Meet Sergio Pininfarina, The Ferrari That’s More Exclusive & Limited Than FXX K

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Dec 09 2014
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The concept car was revealed in March last year at the 2013 Geneva motor show. Based on a Ferrari 458 Spyder, the Sergio Pininfarina was named after the Italian coachbuilder’s legendary chairman who dies in July 2012. Sure, the Pininfarina may not be as fast as the evil Ferrari FXX K (that’s not a vulgar word, mind you) which was fitted with a crazy mufflers-less 1,036-horsepower engine.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Side View ProductionFerrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Side View Production 2

However, the 4.5-liter V8, 605-horsepower Ferrari Sergio has something which the 2.5 million Euro (roughly US$3 million; £2 million; RM10.8 million) Ferrari FXX K doesn’t have. With only 6-units produced, Sergio Pininfarina is more limited than FXX K, which have 40 units on planet Earth. Needless to say, the first of just six examples has been delivered to its new owner in Abu Dhabi last week (damn those super-rich).

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Rear View Production

Why should Sergio Pininfarina raises your eyebrows? Well, that’s because Pininfarina doesn’t have a windscreen. Believe it or not, Pininfarina’s devised a “virtual” windscreen to shield occupants at speed. Similar to a system used in the Renault Spider, an airfoil in the recess on the front bonnet deflects the airflow entering passenger compartment. Well, at least that was what revealed at the conceptual level.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Front View Door OpenedFerrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Rear View Door Opened

It appears the production units would have a full-size windscreen after all. Most likely, those billionaire buyers couldn’t accept wind in their hair, not to mention sands all over their face when they show off their piece of jewellery on the desert. If you’re a proud owner of the previous 458 Spyder, chances are you don’t need much learning curve as all the mechanical and electrical components as well as all the structural components for the interior are in the Sergio.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Side View Ads backgroundFerrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Side View Ads background 2

Besides making only six individuals super proud of this collectible Sergio Pininfarina, the other reason is this – no two are alike. The owner can gives personal touches to this extremely rare two-seater masterpiece, which “guarantees” to rocket from zero to 62 mph in 3 seconds. If you’re not already a Ferrari owner and owns lots of them, then don’t bother about asking how to own one.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Top View

All the Sergios were pre-sold to hand-picked customers before the car was even publicly announced. And since the FXX K cost about US$3 million a pop, then Pininfarina should cost at least the same price, if not more. But that would be like a loose change to those Middle Eastern super rich brats. With a large variety of colours, materials, and finishes were on hand to suit their personal tastes, it’s too early to tell if the six owners will spoil the beautiful super-exclusive Pininfarina with their tasteless customization (*grin*).

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Dashboard BlackFerrari Sergio Pininfarina - 2014-2015 - Dashboard White

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