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Starbucks Reserve Roastery – An Awesome & Cool Coffee Emporium (Photos)

Starbucks Corp., the world’s largest coffee-shop chain has a new objective – to double food revenue to more than US$4 billion (£2.5 billion; RM13.8 billion) in the next 5-years. And how does it plan to do it? Interestingly, it plans to expand its lunch offerings with new menu – beer, wine and more stores. The […]

... written on Dec 05 2014

BOOM!! Gasoline At US$1.98 A Gallon Or RM1.80 A Litre Now

Everyone was hoping for it to happen, but certain governments were praying it won’t materialise. We’re talking about global crude oil prices. The subject on petrol or gasoline is definitely going to dominate the news until it stabilises. It could make or break a country’s economy, especially when the country depends very much on petroleum […]

... written on Dec 05 2014

When Are Your Worst Miserable Days? This Google Misery Chart Tells All

Today is Thursday and by normal convention, you should be happy. Tomorrow you should be happier and of course, the next subsequent day as we enter the weekend, it should be the happiest day of the week. But when are the sad days within a week, month or even a year? Enter Google search interest […]

... written on Dec 04 2014

No iPods, Just Cleaning Toilets – Jihadists Wanna Come Home

Remember how Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak praised the ISIL / ISIS barbarians to the sky not many moons ago? Well, fortunately for him, he didn’t sign up as one of thousands of foreign jihadists in Syria. We’re not talking about PM Najib not getting his reward – 72 virgins in heaven – in an […]

... written on Dec 03 2014

Sweet Revenge – Scammer Jover Chew Closes Business At Sim Lim Square

Does Mobile Air ring a bell? No? How about Jover Chew? Jover who? Never mind, how about Singapore Sim Lim Square? Ahh, the notorious electronic goods and services centre which even Singapore authorities have problem cleaning up, or rather refuse to clean up, ever since its establishment in 1987. Sim Lim Square, or simply SLS, is […]

... written on Dec 02 2014

Are You Ready For Crazy Oil Prices At US$30 A Barrel?

Some important commodities are being whacked as we enter the month of December. Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected proposals to boost gold reserves in a referendum, resulting in the glittering metal tumbled more than 2% at one point to US$1,142.90 per ounce. Copper also fell to as low as $6,230.75, breaching below its March low to hit its […]

... written on Dec 01 2014

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