Now Everyone Can Fly … Into Malaysia Undetected

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Mar 18 2014
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As the search and rescue operation enters its second week, more and more countries were involved, thanks to Malaysia’s incompetency, uncertainties, contradictories and whatnot. Malaysians who are used to such government’s culture are actually surprised that the world communities were “surprised” with Malaysian present regime’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in handling issues or crisis.


For more than 50-years, such culture was indoctrinated by UMNO, a political party which decides “yes” or “no” within Barisan Nasional coalition. If not for this MH370 crisis, international communities would not know the true colour of the present regime. But even if they knew, would they really care? Nope, as long as foreign citizens do not get killed, nobody would make a fuss about the present regime. Anyway, welcome to Malaysia !!

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Who Are the Terrorists On Board

Regardless whether this operation would take months or years to conclude, there’re tons of questions that Najib administration needs to answer. Sure, he can hide, reluctantly come out  to read a prepared script, and disappear again without guts to take any question from foreign journalists. But he can’t hide the fact that the country’s national security is a big joke. He had been Defence Minister for 8 years.


While it was a known secret that Singaporean Air Force could breach the country’s airspace (2,508 intrusions between 2008 to mid-2011) as and when they like without any retaliation, the latest MH370 crisis shows and proves to the world that Malaysia’s airspace is actually open to anyone, including aliens. We’ve wrote this earlier (read here) and we would like to ask again –WTF was the air force doing when MH370 made the turn back and flew above them? Counting balls?”

Malaysia MH370 Missing - WTF Was Air Force Doing

Were the radar operators away on “Teh Tarik” session? Were they playing mahjong, poker, “Candy Crush”, or simply taking their routine naps? At best, they detected it but couldn’t care less, or simply clueless what to do next. No matter what were the reasons, they’re either incompetent or purely lazy – please choose one. Can you imagine how catastrophic it could be if the MH370 was used to slam into city of Penang?


Why were country’s top billion dollar acquisition of Sukhois, MIGs, F/A-18s not scrambled to at least check this UFO, which turns out to be MH370 after all? Unlike Malaysia; India, Pakistan and even Taliban military have responded in lightning speed that the MH370 did not enter their airspace simply because it would have triggered an immediate scramble of its fighter jets to intercept.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - TUDM F18

Surely the multi-billion dollar RMAF’s “assets” (fighter jets) have their engines still attached, are they not? Perhaps someone forgot to remind air force pilots that potential terrorists or threats do not work from 9am to 5pm only? It was absolutely embarrassing that the military needed to go back to radar recording for confirmation (when it should be in realtime), 4 days after MH370 flew away unchallenged. Seriously, do they live on trees?


It couldn’t be lack of fund as the Defence Ministry was allocated a staggering RM16.1 billion during the annual Budget 2014 presentation. As a matter of fact, ThalesRaytheonSystems had announced full system acceptance with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) for the Malaysian Air Defense Ground Environment Sector Operations Center III (MADGE) Program back in Feb 2013.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Malaysia ThalesRaytheon Command and Control centre Malaysia MH370 Missing - Thales 200 and 400 radars shown at Paris Airshow 2011

In a nutshell, the MADGE system operates in real-time and features multi-radar tracking and a flexible human-machine interface. The deployment of GM 400 radar means RMAF are equipped with long-range (up to 400km) surveillance capabilities. If that was not enough to prove RMAF’s incompetency, flight MH370 was allowed to bypass not one, not two but three radar stations in northern Peninsular Malaysia.


Of course as the Defence Minister, Hishammuddin would go all out to defend his  men. But considering the seriousness on how his boys jeorpardise the country’s security, he must call a spade a spade. If there’s anything left, he should stop showing to the world that not only the government is incompetent and dumb, but also “bodoh sombong” (stupid arrogant).

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Pray for No Questions

The fact that the country’s crisis management team refused FBI and other foreign investigation teams’ assistance initially speak volume about Najib administration’s arrogance. However, it wasn’t too difficult to understand why. The crisis team was in total chaos like a headless chicken. At the same time, they were scratching their heads how to cover-up their own incompetency. They must have thought they could handle this crisis as if it was another domestic problem. They were wrong.


Most probably the local authorities did not know what hit them when their plane did not turn up in Beijing. When it was revealed that the plane has indeed vanished, they got so panicked that they couldn’t think straight. When foreign teams came knocking on their door, the authorities told them – “hold on, we’ll call you when we need you.” The authorities took ages gathering information trying to solve the puzzle by themselves. They didn’t succeed.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Najib Asking for Foreign Radar Data

First, you’ve a bunch of radar operators who don’t care a hoot about abnormal blips. Then, you’ve military genius who can’t read radar report properly. Yet, they’re too “shy” to get help from the experts and ended up wasting precious 7-days in South China Sea. Only when the U.S. hinted about Indian Ocean did Mr Rambo Hishammuddin mobilized local and foreign assets to the opposite side of the search and rescue target area. Splendid !!!


And now, due to Malaysia government’s own screw-up, they actually expect 25 countries to surrender their radar data for study and analysis? Sure, they would be polite and tell you “hey boy, your plane is not here so go look somewhere else …”. You really think those countries are dumb folks who would obediently surrender their radar data, and in the process jeopardising their countries’ security?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Runway in Range

Moving forward and knowing how the present regime works, they would start finding scapegoat(s). The first winner was none other than the pilot and co-pilot. And since the pilot was pro-opposition, it would make their job much easier. A pilot who got upset with Malaysian “Kangaroo Court’s” decision for sending opposition leader Anwar to 5-years jail decided to hijack the plane to make a political statement. Yeap, dead men can’t defend themselves, can they?


That’s weird but wouldn’t it be more productive to fly that plane into prime minister’s bedroom (*tongue-in-cheek*)? How does the authorities know the rest of the passengers and crew members are clean? FBI and the U.S. intelligence didn’t give a clean bill of health. And because the Iranian’s mum called asking for her son, the authorities concluded he was innocent?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Pilots Zaharie and Co-Pilot Fariq

In fact, the whole operation got so screwed up that the Indian Government has stopped searching. The U.S. defence official also said the USS Kidd will leave the Indian Ocean and return to normal operations. Until Malaysian authorities can sort out and make sense of what they plan to do, American is deploying P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft only. Get real – Malaysian military could save the plane if they’re professional. Even if they can’t, at least they would know the location of the plane itself. They’re not and for that they SUCK !!!


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Are we sure that :

a. the Sukhois, MIGs, F/A-18s exist? We paid all those money but it could be for something other than fighter jets.
b. they are flight-worthy?
c. there’s fuel for these to fly?
d. our RMAF pilots actually know how to fly these?

Being a non partisan with a glimpse of military background, I will have to defend our army. To answer Ali;

a. yes we over paid for almost all of it but none of it was the military fault, in fact they are the ones putting their lives in danger by relying on questionable maintained vehicles/equipments
b. yes but we could do better. On the bright side, some of our neighbors are even worse than us. Some, not all.
c. yes
d. this is why I wanted to reply to you. Our pilots have been one of the best in the world. They do what other pilots do only when drunk, sober. Go ahead, ask someone from the TUDM about our pilots.

You may hate our government or political parties, but please, support our army and trust them. Unlike almost all politicians, they don’t a house in London or New York to run to if we are attacked. They will be out frontline.

“Surely the multi-billion dollar RMAF’s assets (fighter jet) have their engines still attached,are they not?”
“fly that plane into the PM’s bedroom”
Sir,that’s viciously cruel.Someone could die laughing.

Hahaha. I just love this article.

“fly that plane into the PM’s bedroom”

I bet the PM has been praying every minute for that to happen. Imagine the prolonged trauma that he has to go through every night in that bedroom ….

Ben, with the fat RM1 chick?

Why not misadventure

MH370 turned back but never re-entered into the Malaysian airspace. It went through Thai, Indonesia and Indian airspace. Airspace is not what we think, but it is well-defined and divided and sometimes may even be confusing to civilians. Therefore there was no need to scramble any RMAF jets on alert. Question is why Thailand, Indonesia and India did not scramble anything. Or did they?

[…] Now Everyone Can Fly … Into Malaysia Undetected […]

“Now Everyone Can Fly … Into Malaysia Undetected”

Yes indeed.

Bolehland has 1st World Hardware, but 3rd World Software…!

If the Malaysian RMAF had done its job in the first place then all these would not have happened.

Bolehland had the “Opportunity” to send its fighters to intercept the enemy aircraft or “assist the ‘Stricken Airliner’ with FAILED nav & communication equip” to land at Penang or Langkawi airport, when it was flying low at 12,000 ft from the east coast across Malaysia.

It could have saved the MH370 aircraft, its passengers and crew onboard to safely land or if pilots incapacitated, followed the flight with reinforcement aircrafts & flight details to make the search location more precise along the track, to save the resources and time.

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You be the judge.


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