Told You So!! – Power-Crazy Dictator Muhyiddin Tries To Gain Absolute Power Thru “Emergency Rule”

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Oct 23 2020
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A week ago, we published an article about how backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, in his last resort to cling to power, may use Coronavirus as an excuse to suspend the Parliament to enable him to rule with absolute power (read here). Today (Oct 23), Muhyiddin rushed to Kuantan, Pahang, to meet the Agong (King) to be conferred the “special emergency power”.


Armed with spiking Covid-19 infections as an excuse, it was already a done deal during an earlier Cabinet meeting in Putrajaya today. The attendance of top guns like Attorney General Idrus Harun, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador, Armed Forces Chief General Affendi Buang had added suspicion that a declaration of emergency rule was on the play.


The special Cabinet emergency meeting today was specifically requested by Muhyiddin to discuss about the upcoming Budget 2021, scheduled on November 6. Hanging on a 2-seat-majority – just 113-seat in the 222-seat Parliament – the panicked prime minister appeared to have absolutely no confidence that the budget of his Perikatan Nasional government will be passed.

Even though UMNO president Zahid Hamidi had betrayed People’s Justice Party (PKR) president Anwar Ibrahim, backpedalling on his initial shift of support from Muhyiddin to Anwar, there is no guarantee that Zahid faction and Najib faction would not vote against the prime minister anyway on the Budget Day. As a traitor himself, Muhyiddin knew the game very well.


Mr Muhyiddin, who himself betrayed and toppled his own Pakatan Harapan government by conspiring with enemy oppositions United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), has been watching over his shoulder since he snatched power in March. His nightmare finally came when his own ally UMNO threatened to swing support for Anwar Ibrahim.


When opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed on September 23 that he has in his possession the majority Member of Parliaments required to topple the backdoor government of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) – coincidentally – was admitted to a hospital. The monarch was only discharged on Oct 2 due to food poisoning and sports injuries.

The New King - Sultan Abdullah and Queen Azizah

Anwar finally secured an audience with the Malaysia’s monarch on Oct 13. After the meeting, curiously, some scheduled appointments to meet the head of some political parties, presumably to verify Anwar’s claim, had been suddenly cancelled by the monarch. Among those who was supposed to meet the King was UMNO president Zahid Hamidi.


As it turned out, the Palace appeared to be “helping” Muhyiddin by buying some time for the PM to “negotiate” with UMNO. After Zahid suddenly announced a ceasefire two days ago, speculations were running wild that concessions had been reached, including giving the deputy prime minister post to UMNO. If Muhyiddin gets his desired emergency rule, Zahid might have been tricked.


Call it whatever you like – economic emergency, health emergency, political emergency or even partial emergency. It’s still an undemocratic emergency rule specially designed to help the disgraced backdoor prime minister shamelessly cling to power. The dubious justifications of combating Covid-19 and stabilising the country are nothing but empty rhetoric to grant absolute power to Muhyiddin.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Swab Test

In layman term, Muhyiddin does not need to face the Parliament on the Budget Day because he can run the country without check and balance from the Legislative and Judiciary, two essential branches in democracy. Basically, with absolute authority, the illegitimate prime minister can do anything he likes without being challenged. Think of Adolf Hitler minus the Panzers!


More importantly, nobody can challenge his Budget 2021 in the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House of Representative), let alone a motion of no confidence against his fragile Perikatan Nasional government. A failure to pass the Budget in the Parliament would be tantamount to a no-confidence vote in his government, and he has to resign, something that he’s trying to avoid by hook or by crook.


But this is not the first time the despicable backdoor prime minister of a backdoor government uses an emergency door to avoid being toppled. In the May 18 Parliament session, PM Muhyiddin cowardly and shamelessly locked down the central institution of democracy – the Parliament – from allowing a vote of no confidence motion against his government.

Parliament - Muhyiddin Yassin - 1-Day Session

This round, the dictator wannabe could use the Emergency Ordinance under a Proclamation of Emergency to detain anybody for up to 60 days without an order of detention, and to be held up to 2 years upon an order. Clearly, the power-crazy Muhyiddin could use this powerful tool to lock up opposition leaders or anyone whom he thinks is a threat to his iron throne.


Muhyiddin can neither face his Budget 2021 being defeated on Nov 6 nor face a snap election at a time when his Malaysian United Indigenous Party (PPBM) faces both internal blackmails (ally UMNO) and external threats (Opposition). But for the sake of staying in power, he is ready to destroy the country by advising the monarch to invoke emergency powers.


Even though the Federal Constitution allows for an emergency to be called under Article 150 of the Federal Constitution with the consent of the King, any attempt to kill a fly with a sledgehammer will not only spook foreign investors, but also potentially subject the Malaysian Monarchy to criticism. Why King Sultan Abdullah can’t appoint a new prime minister, if Muhyiddin has lost his majority support?

Agong King Sultan Abdullah and Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

Ever since the monarch from the state of Pahang agreed to appoint traitor Muhyiddin Yassin as the 8th Prime Minister on March 1, the public perception is still that it was a mistake. British newspaper The Guardian had even called the installation of Muhyiddin as a “Royal Coup”, due to suspicions that Muhyiddin did not have the simple majority from the beginning.


Some pro-Muhyiddin government supporters have argued that there’s nothing wrong for a declaration of emergency to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. After all, the Spanish government had done so. However, such ignorant and gullible simpletons have failed to understand that unlike PM Muhyiddin, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was not facing a government collapse.


A state of emergency should only be declared when there is a genuine threat to national security, not a tool to be used by a power-hungry man whose “government” is in the state of emergency due to a brink of a collapse. If King Sultan Abdullah blindly agrees to grant the absolute power to Muhyiddin, it will set a bad and dangerous precedence.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

The monarch has to answer as to why neighbouring tiny Singapore, despite its populations of 6 times lesser than Malaysia, did not have to resort to an emergency rule, even though it has 57,951 cases today – more than double of Malaysia’s 24,514 cases. Obviously, the desperate Muhyiddin wanted to rule like a dictator, and the monarch knew it. But didn’t we tell you so?


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