Here’s How Past World Leaders Would Look Like As “Hipsters”

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Dec 19 2014
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Most of youngsters nowadays do not really fancy history as much as their parents did. And it’s not hard to imagine why. It’s a materialistic world now. Instead of worrying about putting food on the table, they worry about getting latest gadgets – smartphone, tablet, credit card, car, chicks and whatnot. Since technology and internet are the opposite of history, there’s little relation between the both.


Do you know that 70% of Americans do not know what the Constitution is? That was not surprising considering 30% of Americans were unable to answer what year 9/11 took place. Most today do not know who Herbert Hoover was. If they couldn’t name their past leaders, chances are they do not know foreign leaders either. How many of you know who was Che Guevara or Vladimir Lenin or Nelson Mandela?

Evolution of Hipster

Perhaps past leaders were forgotten because they lived in a age where there wasn’t any WiFi or Facebook. Or they were not fashioned enough to be celebrated. But what if we recreate them as hipsters? Israeli artist Amit Shimoni had created a series of global political icons, styled in today’s latest hipster fashions. These icons were carefully matched according to the personalities, era or even scandals (*grin*).


Mahatma Gandhi, as a hipster today, would wear a tie-dye top and 1960s-style shades to reflect his peaceful struggle for India’s independence. Isn’t that cool? Former U.S. President and playboy John F Kennedy would have a nose ring and wear a T-shirt bearing an image of, who else if not Marilyn Monroe (*tongue-in-cheek*). If you’re still staring in blank for being historical ignorant, sex-icon Monroe was Kennedy’s secret lover.

World Leader as Hipster - Mahatma GandhiWorld Leader as Hipster - John F Kennedy

What about iron lady Margaret Thatcher in a strapless top and leopard-print bra, visible beneath a sleeveless shirt? As a hipster, Margaret would sports a retro hairdo paired with a vampy plum lip shade, together with series of gold chain necklaces, obviously styled from singer Lana Del Rey. We also like hipster Nelson Mandela with his punky flat-top hair style and tropical designed jacket, not to forget his earring.

World Leader as Hipster - Margaret ThatcherWorld Leader as Hipster - Nelson Mandela

Winston Churchill, who led Britain through World War II, sports a sartorial sailor look with braces and porkpie hat. And how can we forget him as a heavy smoker, so a cigarette behind his ear makes perfect sense. Badass Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin who sports ear “spacers” and a studded jacket would have been very popular with Y-Generation in Russia today. If there’s one person who can overthrow Putin, it has to be hipster Lenin.

World Leader as Hipster - Winston ChurchillWorld Leader as Hipster - Vladimir Lenin

One of American greatest president – Abraham Lincoln – would probably wear a purple blazer with gold jewellery if he’s a hipster today. Rebellious Che Guevara would love an Adidas cap, something which is against his Marxist beliefs. Communist supremo Mao Zedong looks cool and cute wearing his cap backwards, similar to a rich spoilt Chinese boy, together with a yellow jacket symbolising an Emperor of China.

World Leader as Hipster - Che Guevara World Leader as Hipster - Abraham LincolnWorld Leader as Hipster - Mao Zedong

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