Zahid Finally Threatens PM Muhyiddin – It’s All About Greedy Malay Leaders Fighting Each Other For Power

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Jul 10 2020
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Even after the collapse of Pakatan Harapan (PH) government, supporters of backdoor “Malay-Muslim” Perikatan Nasional (PN) government continue to bash and incite hatred against DAP (Democratic Action Party), the Chinese-dominated party that was one of four components in the original PH coalition. The fear of DAP was simply breathtaking.


Unable to withstand the stupidity of his own community, on June 17, former PM Mahathir wrote in his blog – “Unfortunately, there are some Malays who are scared of DAP. Thinking the party can destroy the Malays. Cowards like this are not eligible to call themselves Malays. The same applies to those who were also swayed by these cowards.”


Ironically, when Mahathir used DAP as the convenient punching bag to rally for Malays support during his first era in power for 22 years (from 1981 to 2003), he didn’t anticipate that decades later, at least 6-million ordinary Malays, including those who had graduated from foreign universities, would continue to be fooled by his cheap propaganda and trick.

DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang and PPBM Mahathir Mohamad

Now, the same Mahathir is flabbergasted – not by Malays’ cowardice, but rather stupidity – at the political propaganda that minority DAP will eventually “destroy” the majority Malay community. Exactly how could 42-seat DAP destroy the Malays in the 222-seat Parliament? On the contrary, it’s super easy to destroy DAP. Just accuse the party of pro-communist and de-register DAP. Problem solved!


In fact, to say DAP was capable of destroying the ethnic-Malays were not only an overly exaggerated statement, but a terrible insult to the Malay community. It gave an impression that the Chinese-DAP were incredibly genius while the Malays were remarkably dumb. Otherwise, how do you explain Malays (UMNO, PAS, PPBM) continue to be fearful of the Chinese-DAP?


But thanks to 60 years of brainwashing and “Malay feudalism” mentality, a handful of Malay elites is able to continue enriching themselves with positions, power, contracts and projects. By milking the Malays’ fear of losing power to the Chinese, Hindus, Christians, Communists and whatnot, a small group of Malay leaders in an exclusive club quietly took turn passing around the throne.

Barisan Nasional 2013 General Election Campaign - Najib Razak Poster

That exclusive club used to be Barisan Nasional, the previous corrupt regime that had been in power for 61 years since independence in 1957 before they stunningly lost the crown jewel – Prime Minister – to then-Opposition Pakatan Harapan in the 2018 General Election. Today, that exclusive club is called Perikatan Nasional, which hilariously is not even a legally registered coalition.


Yes, none of the Malay leaders – Muhyiddin Yassin, Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Mohamad Hasan, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Khaled Nordin, Annuar Musa, Hishammuddin Hussein, Khairy Jamaluddin, Shahrir Samad, Puad Zarkashi, Nazri Aziz, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Hadi Awang, Takiyuddin Hassan, Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir Mohamad – actually believes DAP is a threat to the ethic-Malay.


Get real, if DAP-Chinese has any intention to exterminate the ethnic-Malay and is able to destroy the Malays community, the party is a threat to the national security and would have been banned ages ago. The fact that DAP has been in existence since 1965 means the Malay leaders allowed the party to exist for a reason – to be used as a common enemy to rally for Malay support.

Mahathir Laughing

Previously, the exclusive club Barisan Nasional had produced six prime ministers. Mahathir, who was groomed in the same club and became the 4th Prime Minister, formed a new party (Bersatu or PPBM) and worked with opposition Pakatan Harapan to disrupt the tradition of passing the crown among UMNO-Malay elites in the club, largely because former PM Najib had gotten excessively corrupt.


Lusting for power, Muhyiddin Yassin betrayed his own government and created a new club called Perikatan Nasional, a loosely glued coalition (Barisan Nasional, Muafakat Nasional and Muhyiddin faction) so that he could become the 8th Prime Minister. Regardless of the overcrowded affiliates in the backdoor government, one thing is certain – only a Malay can become the prime minister.


Again, how could DAP destroy the Malay community when the Chinese cannot even become the Home Affairs Minister or Defence Minister, let alone the Prime Minister, who must be endorsed by the Agong (King), who in turn has sworn to defend Islam when he took his throne and to uphold and safeguard the rights and position of Malays.

Photo Op - Prime Minister After General Election - Muhyiddin Yassin and 14 Government Leaders

However, the new exclusive club called Perikatan Nasional appears to be in trouble because UMNO, the dominant party in the Barisan Nasional coalition wanted to restore its past glory of calling the shot and not playing second fiddle to Prime Minister Muhyiddin, who was Mahathir’s partner-in-crime in destroying UMNO’s dominance two years ago.


After the photo-op of Muhyiddin flanked by so-called a group of 14 leaders to create a fake impression that the prime minister enjoys the full support and will continue to become the PM after the next 15th General Election, dozens of UMNO leaders have openly expressed their disagreements. Without naming a candidate, they wanted the PM post to be returned to UMNO.


But it seems UMNO has gotten increasingly arrogant in their demands. When an ex-UMNO MP, Abdul Latiff Ahmad, told an audience at a forum that UMNO was no longer popular in Sabah, former PM Najib took the opportunity to grill the MP who had defected to Bersatu (PPBM) and said something which appeared to be a slap in the face of PM Muhyiddin – “We will take Mersing back”.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Screwed By Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi

The fact that Najib did not even bother to give any face to PM Muhyiddin, despite an apology from the Sabah Member of Parliament, speaks volumes about bad bloods between UMNO and PPBM after all. To lend credence to the suspicion that the traitor Muhyiddin would himself be betrayed by his power-hungry partner, UMNO president Zahid Hamidi has finally revealed the card.


Not only Zahid agreed that UMNO “owns” the Mersing parliamentary seat, he also announced that Barisan Nasional wants to contest all its “traditional” seats that it either had won in the 14th General Election or in by-elections thereafter. That means UMNO wanted Muhyiddin to return the 13 seats that it had won 2 years ago (UMNO won 54 seats before its 13 MPs defected to PPBM).


Bersatu won only 13 seats in the 2018 election, but doubled to 26 MPs after the UMNO defection. After losing Tanjung Piai seat, that number decreased to 25 MPs, before Azmin Ali betrayed his party PKR and brought 10 MPs into Bersatu, enlarging the party to 36 MPs. However, excluding the rebellious Mahathir and his gang of 5, Bersatu now has 31 MPs.

Bersatu PPBM - Muhyiddin, Mahathir and Mukhriz

Coincidentally, we published previously that UMNO was clearly not happy with the current configuration – UMNO (39 seats), Bersatu (31 seats) and PAS (18 seats). Will UMNO be happy if Bersatu returns, as per the latest demand by UMNO president Zahid, the 13 seats and re-adjust the configuration to UMNO (52 MPs), Bersatu (18 MPs) and PAS (18 MPs)?


In truth, it was UMNO’s strategy to test how much they can push Muhyiddin to the wall. If the lame duck prime minister continues with his elegant silence and pretends as if nothing has happened, his extraordinary cowardice will be seen as a sign of weakness and will demoralize all the 31 MPs in his own party, including Azmin’s 10 minions.


Like it or not, the backdoor PM has to decide whether to remain as sitting duck or retaliate. He can choose to rejoin UMNO and disband PPBM, leaving Azmin and others to fend for themselves, or negotiated with UMNO to allow Azmin and his gang to become Barisan-friendly while he took up the “questionable offer” to become UMNO president for a short stint before his retirement.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

Alternatively, Muhyiddin can revert back to the Pakatan Harapan coalition that he had initially betrayed for support. But even with this humiliation move, he cannot continue to become the prime minister after 2023, the due date for the 15th General Election. Of course, there’s the question of whether PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim would allow him to serve his full term until 2023.


The out-of-box workaround is to send Najib and Zahid to prison, making UMNO leaderless so that he could control the party. In the same breath, he could win back the heart of Mahathir, who would bring back 5 MPs along with Sabah Warisan’s 9 MPs. However, Muhyiddin has to wait and see if UMNO will pull out of the coalition during the coming July Parliament proceedings.


At the end of the day, it’s all about selected Malay elites fighting for power, not about Malay leaders taking care of the welfare of the Malay community. After more than 60 years in power, millions of Malays are still without basic essential utilities like clean drinking water, sanitation and electricity while the elite group rewarded themselves with Mercedes, 5-figure bonuses and multi-million-dollar contracts.

Brown Tap Water

What Mahathir refuses to write in his blog is that the Malay community must be kept ignorant, racist, religious narrow-minded and neo-feudalism so that they can be controlled forever by a few Malay elites using 3R (race, religion and royalty) cards. Exactly why can’t UMNO, PPBM and PAS merge for the sake of Malay-Muslim unity?


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