threatened with Sedition Act and put behind bars because those questions are, well, embarrassing Malaysian Ministers. If CNN would normally rush to publish photos of bad guys if similar crisis occurs in U.S., you can’t expect the same in Malaysia. The authorities here are too “shy” to share information, let alone photos.


In fact, Malaysian authorities somehow have a strange hobby of admiring and keeping photos to themselves, as if they’re photos of Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox. Actually, this is a good tactic to hide their incompetency. They keep you in great suspense while buying time in dragging their feet reluctantly doing their job. And you wonder why they keep warning Tom, Dick and his cat to stop speculating. Because speculating means they’ve more explanation and jobs to do.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Search for Missing Plane

But why are Malaysian authorities still dragging its feet over this crisis, knowing very well the potential of international criticims if they do so? In reality, the local authorities are still at the drawing board scratching heads how to do damage controls. Unlike normal domestic crisis where there’re abundance of “scripts” to rely on, the missing flight MH370 crisis is “unique” and they don’t have ready-made scripts to hide their responsibility. They had already screwed up during Sabah invasion crisis, hence they (hope) not to screw up again.


No matter how Malaysian authorities wish to present it, it’s a lose-lose situation to Najib administration. There’s no doubt tons of lawsuits are coming. But money is not the problem as taxpayers money can always be used to bail out loss-making Malaysian Airline (KLSE: MAS, stock-code 3786), should insurance claims couldn’t do the trick. The main problem is the pandora box about the country being exposed internationally as one of the hubs for human trafficking, illegal transit point, smuggling and terrorists’ breeding ground.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Scheduled Route

Like it or not, corruption, abuse of power, incompetency, complacency, and negligence contributed to the flight MH370 crisis. Even Mahathir’s mouthpiece Kadir Jasin agrees on this. It’s business as usual if you wish to enter Malaysia illegally from Indonesia using speedboats. It’s even easier for you to enter Sabah from Philippines to do whatever you like. If you’re caught by the authorities, just flash couple of hundreds and you’re free to go.


If the revelation from Malaysian military that their radar had pickup MH370’s turn-back is any indicator, Malaysian authorities know more than what we know. But they’re not sharing that piece of information. Unless they’re trying to prove to the world they’re the dumbest military on planet Earth, they must have strong reason to believe the flight MH370 somehow, miraculously ended up in the Straits of Malacca. Perhaps the military should at least share some photos of radar picture to back their claims?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Why Turnback

A veteran military and commercial pilot claimed that with radar and transponder information alone, investigators should be able to tell if missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 blew up in mid-air. If this is true, then there’re more reasons for Malaysian authorities to share their so-called “intel” for the sake of the 239 lives on board the jumbo plane. Otherwise, the speculation mills will continue to churn out more conspiracy theories and cover-ups.


Perhaps this crisis would make the present regime realizes that it’s not worthwhile to play the games of corruption and extremism because it breed incompetency, complacency, arrogance of power and eventually disasters. Ultimately you’ll pay the price for being on the side of “Axis of Evil”. The only good news that we can hope for is the MH370 was actually being hijacked and not blown up in the sky, which is very unlikely, logically speaking. By the way, what happens to the country’s military intelligence, which was one of the best in the world – once upon a time?


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Once I travelled by bus to Hatyai, before Malaysian immigration checkpoint , two Thai women alighted from the bus.

The rest of the passengers went through normal immigration procedure and to my surprise the two women were in the bus when I boarded the bus again after clearing Thai immigration
My conclusion was the two women were travelling without their passports.

You think those Perkasa people got the balls to mess with China. They will be drowned in saliva if 3 billion people in China spit at them.

that’s normal kkk … bukit kayu hitam is like a normal local bus-stop, as if hatyai is part of malaysia …

you should try golok … passport is not needed 🙂

What a badly-done ‘article’

I was once working in Sri Aman in Sarawak. We had Indonesian coming to our hospital for treatment, they don’t have passport, and they came through “terowong tikus”.

holy cow, where is your ‘LIKE’ button!

Malaysia Government / *censored* citizen had shown their stupidities and inefficiency to the world. Malaysia rules by group of moron BN/UMNO.

Although i agree with some of ur comments bro, its better that verified information is been spread out to the media and world. .we dont buckle under pressure. . Ppl are hanging on to the authorities every word. .and want to hear only the truth…

I like this statement very much:
“Fortunately MH370 is an international crisis, otherwise you can bet your last penny that journalists who ask “creative and professional” questions would be threatened with Sedition Act and put behind bars because those questions are, well, embarrassing Malaysian Ministers.”

This truely reflects how what Msia’s govt has been doing to all his nations, especially any comments that are affecting BN’s reputation.

[…] Missing Jet – Results of Endless Corruption, Incompetence, Extremism […]

I think this crisis mostly expose how incompetent and egoistic this UMNO-lead government is. Think about this, in Malaysia, it is very common to have very smart & capable Chinese yet the so-call Malay leaders will just dismissed them & turn to their own Malay-Muslim expert. Compound this, and you can see how really analytical & smart people are being side-lined or ignored in this investigation and useless minister & chiefs (balotelli? asian face?)are placed to lead main coordination. what do u expect to come out of this search? the capable chinese (non-muslim) are already overseas, brain-drained… Just when u believe the malay pilots are capable, u get news that exposed them to unprofesional risky cockpit behaviour.

** ex, i believe there’re tons of clever malays out there, but not in umno … on the other hand, there’re tons of hopeless chinese, such as chinese-mca **

I love the way all this hyperventilating and moralizing is based on absolutely no knowledge of what happened whatsoever. You seem to be criticizing them for not knowing either – well, guess what, we don’t know what happened to the plane therefore we have NO IDEA whether it relates to “corruption, incompetence and mendacity.” For all you know it could be a Boeing issue. After every airline disaster all the conspiracy theorists and ranters come out of the closet “demanding” an explanation – or else. It’s so predictable. They don’t know. You don’t know. The Chinese don’t know ( oh yeah, they are a model of transparency and democratic expression ). Until we know, why not just wait and hold your tongue?

noted frederick … at least mahathir’s mouthpiece believes this was the results of corruption and incompetency … that’s comforting enough … you know who’s mahathir rite? …

What an irresponsible article.

It’s bout time the world gets to know this lazy country.
“corruption, abuse of power, incompetency, complacency, and negligence contributed to the flight MH370 crisis. Even Mahathir’s mouthpiece Kadir Jasin agrees on this. It’s business as usual if you wish to enter Malaysia illegally from Indonesia using speedboats. It’s even easier for you to enter Sabah from Philippines to do whatever you like. If you’re caught by the authorities, just flash couple of hundreds and you’re free to go.”

You asked, what happened to our military intelligence? It’s looking after the preservation of UMNO. What else or who else is more important?

This is a lost plane, what has it to do with BN’s politician? Don’t you know it is under investigation, which means they cant really talk about it, could be terrorism. you want government to investigate MAS and give you explanation while people are still missing?? People like you took time to compose this article, for what purpose? criticizing your own government and country? stop this shit, promoting hate does not work as well as it does anymore. what have you done since the plane went missing? there is a crowdsourcing web project to volunteer (created by american firm NOT a malaysian private firm), most of the volunteers are NOT MALAYSIAN, why? cause you **language censored** are to busy **language censored** about your government and country men then actually help. let them work!!

** thanx sickdead, for a start:

1) passenger using stolen passport <- bought passport in m'sia <- entered country with iranian passport but boarded plane with italian/austrian passport 2) immigration dept <- under home ministry <- minister ahmad zahid 3) malaysia airlines <- transport ministry <- minister hishammuddin, cousin of prime minister so, it has nothing to do with politicians? we're not promoting hate, we promote transparency, accountability ... too hard to understand? govt is God, hence cannot be criticised even if they did wrong? people voted them to serve the people, no? **

Had a similar experience with KKK. Was travelling to Pontianak by a bus when suddenly the bus stopped and two non-Malaysians without legal documents left the bus. Was told that they were to continue their trip driven by a local who knows how to deal with Malaysian Immigration. Soon after we left the Immigration and crossed the Malaysia-Indonesia boarders, those two continued the trip with us. So, YES, it is a known fact, we can kaotim with Immigration!

This whole financetwitter site is ridiculous. I imagine the writer to be some punk with a really bad constipation. I wonder what’s up his ass? The assumptions are bad and so is his english. Seems like he is judge and juror all at the same time.

** yeap ezy, my english will only get worse so live with it … guess what, i learnt the “judge & juror” subject from your master, great teacher eh? **

i love my country,but honestly, how more embarrassing our authorities can get?While families and friends suffer in anguish, they make conflicting remarks and make no effort to apologize or explain. So malaysia, we are used to their indolence and stupidity, we never ask the right questions when we should. There are obvious signs of incompetency and time-wasting, whether or not searching is a hard mission we know, but the conflicting reports on the time and passport issues should be severely questioned. whether or not it was terrorism,the firs tthing an official needs to do is to apologize the fact that fake passport holders boarded a flight (the numb they themselves can’t sort or agree on),what kind of nonsense is this? Instead you get a prime minister who goes on live tv and says’ we will tighten security if it is neded because we have yet to determine the cause’.i REFUSE to think that there are people on planet earth THAT stupid,much less someone who GOVERNS a country. With regards to the pictures of the two iranians, when China is asking an explanation on why the legs of the two Iranians are the same in the photos released, you have an official who refutes by saying’ why are you looking at their feet?tengok lah muka sahaja!’Seriously?

we have come to a point where we accept their load of rubbish, I cannot take it this time. What will this country become of? We are all entitled to know, entitled to question, but most malaysians forget seem to be inculcated into thinking other wise now, being complacent.

So sad. Prayers to all those being affected.

God some fools are actually making a comparison between the chinese and malaysian government? Good grief they may not have a democratic label, but until you study and educate yourselves on how their central government function, and the efficiency and how shrewd their central government is, shut up you fool.

No government is perfect, and there is no such thing as true democracy, But everyone knows that Malaysia is openly bubbled with dishonesty and fraudulence, with discriminating racial policies.Some may like the way the country is, but when you get out of your zone and outside of Malaysia, you will hopefully realize that other entities cannot and will not believe that in a ‘democratic’ system you belong in,would you only be entitled to ‘privileges’ only if you were part of a certain race.

Note:Educate yourself. Explore. Don’t just swallow what you’re being fed.

mr umar,

can u elaborate more how ‘irresponsible’ this article appeared to you ?
The fact is SAR headed by Malaysia gov and MAS has too many twist and turn. Press conference keep contradicting each other. IGP even mention the tragedy may related to some passenger for insurance claim benefited their family.


Where please in the article is anything that substantiate “Endless Corruption, Incompetence, Extremism” ?
In fact – NOWHERE !!
These dumb journalists shouldn’t expect that each and every unconfirmed hint or “news” are immediately forwarded, only to be re-called later upon as a hoax. That would be plain stupid. These journalists and ome of the media just utterly frustrated not to know what the responsible guys of the SAR even don’t know themselves. Stop bitching for no reason !!!

Well sometimes the M’sian authority has to hide the findinds to avoid sensitive issues. What happen at Tanjong Kupang crash in 1977? Still a mistry.

I am getting fed up with the reporting and ridiculous behaviour of the press. These dumb journalists shouldn’t expect that each and every unconfirmed hint or “news” are immediately forwarded, only to be re-called later upon as a hoax. That would be plain stupid. These journalists and some of the media just utterly frustrated wankers as they don’t get to know what the responsible guys of the SAR even don’t know themselves. Stop bitching for no reason !!! … I would ask Beijing to go and “fly kite” with such baseless allegations. Unless the plane is found, everything remains assumptions only.

In addition, this is definitely a UNPRECEDENTED incident, thus asking for errors to be made. No one has experience to handle such enormous and indeed mysterious case. For that credit must be given. I’m not defending everything handled as perfect, yes mistakes done but they are bound to happen. Everyone should wait until the plane is found, blackbox evaluated and investigations complete – then only is the time to point fingers, if any.

Reporters are those most responsible in the whole confusion. In their relentless search of the “Breaking News” out of first hand and under pressure to report “no matter what but report” they make assumptions and develop theories bringing family members and relations into an emotional high, only to have the “Breaking News” being retracted as false with family members then dumped into a mental breakdown. Is that called responsible journalism ? … Definitely not. It’s confusion – by the media !

I fully agree that the Malaysian authorities , Ministers and head of departments are all incompetent, not qualified and ignorant of their jobs. As long as your name is Hishdin or Azha, and not Chow Chee Bai or PundekSamy you got the job. I am sure the Director of Civil aviation and Transport minister, they are not Aeronautical graduates or Aeronautical Engineers. They dont know how a aircraft transponder works or what a pitot is and yet they are seating in these posts and talking cock and covering up at their best abilities. Wrong people on the wrong job. Malaysia Boleh.

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