Can You Solve This Hong Kong Exam Question For 6-Year-Old, In 20-Seconds?

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Jun 17 2015
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Two months ago this year, a Mathematics question posted by a Singapore TV presenter, Kenneth Kong, meant for 14-year-old students had gone viral. Thereafter, people around the world have been trying to figure out the solution for the mysterious question, which was actually meant for Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiads (SASMO).


In case you didn’t know, three countries dominate the top-3 positions in the Mathematics, Science and Reading exams based on PISA 2012 results, or Programme for International Students Assessment. They are China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Math Olympiads is very popular, hence some Malaysian Chinese schools are adopting this as an optional syllabus.

Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiad 2015 Question

In fact, there’s even one Chinese school in the whole of Malaysia which conducts special classes based on English-based Singapore Syllabus. And there’re ethnic-Malays and even expatriates who send their children to this school. By now, you should have figured why Malaysia’s National School standard is going down the toilet bowl, while the Chinese education continues to attract non-Chinese parents.


Anyway, after the Singapore Maths question was solved, here’s another one from a Hong Kong elementary school admission test, designed for 6-year-olds. The requirement is to solve this question within 20-seconds. Don’t be surprise if you couldn’t solve it within the time given, and don’t bang your head on the wall either.

Hong Kong Elementary School Exam for Six Year Olds

It’s perfectly normal if you couldn’t solve it, because it takes a high school student several minutes, and probably takes a Ph.D a lifetime to figure it out. Many self-proclaimed smart people spend half the day, or more to get the correct answer. However, a 6-year-old kid needs only 20-seconds to fix the problem.


Based on the question above, what’s the parking lot number that the car is positioned? Although it seems like an algebra or logic question, it’s actually not. The solution is freaking easy, if you’re as simple-minded as a 6-year-old kid. Adults being adults would naturally overthink such question.

Hong Kong Primary School Students

The question was the brainchild from a British puzzle inventor, David Bodycombe, who was inspired by a car park he had seen in Portugal about 20-years ago. Actually, the Hong Kong elementary school admission test consists of only 20-questions. This question, which happens to be #21, was specifically there to flush out and pick the best of the best.


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Is it 87?

It’s just the matter of the viewing orientation. Being an engineering student, I tend to see things in a different perspective of view.

Presumably you haven’t attempted such question before, well done Teoh …

Engineering – Go, Go Go …

Wouldn’t the answer be L8 in keeping with the viewing orientation? ;p

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