Turns Your Skin Into A Touch-Screen – A SCAM From Cicret Bracelet?

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Dec 14 2014
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Forget about iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9 or Note 10. These gadgets are so yesterday and stoned-age compare to what a piece of bracelet can do. Costing about £300 (US$470; RM1,650) a piece, this concept bracelet is such an innovative product that it makes perfect sense to speculate aliens from planet Mars who actually created it for mankind. Most importantly, this piece of gadget is set to replace smartphone.

Cicret Bracelet - Concept Device - Orange

A bunch of French designers behind the Cicret Bracelet claim that you can transform your skin as your new touch screen. What this means is you can read your emails, play your favourite games, answer your calls, check weather, watch YouTube, facebooking, twittering and whatnot on your arm. At the moment, these designers are still working on the prototype on the supposedly futuristic “waterproof” bracelet.


Apparently, the Cicret bracelet, activated with a twist of the wrist, is equipped with an embedded memory card, processor, accelerometer, micro USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Here’s the killer part: a so-called “pico-projector” projects the interface onto your arm and an array of eight proximity sensors will detect when you put your finger on the interface, sends the information back to the processor in your Circet bracelet.

Cicret Bracelet - Projector and Sensors

Does that sound like a non-existence sci-fi gadget? Of course it does but Cicret co-founder, Guillaume Pommier, claimed that the company expects to have the bracelet, conceived a year ago and designed over the course of six months, on the market in about 18 months. The first prototype should be ready by late December. But before they can give you the prototype, they need your money first, lots of them.


That’s right, there is no working prototype, let alone any solid guarantees that it will actually be realized. And the inventors claim they need €700,000 (US$873,000; £555,000; RM3 million) to finish the first prototype of the bracelet and €300,000 (US$374,000; £238,000; RM1.3 million) to develop the Cicret App for all platforms. In short, the genius from Cicret needs approximately 1-Million-Euro to make a prototype.

Cicret Bracelet - Touchscreen on Arm - 1Cicret Bracelet - Components

Interestingly, Cicret has attracted 3,263 donors, as of time this article is being drafted. If somehow their crowd-funding proves successful, the Cicret bracelet, which is planned to be available in 10-colours and two sizes – 16GB and 32GB – could give Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Huawei and all other smartphone and smartwatch makers a run for their money, if not make them out of business for good.


Still, there’re tons of questions and doubts about the amazing and unbelievable gadget. What if you’ve a hairy arms? For the time being, you’ve no other choice but to shave a rectangle on your arm to accommodate it. But the projector won’t work in daylight and battery will last only seconds or minutes. How would the sensors react on sweaty or hairy arm? As much as we like the concept, technically, it’s not possible yet.

Cicret Bracelet - Touchscreen on Arm - 2Cicret Bracelet - Touchscreen on Arm - in BatchTub

It seems the marketing videos, which has so far attracted more than 4-million views, are all mock-ups and post-production video tricks. Ask any techie or I.T. guy or gal, and they will tell you this is an obvious fraud. In fact, this is probably one of the greatest scam in crowd-funding that we’ve ever seen. Unless this bunch of inventors can show a working prototype, nobody should donate €1 each, as suggested by the Cicret website.

Cicret Bracelet - Touchscreen on Arm - 3

Okay, how the heck are we so sure this is a freaking scam? Easy, if the conceptual solution is even remotely possible technologically, cash-rich companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi would have acquire it. In short, this company is worth at least €1 billion, and not begging for €1 million from the public as in the case now. Like it or not, it’s too risky to part away your hard-earned money, no matter how much it is.



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Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, not many are picking up on this. I had to search for “Cicret Scam” to find your article – seems a simple search for “Cicret” should expose this ruse.

Well Curt, we suppose it’s true that “There’s a sucker born every minute” …

When that $1M goal has been reached, I expect the inventors will change the program in the bracelet to emit an invisibility field, and that will be the last we’ve seen from that great idea. Except maybe lots of pairs of investors’ red ears…

The most important fact is: on the video, the projector of this bracelet projects black pixels to the skin. Now, black pixels would require black light. Which doesn’t exist.

And everyone has a different arm topography, and people has hair on their arm which would make the projected additive screen crumbly.

So, for this device and this project it is physically impossible to be real.

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