Missing Jet – Plane Flew & Crashed Into Indian Ocean?

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Mar 14 2014
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Two U.S. officials tell ABC News the U.S. believes that the shutdown of two communication systems happened separately on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. One source said this indicates the plane did not come out of the sky because of a catastrophic failure. The data reporting system, they believe, was shut down at 1:07 a.m. The transponder – which transmits location and altitude – shut down at 1:21 a.m.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - How Far Can it Go

Malaysia MH370 – How Far Can it Go (Click to Enlarge)


In another words, the two modes of communication were “systematically shut down.” This also means flight MH370’s disappearance may well have been a deliberate act, not an accident or catastrophic malfunction. Pentagon officials said its destroyer USS Kidd is being mobilized to Indian Ocean (instead of Straits of Malacca) to begin searching. Why was the U.S. so sure?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - USS Destroyer Kidd

USS Destroyer Kidd mobilized to Indian Ocean

It’s because the missing Malaysian flight’s “Airplane Health Management” system continued to “ping” a satellite on an hourly basis after it lost contact with radar. Actually, Boeing 777-200 wasn’t transmitting data to the satellite, but rather sending out a signal to establish contact. Boeing offers a satellite service that can receive a stream of data during flight on how the aircraft is functioning. Malaysia Airlines didn’t subscribe to that service, but the system was automatically pinging the satellite anyway.


If the above is true, then you can bet your last penny that the jumbo jet is somewhere around Indian Ocean. The U.S. intelligence is the most secretive on planet Earth but when they open their mouth, especially in such crisis, you can be cocksure about their accuracy. Inconsistency and flip-flop would be the last thing in their vocabulary, unlike Malaysian government. But why it takes till now for U.S. to reveal this mind-boggling puzzles?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Satellite

Well, it’s all about U.S. and China military games. This crisis is not only about a missing commercial flight but also invites the question about military technology strength between the U.S. and the Chinese. That was why China immediately retracted its “accidently” published satellite image about the possible wreckage position yesterday. It was a disastrous revelation, military security speaking.


Even though the released satellite image had gone through multiple layers of deliberate degradation, obviously to hide its actual capability, the U.S. technology can easily reverse the process to get the actual quality and hence the Chinese technology capability and know-how, and that’s disastrous to China. The last thing you want to do is to allow your opponents know about your satellite’s technology.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - China's Satellite Photo

Does this mean the U.S. knew about the location of MH370 much earlier? Of course, but why should they show their cards before the Chinese? After all, the bulk of the passengers are the Chinese, not Americans. But now that the Chinese had “accidently” released their satellite photos, the U.S. has nothing else to “test” thus the revelation about what they know (or rather knew) to the public.


If the U.S. were to tell the world this on the first day of the crisis, it openly tells the Chinese that the U.S. is actually monitoring the entire Asia’s flights, both commercial and military, in real-time. If it’s true that flight MH370 is now laying on the bed of Indian Ocean (world’s third largest ocean), it comfirms earlier news from Wall Street Journal about U.S. investigators’ suspect that the plane had stayed in the air for another 4 to 5 hours in its detour after it made the turn-back, based on “pings” sent.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Space Based Infrared (SBIR) system satellite

U.S. Space Based Infrared (SBIR) system satellite

Heck, if you wish to know, the U.S. spy satellites did not even detect a midair explosion at the time flight MH370 lost contact with air traffic controllers or in the hours immediately afterward. Sure, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had rubbished flatly about the plane stayed in the air for hours during a press conference yesterday, but time will tell if he lied again. Well, if we really have to choose, we would rather bet 10-bucks on Indian Ocean than Straits of Malacca.


Still, it doesn’t answer the question why Malaysia Air Force fighter jets weren’t scrambled to intercept the UFO (flight MH370) when it appeared on the military primary radar. The answer given by authorities – it was not hostile. But shouldn’t this raise a red-flag which needs further (immediate) confirmation since this was a new pattern – that such an aircraft appeared on the radar screen after a u-turn with no communication?

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Going to the West

Otherwise how do you know it was not another 9-11 suicide attempt? In another words, can another 9-11 attack be carried out easily in Malaysia simply because the Malaysia Air Force will do nothing as long as the military primary radar shows non-hostile commercial planes, no matter what’s the pattern? And why need four days to establish the fact that flight MH370 had indeed made a turn-back? Is this the same turnaround time for confirmation in case of a future, possible 9-11 attempt on Malaysia?


Like it or not, the whole episode shows a loophole in the country’s security as far as turnaround time in identifying possible 9-11 wannabe attempts is concerned. And we thought the country is superb secured since the government likes to scream non-stop “In the name of National Security …” whenever questions were being asked. Nevertheless, the question of who deliberately fly the plane into Indian Ocean is still a big question mark, assuming the plane has indeed crashed into the ocean purposely.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Hishammuddin Denial

No doubt this is a complex and complicated operation, no one is questioning that. But that doesn’t mean the authorities should keep all the information to themselves. The joke of how the crisis is being handled is this: first – foreign news will keep churning out latest breaking news; second – Malaysian authorities will keep deny all of them; third – the above process repeats itself every day. Let’s hear what Mr Rambo Hishammuddin has to say about the Indian Ocean revelation during his scheduled press conferance later, shall we?


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From day one, this crisis was handled by a bunch of boy scouts who often contradicted each on a daily basis.

With the officially sanctioned bomoh clowns performing in front of international media and travellers, Malaysia is no doubt the laughing stock of the world.

The art of confusing, and the art of self-confusion, trump by Bolehland. The art of self-contradiction, also master by the whole bunch of same idiots.

[…] airspace is actually open to anyone, including aliens. We’ve wrote this earlier (read here) and we would like to ask again – “WTF was the air force doing when MH370 made the turn back […]

I hope they are able to find the plane soon. I do not think a black hole sucked it in. That would mean the black hole would be too close to earth.

“Missing Jet – Plane Flew & Crashed Into Indian Ocean?”

Just to share this…


Assuming MH370 suffered a missile strike…

Soviet Fighter – Shot Down Commerical Airline – Discovery Channel – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtXQTfRFh7o

KAL 007 Revisited (Part 3) | Airliners.net –

Dangerous Cold War Events: Seymour Hersh on Korean Air Lines Flight 007 – Interview (1986) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTk_B68sAw4


“…Soviet journalist told me that our video was the biggest propaganda blow ever suffered by the Kremlin during the Cold War, something from which the Soviets never fully recovered.

But within the last few years, additional taped evidence has become public that makes clear that I was given only selective information – some of the pilots’ words and none of the comments of the ground controllers. Those full conversations reveal that the Russians believed the intruder aircraft was an American RC-135 reconnaissance plane, many of which flew routine missions in the area. The tapes, which are compiled in the final report of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s investigation of the incident released in 1993 told me what I did not hear…”

U.S. Intelligence on KAL 007′s Intrusion into Soviet Territory and the Shoot down – http://www.conservapedia.com/U.S._Intelligence_on_KAL_007%27s_Intrusion_into_Soviet_Territory_and_the_Shoot_down

You be the judge.

For as long as the aircraft, debris, body parts & finally the Black Boxes are not found or cannot be found, DNA tested to conclude the Forensic Accident Investigation, there will be many plausible theories…


Also to share this…

“Crisis” in Context: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the TPP and the “Pivot to Asia”. A Geopolitical Thesis – http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-liberal/2014/04/crisis-in-context-malaysian-airlines-flight-mh370-the-tpp-and-the-pivot-to-asia-a-geopolitical-thesis-2479742.html

Scott Creighton
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 9:54

“…Is it possible that Flight 370 was downed in order to force either compliance from the current government on the TPP in pursuit of the Pivot to Asia or a slightly different regime change agenda with the same goal in mind?

I don’t know. But I do know, now, that there is a furious trade war taking place right now in that region that will literally determine the fate of billions of people on this planet. An agenda is in play crafted by folks way above our pay-grade.

It is more than fair to wonder about how this plane went down considering the Herculean effort to distract, derail and ultimately undermine the search and recovery efforts.

And I will leave you with this for your consideration as well. Enhancing our control of these territorial trade routes is viewed by leaders as a matter of national security and in our “national interests…”

You be the judge.


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