Here’s Your Money – Badass Nasi Lemak Prince Pays S$19,000 In Fishy Coins

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Nov 11 2014
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It all began in 2010 when 34-year-old Mr Lester Ong Boon Lin wanted to trade in the blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage that he had bought for S$550,000 for a new Bentley GT which costs about S$770,000. Mr Ong was supposed to top up the difference. In an agreement between Mr Ong and Exotic Motors, a Singapore shop specialising in Ferraris and Bentleys, the latter was to bear the costs for the Aston Martin, and deduct the cost from the final amount when it was sold.

Aston Martin V8 VantageBentley GT

In the meantime, Mr Ong continued paying for the Aston Martin’s road tax and insurance. The problem started when the Aston remained unsold for a year and a half in the Exotic Motors showroom. Frustrated, Lester Ong withdrew the Aston Martin from Exotic Motors and sold the car to another dealer. Exotic Motors, in turns, sued Mr Ong to recover the cost of maintaining the car.


Apparently, Exotic Motors suggested to spruce up the car further so that it could be sold quicker, to which Lester Ong agreed. Later, Exotic Motors changed the tail-lights for S$2,900, much to Mr Ong’s anger simply because he had already made repairs to the car’s tail-lights, brake lights and door handles prior to handling the car over to the dealership, which had cost him S$2,947 earlier.

Singaporean Pays Law Suite In Coins - Lester Ong Boon LinSingaporean Pays Law Suite In Coins - Lester Ong Boon Lin - Chong Pang Nasi Lemak

According to Mr Ong’s affidavit, he denied asking Exotic Motors to make repairs to the car, or to pay the car’s road tax. But, Exotic Motor’s owner – Mr Sylvester Tang Siu Tong – disputes Mr Ong’s version of events, and said he was a difficult customer. Ultimately, Mr Lester Ong, the son of Chong Pang Nasi Lemak franchise’s owner, lost the case and was ordered by the court to pay Exotic Motors S$11,000 (US$8,500; RM28,420) owed to them, and S$8,000 (US$6,200; RM20,670) in lawyer fees.


Can you guess what Mr Ong did to Exotic Motors? Nope, he didn’t murder the owner nor refuse to pay. That wouldn’t happen in an obedient society in Singapore. To teach 44-year-old  Mr Tang Siu Tong a lesson for “toying” with him, Lester Ong got creative in his revenge plan. He got his worker to enter Exotic Motors pushing a white “Styrofoam” box on a trolley. His worker then tipped the box over, covering the showroom’s floor in a mountain of coins (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Singaporean Pays Law Suite In Coins - Exotic Motor Coins Smelled of Fish on Trolley

The fun part follows thereafter. To show his disapproval over the court’s decision, the about 100-kilograms worth of S$19,000 in coins were (deliberately) soaked in market juices, and smelled of fish. It was a sweet revenge though, as the hilarious incident enters its third day, the showroom still smells terribly unpleasant. And since air fresheners didn’t work, Exotic Motors is now considering replacing the carpet, which will cost owner Mr Tang S$4,000.

Coins Smelled of Fish on Exotic Motor Carpet - 2Coins Smelled of Fish on Exotic Motor Carpet - 3

Understandably, the upset Mr Sylvester Tang has made a police report but the police told him it is a civil case, not a criminal one. In the police report, he also mentioned there were 50-cent, 20-cent and 10-cent coins, as well as some foreign coins, including from Malaysia and Thailand. He also said he approached Mr Lester Ong to take back the coins. Amusingly, the badass Lester told the Exotic Motors owner that he had paid off the debt and drove off, without collecting back the coins, of course.

Coins Smelled of Fish on Exotic Motor Carpet - Worker Scooping CoinsCoins Smelled of Fish on Exotic Motor Carpet - Worker Scooping Coins - 2

Mr Tang later put the dumped coins into a plastic bag, put it in his car’s boot and tried to return the coins to Mr Ong’s lawyer. Unfortunately, the lawyer said they no longer represent Mr Ong, so Mr Tang is now awaiting legal advice on how to return the coins to Mr Ong. We’re not sure if Mr Tang car’s boot has gotten the same fishy smell as a result of his attempt. That would be a double whammy (*grin*).


Interestingly, Mr Lester Ong is the same person who was ordered by a Singapore court to pay Marina Bay Sands more than S$240,000 in the first casino debt collection case. In a case mentioned in August 2013, he contested the casino’s credit extension to him as he claimed he wasn’t a “premium player”, but High Court Judge Lai Siu Chiu disagreed. Mr Ong was ordered to pay back S$240,868, plus interest at 12% per annum, calculated from Aug 15, 2010, until the date he pays in full.

Singaporean Pays Law Suite In Coins - Slyvester Tang Siu Tong - Exotic MotorCoins Smelled of Fish on Exotic Motor Carpet - 1

In Singapore, the legal tender limit for coins of denomination below 50 cents is S$2 per denomination. For 50-cent coins, the limit is S$10. However, there are no limits for payment in S$1 coins. That would mean that 19,000 S$1 coins would not have breached the legal tender limits. Surely it would be fun if Mr Tang succeeded in his coming civil law suit against Mr Ong, only for the latter to come to the showroom again with a box of S$1 coins on a trolley, all smell fishy once again.


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Another story that proves that just because they drive Bentleys and Aston Martins and are pretty well-heeled, their lack of class and education still shows.

Hi..I Am Lester ong the victim of this case, I believe your comments in the post was base on your knowledge but on the true side this car dealer really took my car and drive for few years and yet never intend to sell my car on the top I am paying all the maintenance and
Servicing.. A momment of anger he force me to do it… Kindly remove this add as this has cause me bad image in business

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