Russian Airstrikes Prove Why Putin Is A Better Leader Than Obama

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Oct 01 2015
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The collapse of the Soviet Union in Dec 1991 was a major geopolitical disaster to the world, at least to supremo Vladimir Putin. For as long as the Russian leader can remember, the memory of the good old days where the Soviet Union rivals United States was enough to make him orgasm. He has been trying to rebuild the lost legacy – the glory – ever since.


With no bully strong enough to tell them what to do, America becomes complacent and arrogant. Soon, they elected a lame duck to the White House, not one but for two terms. Much to Putin’s excitement, that lame duck was not only a rhetoric golfer with little substance; he turns out to be a sucker too. Barack Obama is that sucker.

President Obama and State of Secretary Kerry Called Stupid

A sucker breeds, or rather nominates another sucker. Iran, was surprised at how John Kerry, the sucker nominated by Obama as the 68th United States Secretary of State in 2013, agreed to lift the economic sanctions on the country. Nobody except Obama and Kerry believe Iran would obediently stop producing nuclear weapon.


At the annual United Nations General Assembly, both Obama and Putin spoke about Islamic State and Syrian civil war problems. Obama said he was willing to cooperate with Russia and Iran to try to end the four-year civil war in Syria. But Moscow and Tehran clearly said there was no option but to work with dictator (and buddy) Bashar Assad.

United Nations General Assembly - Obama Shake Hands with Putin

Obama didn’t dare to say “NO” about keeping Assad and started beating around the bush with his rhetoric statements, as usual. The POTUS had previously used chemical weapons as justification that Syrian Assad had to go. The president also said ISIS would be defeated in no time, yet both Assad and the terror group are still very much alive and kicking.


In fact, Obama has been such a screw up that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested to let Putin handles the ISIS instead. Heck, Trump likes Putin so much that he thinks the Russian leader deserves an “A” in leadership. Laugh if you like but it’s quite true when Trump suggested it’s better to back Assad, an evil everyone knows rather than an unknown evil that nobody, including Obama, knows.

Donald Trump - Cap Make America Great Again

On September 30, Russian lawmakers unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s plan to begin combat operations in Syria – and hours later Moscow’s warplanes in the region began attacking what the Russians said were ISIS militants. A Russian 3-star general, apparently, walked across street to the US embassy in Baghdad and told them – “We bomb in 1-hour. Stay out of our way”.


Naturally, caught with Russian’s lightning speed action and the little respect shown to Obama’s administration, Kerry quickly protested about Russia’s “weird” mechanism and procedures. But the strikes were already underway, with the US Secretary of State foaming at mouth protesting with Sergei Lavrov, a Russian officer in Baghdad.

Syria Airstrikes - Russia Sukhoi Su-30

Russia had already sent 28 of its air force’s best warplanes, including four Su-30 fighters and a number of Su-25 attack planes and Su-24 bombers to Syrian air base Latakia. It is believed that six more Su-34 bombers and at least one Il-20 spy plane plus some 500 troops and armoured vehicles and SA-15 and SA-22 surface-to-air missiles are on their way.


But here’s the best part. While Putin called it’s bombing a pre-emptive strike against ISIL or ISIS or whatever you want to call it, the French Defence Minister and the U.S. Defence Secretary reveal, to their horrors, that the Russian didn’t hit Islamic State at all. Instead Putin’s boys have hit rebel positions in Hama, including those backed by the U.S. (*grin*).

Syria Airstrikes - Russia Bombing Rebels Map

Obviously, Putin isn’t interested in bombing the ISIL or ISIS, at least not at this moment. It seems the Russia and Iran’s primary objective was to strengthen Bashar Assad’s position. Then, perhaps they would consider targeting the Islamic State. Even after the strikes, Kerry, in his address to the UN Security Council, lamely played down Putin’s aggression blabbering that the U.S. welcomed “genuine efforts” to fight ISIS.


If Obama and Kerry still think Russia’s sole purpose is to beat ISIS or ISIL, then they’re the biggest fools. The fact that Putin sent in Sukhoi Su-30s air-to-air fighters into Syria was the best proof that Russia plans to establish an exclusive strategic regions. That’s because the Islamic State doesn’t fly any plane at all.

Syria Airstrikes - Putin Shake Hands with Assad

Perhaps Putin’s plan was to ensure Assad’s regime survival so that Russia can secure access to the Mediterranean via Syria. By sending military forces into the eastern of Mediterranean, Moscow can threaten the domination of NATO. No wonder Trump said he and Putin could become good friends. Putin is a genius!!


Putin has given his first order on a major strike that have actually struck U.S. allies and aided the forces of Syria’s dictator. And neither Obama nor Kerry could do anything about it. Essentially, Moscow is sending a message to Washington – “If you want to get rid of Assad, you’re going to have to deal with us”.

Putin Plays With Cheetah vs Obama Plays Poodle

Obama and Kerry have swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker offered by Putin when he said Russia’s intentions in the air campaign was to strike at ISIS and support the Assad regime. Thanks to Obama’s idiocy, Putin could dictate the outcome of the war even after the United States has spent US$3.87 billion, according to the latest Pentagon figures, and conducted nearly 7,100 strikes.


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Obama appoligized when he was kicked in the butt, what deserving person to kick it other than Putin. Obama will be apologizing profusely.

Poodle vs leopard, no brainer.

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