A Smokescreen – The Magnificent 20 BN Frogs That Never Were

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Aug 19 2015
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First, the RM2.62 billion (US$696 Million) exposed in the private account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was claimed to be a “donation”, courtesy of some rich Arabians. Then they changed the story that the free money was given by Saudi to Najib personally for “fighting ISIS”, never mind ISIS haven’t even proclaimed itself to be a worldwide caliphate until one year later.


If the jaw dropping fact that Najib possesses X-Man superpower that can look into the future already freaks you out, there’re more. First, they sacked the Attorney General (A.G.) Gani Patail. When Sarawak Report (SR) disclosed that Mr Gani was actually in the middle of drafting some charge sheet documents or “arrest warrant” for the PM before the sudden sacking, Najib administration rubbished it.

Najib Razak Arrest Warrant Draft - Sarawak Report - 1MDB Scandal

The new “friendly” A.G. Mohamed Apandi Ali, who was already retired prior to his sudden “promotion”, was super-duper fast in declaring there wasn’t any such charge sheet to begin with. The documents exposed by SR were fake, non-existence, never existed, zilch. Enter Rahman Dahlan, who couldn’t wait to show big boss Najib that he has an ounce of brain cells.


Thinking he was smarter than colleague Ahmad Mazlan who possessed 3.85 CGPA, strategic communications director Rahman Dahlan said Prime Minister Najib Razak had to “take out people” after an alleged charge sheet against him emerged, in an interview with The Star Online. He must have had multiple orgasms thinking how clever he was.

Rahman Dahlan With Out of Order Brain

Amusingly, Mr Dahlan didn’t even realize that he had actually spilled the beans, and was extremely proud of the interview until two days later. Now, he denied admitting to the existence of a charge sheet against Najib Razak. But it’s too late because everybody, including UMNO supporters have read, digested and understood what he had said.


Gosh, let’s hope Mahathir doesn’t die due to excessive laughing. Thereafter, it’s Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi’s turn for a Bollywood twist and stunt. As usual, in his rush to impress Empress Rosmah and Emperor Najib that he is the best brain money can buy, he claimed to have discovered a deadly plan – deadlier than anthrax biological weapon – to topple the government.

UMNO Topple Government - Who is the Old Man Plotter

Last Saturday, Mr Zahid revealed that an “old UMNO leader” was behind a plot to topple (Najib) government with the support of opposition lawmakers. He claimed his sources told him about lawyers preparing a seven-page, yellow-paper memorandum with a statutory declaration for MPs to sign, presumably to be presented to the King for the next action.


Later, the brilliant tactician Zahid said the supposedly senior influential old UMNO plotter has “repented”. To make it more dramatic, he has told all and sundry that this “old man” wanted to meet Emperor Najib, presumably to seek forgiveness. And Zahid said he will make sure this old man meet his boss Najib. What a “thuggish” and “arrogance” of power he has shown.

Zahid Hamidi Wearing Crown - 3

Hence, battalions of journalists and 30 million Malaysians skipped their favourite TV programs, waiting to see who the brave soul is. Of course, nobody showed up, because there isn’t such an old brave heart to begin with in the first place. Now, Zahid said the plotter has called off meeting with Najib.


Mr Zahid might have mixed up the “Game of Thrones” with the “Sesame Street” after smoked some grass. Amazingly, he also declares some 20 Barisan Nasional (traitor) MPs, whose identities were revealed in a “Suara Hati” blog – NOT guilty. That was one heck of an incredible fast investigation by the Deputy PM himself.

Twenty 20 Magnificent Barisan Nasional MPs Ready to Jump Ship

So, “Value-Meal” Zahid who was the producer, scriptwriter, director, actor, police, jury, prosecutor and judge has declared the blockbuster movie has come to its end. Earlier, he had declared Muhyiddin wasn’t the main plotter, leaving Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Mahathir Mohamad as the primary suspects.


Since Mahathir would rather commit hara-kiri than seek forgiveness from Najib, that would leave Razaleigh as the only culprit. But the prince of Kelantan has already declared he wasn’t the old man suspected by Mr Zahid. So, will there be any more spinning from the Bollywood producer? I’m sure he cannot produce any proof of the allegedly plot, can he?

Bollywood Dancing Actions

Seriously, if the supposedly 20 BN traitors have indeed any plan to betray Najib and Auntie Rosy, they would be the real heroes. As a group, they are the kingmaker as powerful as PAS who has 21 MPs. Guess what, Najib cannot sack them of their parliamentary seats. And he certainly cannot afford any by-election for the current moment.


What is happening is pretty simple. All 131 greedy BN MPs (except Najib and Zahid) are pissed off big time because their big boss has gotten the biggest slice of the cake – allegedly more than 1 billion US dollar as exposed by SR. So, they bitch, whine, cry and curse, hoping to get some million-dollar cheques from the prime minister.

UMNO Supporters Cry - No Share From 1MDB Billion

Taking advantage of the disarray within BN, opposition did the simple thing by suggesting that those unhappy with PM Najib should do the right thing in order to save the country from a total collapse. Scared of their own shadows, Najib and Rosmah have begun hallucinating and suspecting everyone of overthrowing them, including the janitor.


Of course, Zahid seized the opportunity by making it a huge drama in order to divert attention from his brother’s bidding for the mouth watering RM4,500,000,000 contract importing 1.5 million Bangladesh workers. Suddenly, nobody talks about the allegation that Najib had transferred US$650,000.000 back to his donor – Tanore Finance Corp.

Zahid Hamidi Brother Bidding Bangladesh Workers Import

If there was any coup d’état in Malaysia, it had already happened 46-years ago in 1969 when Najib’s own father plotted the downfall of the country’s first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman – with lots of blood on the street. Any violent method of government takeover will not succeed simply because 30 million Malaysians will not allow it.


But why even talk about toppling the government when the objective was to boot out two persons only – Najib and his beauty legend Auntie Rosy? Barisan Nasional will still be in power because the opposition does not have the number, not to mention PAS Hadi Awang is doing everything in his power to seduce pink lip Najib away from Auntie Rosy (*grin*).

Najib Razak - Forbes Malaysia 27th Richest

With due respect, instead of tweeting happily about Liang Liang having given birth, perhaps PM Najib should tweet more about how he can make the people happy by improving the country’s economy. I’m sure the panda is unable to convince foreign funds not to run away with their money. So, nice try on the Bollywood drama, but the smokescreen is not good enough.


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