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From Football Star To Hotel Tycoon – Cristiano Ronaldo Diversifies

He is the first Portuguese footballer to win three FIFA / Ballons d’Or, and the first player to win four European Golden Shoe awards. In September 2015, he scored his 500th senior career goal for club and country. He has a US$50+ million a year salary (with bonuses) through 2018 and the world’s most popular athlete, with 108 million […]

... written on Dec 18 2015

If You Ain’t Scared Of 0.25% Rate Hike, There’re 3 More Coming – Up To 1.375%

Finally, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen found her spine when she raises rates for the first time since 2006. For as long as one can remember, she has been accused of delaying interest rate hikes – deliberately – to protect big boss President Obama so that businesses could be stretched for survival and unemployment kept […]

... written on Dec 17 2015

Incredible Photos Show 100-Year-Old Putin Is “Immortal”, A Time Traveler

Vladimir Putin is not insane. He’s simply a bully with brains. But is a bully with brains more dangerous than an insane dictator? That depends on what you make of Adolf Hitler. Was the former German supremo an insane dictator or a bully with brains? Whatever you like to call the Russian president, people are […]

... written on Dec 16 2015

Next Year – 2016 – Will Be A Tough & Volatile Year For Businesses

Next year will be a tough year. Control Risks, the global business risk consultancy, said the year 2016 will be a challenging year for businesses. Published on Monday, its RiskMap highlights the problems – Terrorism, Middle Eastern Instability, Cyber-Risk, Chinese Economy in Transition and European Financial and Political Uncertainties. As Russia flexes its military muscles […]

... written on Dec 15 2015

The Terrorism Timebomb Nobody Talks About – CANADA

San Bernardino shooting raised President Barack Hussein Obama eyebrows because the culprits were a couple with a 6-month-old baby. When was the last time you read about a husband-wife tag-team going on a shooting spree, abandoning their baby? Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik did exactly that.   Initially, the focus was on Syed […]

... written on Dec 14 2015

BOOM!! US$1.54 / Gallon – If Najib Didn’t Screw Up, It’s RM1.40-RM1.58 / Litre Only

On 3rd Dec, 2014, gasoline was selling as low as US$1.98 in the United States. An Oncue Express station in Oklahoma City was selling the gasoline for US$1.99 a gallon, the first one to drop below US$2 in the U.S. since July 30, 2010. That was roughly about £1.27 or RM6.86 a gallon (3.785 litres). In terms of […]

... written on Dec 13 2015

ISIS Have Passport Printing Machine – They May Have Entered U.S. Already

Islamic State terrorists claimed responsibility for the Friday 13th (Nov, 13th) attacks on Paris that killed 130 people and the Oct, 31 downing of a Russian passenger aircraft over Egypt’s Sinai region that killed 224. They have also claimed that U.S.-born Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik who killed 14 people in […]

... written on Dec 11 2015

Get Ready For A Second Round Of Chinese Yuan Devaluation

Five months ago, China did the unthinkable – “Yuan Devaluation“. President Xi Jinping was facing multiple problems back then. The Chinese stock market crashed 30% within 3-weeks. His enemy, former leader Jiang Zemin, was plotting against him by systematically selling shares in an attempt to further depress the stock market. China’s economy was virtually going […]

... written on Dec 10 2015

Christmas Best Killer Deal – Nova Launcher Prime At RM1

We’re not sure if this is just the beginning and there would be further price reduction from TeslaCoil Software. But at RM1 (US$0.23, £0.16) a pop for its highly successful and cool Nova Launcher Prime, you can’t go terribly wrong. After all, with the Malaysian Ringgit going down the toilet bowl, there isn’t much you […]

... written on Dec 09 2015

Forget About US$30 Oil Price – It Could Hit US$20 Per Barrel Next Year

Crude oil futures tumbled to their lowest in nearly 7 years on Monday after OPEC failed to address a growing supply glut. Brent and U.S. crude futures fell as much as 6% in reaction to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) policy meeting on Friday which ended without an agreement to lower production. […]

... written on Dec 08 2015

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