Looking For A Career? – Here’s Top-10 Most In-Demand Jobs Or Industries This Year In Southeast Asia

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Jan 19 2021
Linked In

Careers certainly have taken a twist after the Covid-19 outbreak. As the pandemic continues to leave a trail of destruction in the New Year, careers in healthcare, education and digital services are set to become the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia in 2021. The change in jobs landscape is not hard to understand, and the demand for new skills is on the rise.


According to LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise” report, as the region continues to fight the Coronavirus after almost a year, there is a surge in demand for medical professionals, teachers and creative this year. LinkedIn’s Feon Ang, vice president of talent and learning solutions for Asia-Pacific, said – “These (trends) have emerged in direct relation to the global pandemic.”


In particular, the rise of medical roles means not only frontline medical employees like doctors and nurses are in great demand, but also workers in pharmaceuticals, social workers and mental health professionals. Likewise, the lockdown has opened up new roles in e-commerce and supply chain. Below is top-10 most in-demand positions and skills required.

Coronavirus - Most Demand Jobs - Youtuber


{ 1 } Digital Content

– Top Jobs: Editor, YouTube Content Creator, Copywriter, Video Editor

– Skills Required: Creative Writing, Video Editing, Public Speaking, Proof Reading


{ 2 } Software & Technology

– Top Jobs: Mobile Application Developer, System Analyst, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, DevOps Consultant

– Skills Required: JavaScript, Web Development, AWS (Amazon Web Services), MySQL & HTML programming


{ 3 }  Data Analyst

– Top Jobs: Business Development Analyst, Business Operation Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist

– Skills Required: Analytical Skills, Data Visualization, SQL Database Programming Language

Make Money E-Commerce - Trolley on Keyboard

{ 4 } E-Commerce

– Top Jobs: E-Commerce Co-ordinator, Online Specialist

– Skills Required: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce


{ 5 } Digital Marketing

– Top Jobs: Marketing Analyst, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist

– Skills Required: Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Google Analytics,  Lead Generation


{ 6 } Healthcare / Medical Support / Medical Frontline

– Top Jobs: Medical Doctor, General Practitioner, Medical Officer, Medical Specialist, Pharmacy Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, Medical Technologist, Nurse, Paramedic

– Skills Required: Clinical Research, Healthcare, Medical Education, Pharmaceuticals, Nursing, Basic Life Support (BLS)

Coronavirus - Most Demand Jobs - Medical Doctor

{ 7 } Business Development & Sales

– Top Jobs: Account Manager, Account Executive, Business Development Specialist, Sales Specialist

– Skills Required: Business Development, Business Planning, Lead Generation, Account Management,


{ 8 } Finance & Insurance

– Top Jobs: Accountant, Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Finance Specialist, Insurance Agent

– Skills Required: Accounting, Financial Planning, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Insurance


{ 9 } Education

– Top Jobs: ESL (English Second Language) Teacher, Chinese Teacher, Mathematics Tutor, IT (Information Technology) Teacher, Academic Tutor

– Skills Required: English as Second Language, Tutoring, Language Teaching,

Coronavirus - Most Demand Jobs - Online Tutor Teacher

{ 10 } Customer Service

– Top Jobs: Customer Service Executive, Customer Support Specialist,

– Skills Required: Customer Service, Customer Support, Team Leadership


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