China – Ain’t Sick Man Of Asia, Too Wealthy For Anyone To Lecture Them

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Oct 07 2014
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Hilton Worldwide Holdings has just sold the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York for a whopping US$1.95 billion (£1.2 billion; RM6.3 billion) to China-based Anbang Insurance Group. That’s a new record in the American hotel industry, if not for the world. Prior to the sale, the most expensive single-hotel deal was the sale of “The Cosmopolitan” hotel and casino in Las Vegas to Blackstone for $1.73 billion, but that transaction came with freebies – the casino.

New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Exterior

Although Hilton will continue to operate the property for 100 years and the Waldorf Astoria hotel will undergo a major renovation, in reality, foreign capital is slowly but surely transforming the U.S. real estate market, especially from the wealthy China. As much as China accused the West, particularly United States, of funding and backing the pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters, the fact remains that U.S. is the safest place to invest – even to the China itself.

New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Interior

And that is precisely why it was hilarious when former Hong Kong chief secretary Anson Chan who was pissed off big time, began whining and bitching about toothless Britain not coming to the pro-democracy’s rescue. Obviously she was correct that British government and business community prefer to maintain a good relations with China, and in the process pretended as if there wasn’t any brutality involved in the handling of the peaceful protesters. At least, Anson knew that money talks and bullshit walks (*grin*).

Hong Kong - CY Leung and Anson Chan

What does Anson Chan expect the British government to do to help the pro-democracy Hongkies? Sending some warships, jet fighters and submarines to Hong Kong and reclaim their cashcow once again, when even Cameron administration took ages debating whether to bomb ISIS or not? Heck, China today is not the same China in the 1800s, where Britain easily started and won the “Opium War”, and as a result plundered unthinkable treasures from the “Sick Man of Asia”.

Queen Elizabeth Met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang - Delegation

That’s right – money talks, and if 48-year-old Chinese Premier Li Keqiang could even forced the 88-year-old Queen Elizabeth to meet him otherwise no business deals worth at least £14 billion (US$22.6 billion; RM73.3 billion) in June this year, you can imagine how powerful China is today. Of course, money is something that China has no concern of today but by granting the royal audience, the bells and whistles of honours, distinctions, recognitions were the priceless trophies which China had wanted. And what they said about beggars can’t be choosy?

Queen Elizabeth Met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Hence, that was also the reason why Hong Kong chief C.Y. Leung was freaking cocky sure he would win this battle against the stubborn pro-democracy Hong Kongers. Actually, nobody in their right mind would put any money betting that the Chinese Communist Party would lose this chess game, so essentially these protesters cannot win without any firm and open support from the West. Forget about lame duck Obama. He has bigger domestic problems which he’s still cracking head trying to solve.

PM David Cameron Met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Naturally, no country would “seriously” condemn China even if they decide to crush the protesters with tanks. There could only be praises and suck up from other countries, because China is such a damn huge and luxury market. Thus, it’s understandable why even Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam was reportedly (yesterday) singing praises about China’s not giving into demands for greater democracy in Hong Kong. But then, Singapore is not much different from Hong Kong, as far as leadership criticism is concerned.


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China should revoke the Chinese citizehship of Martin Lee and Anson Chan , the two chief obsequious running dogs of the West as well as other ring leaders of the occupy Business Central movement. The idiotic students are only the pawns of trouble maker separatists who in turn are faceless traitors paid by the most despicable CIA of USA to destabilise China and stop China from peaceful development. China should arrest all the self serving shameless trouble maker leaders and despatch them forthwith without much funfare.

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