China vs Hong Kong Rivalry – These 22 “Naughty” Graphics Tell All

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Jul 08 2015
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Hong Kong returned to China on July 1, 1997. Time flies and it’s been 18-years since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from United Kingdom to China. Also known as the “Handover”, Britons remembered the occasion as how Mrs Thatcher lost Hong Kong. Needless to say, Hong Kong people opposed the “transfer” of ownership.


Although it’s been 18 years, many Hong Kongers are still opposing China, never recognise Beijing as their new government, let alone accept the fact that Hong Kong is part of China. And it’s not hard to understand why. Both China and Hong Kong are just too different, from political system to currency to the way they do their business in toilets.

China vs Hong Kong - Flags

But how difference could they be? After all, the people of China and Hong Kong are Chinese. Heck, they were once one big happy family, until the British came and took Hong Kong away, at least temporarily, after Beijing lost the Opium War thus forced into signing the Treaty of Nanking in 1842.


Unfortunately, the damage done is so severe that it will probably take many more years before Hong Kong can accept back China as their original guardian. That’s the power of Britain’s “divide and rule”. To the outsiders or foreigners who still couldn’t grasp all the fuss about Hong Kong versus China, a Hong Kong artist has put it in infographics. 

China Opium War - Treaty Nanking

Posted on its Local Studio HK Facebook, the graphics cover the major differences between Hong Kong and China – politics, habits, censorship up to social media apps. Naturally, the graphics have invited approvals as well as criticisms from their supporters and detractors. Here’re the 22 naughty infographics for your judgement.


China vs Hong Kong - Mandarin and Cantonese


China vs Hong Kong - Yuan and HK Dollar


China vs Hong Kong - Squat and Stand


China vs Hong Kong - Hong Kong is not China


China vs Hong Kong - Heart Character


China vs Hong Kong - Passports


China vs Hong Kong - Map Territory


China vs Hong Kong - Left and Right Drive


China vs Hong Kong - Toilet Business


China vs Hong Kong - The World


China vs Hong Kong - Subway Behaviour


China vs Hong Kong - Greetings


China vs Hong Kong - Street Banners


China vs Hong Kong - Weibo and Open Social Networks


China vs Hong Kong - Food


China vs Hong Kong - EMail Systems


China vs Hong Kong - Heart


China vs Hong Kong - TV Channels


China vs Hong Kong - WeChat and Open Chats


China vs Hong Kong - Police Uniform


China vs Hong Kong - Number Systems


China vs Hong Kong - Political System


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