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Najib Supporters Are Panic, But Insult Sultans At Your Own Peril

True, Najib Razak couldn’t care less about the latest decree issued by Council of Rulers whereby sultans of nine of Malaysia’s states have called for a swift and transparent investigation into 1MDB political-cum-financial scandal involving the country’s prime minister. Obviously the Monarchy agrees that the scandal had created a “Crisis of Confidence”. But the premier’s […]

... written on Oct 08 2015

Who’s The Lucky Person Who Sold abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com To Alphabet?

Don’t panic when you see stock ticker symbol “GOOG” has a new owner, Alphabet Inc. instead of the usual Google Inc. The name change is part of a plan announced months ago to restructure the company to give more room to its forever-growing businesses. Google, or rather Alphabet has been explaining to all and sundry […]

... written on Oct 08 2015

Monarchy Could Reclaim Lost Powers By Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time

Democracy, in a nutshell, consists of 3 pillars namely the “Executive”, “Legislative” and “Judiciary”. The Executive is the government of the day (President, Prime Minister, Ministers and so on) while the Legislative consists of the two houses of the Parliament. Meanwhile, the Judiciary comprises Supreme Court and other judicial centres or agencies.   However, over time, […]

... written on Oct 07 2015

TPPA – It’s A BAD Deal Unless It Benefits Working Class People

It’s a deal!! The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, or simply TPPA, which represents the largest U.S. trade pact since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico in 1993, has been agreed upon by 12 nations – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. […]

... written on Oct 06 2015

Bernanke Admits Execs Should Be Jailed, But Never His Fault

Ben Bernanke has finally answered a question that’s been repeatedly asked by millions since 2008 financial crisis – “Should somebody have gone to jail?”. It was a simple and straight forward question which even Bernanke had tried his best to run away for the last 7 years, until today.   “Yeah, I think so” – […]

... written on Oct 05 2015

Before Slapping Chinese, Tajuddin Should First Slap Najib – Here’s Why

Who’s this Mr. Tajuddin who threatens to slap every single local Chinese who dare to complain to foreigners, presumably the emerging superpower China? No, this is not the Tajuddin whose mismanagement had brought MAS (Malaysia Airline System) to its knees. This is Tajuddin Abdul Rahman whose nick name is – “Six Million Dollar Man”.   […]

... written on Oct 02 2015

Russian Airstrikes Prove Why Putin Is A Better Leader Than Obama

The collapse of the Soviet Union in Dec 1991 was a major geopolitical disaster to the world, at least to supremo Vladimir Putin. For as long as the Russian leader can remember, the memory of the good old days where the Soviet Union rivals United States was enough to make him orgasm. He has been […]

... written on Oct 01 2015

Rahim Thamby Chik – A True Example Of Insulting Malays, Islam & Malay Kings

Rahim Thamby Chik wrote – “News of the conversion of the Selangor Raja Muda Tengku Amir Shah to Catholicism is very sad for Muslims in the whole country and the world. This sadness is compounded by the two tragedies involving Muslims in Mecca and Arafah. May the desire of the Selangor Sultan to meet the Pope in […]

... written on Oct 01 2015

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