Are You Qualified For Emperor Obama’s Immigration Offer?

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Nov 24 2014
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One of President Barack Obama’s greatest achievements, or rather screw ups, depending on whom you ask, is his latest “Executive Order” which adds 4 million new eligible immigrants, on top of the 1 million young immigrants who became eligible for deferred deportation under Obama’s original 2012 program. As to whether the executive action is unconstitutional or otherwise, well, that is one heck of a debate which could last as long as your cow comes home.

Emperor Barack Obama at White House

Some even suggested that not only Obama had gone bonkers, his action may be impeachable – for treason, bribery and whatnot. Of course, many Republicans have called Obama a shameless president who literally considered himself an “Emperor” for unilaterally protects 5 million illegal immigrants. It was such a controversial that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has filed a lawsuit against President Barack Obama over his executive order on the immigration.


Amusingly, the supposedly badass Obama countered that he has actually issued fewer executive actions than most former presidents “by a longshot.” In other words, the president, who signed the controversial policies aboard Air Force One, justifies that despite bringing in 5 million immigrants who would pay lesser taxes than sucking taxpayers benefits, he’s better than President Reagan and the two Bushes Presidents.

USA Illegal Immigrants - Cartoon
But really, what does the latest executive action means to you? We have actually received quite a number of private emails querying if they can actually enter United States now and become a U.S. citizen instantly, and enjoys the country’s numerous benefits without lifting a finger. Actually, the executive action would merely delay deportation for the undocumented mother of a child born in the U.S. on last Thursday.


So, even if you’re an undocumented mother who gave birth in U.S. one day later (last week, Friday, 21 November 2014), for example, you’re not eligible. Also, it offered deferrals to children brought to the U.S. by their parents before their 16th birthday – but not a few weeks after. Hence, if sex blogger Alvin Tan tries to stay in the U.S. using this latest privilege, he can’t and will be deported. Of course, he’s not and is applying to do so as political asylum.

Emperor Barack Obama Signing Executive Order - Immigration

Below is a flow chart that tells you if you’re eligible for Emperor Obama’s new immigration goodies. Obviously, it’s not something for people who plan to make a parachute drop into United States to become an American.

Emperor Barack Obama Immigration Executive Order - Flow Chart

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