Maslan To Transform This Nation As The World’s Hardest Working Country

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Dec 29 2015
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Many think Germany is Europe’s hardest working country and Japan is the champion in Asia while Americans work the longest hour in both North and South America continents. After all, these countries are the wealthiest. Surprisingly, all three of them do not even qualify for the top-10 most hardworking countries on planet Earth.


The world’s top-3 hardest working countries are actually South Korea (#1), Chile (#2) and Russia (#3). But soon, a new magnificent country in Asia will overtake all of them to become the world’s most hardworking. It’s not India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore nor China. The country is none other than Malaysia.

India Labour Hard At Work

Malaysian Deputy International Trade & Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan has a brilliant and innovative “Blue Ocean Strategy” to solve the country’s poverty and worsening cost of living, once and for all. The solution for the country’s 30-million population is pretty simple – work 2 jobs, or more, the more the merrier.


Often considered himself a genius who’s smarter than Albert Einstein because of his 3.85 CGPA in MBA from the prestigious UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), Mr Ahmad had solved numerous economy and financial problems faced by his boss Prime Minister Najib Razak. For example, when the prices of gasoline or petrol were raised, he denied it was hiked but instead the subsidy was lowered.

Najib and Rosmah Boarding Private Jet - Happy GST Everyone

Before the 6% GST’s (goods and services tax) implementation, Ahmad Maslan explained that goods would become cheaper simply because it would replace the 10% SST (sales and service tax). Arithmetically and theoretically, everything would be 4% cheaper, argued him and amazingly, millions of ignorant citizens and even economists and financial experts agreed.


Of course, the notorious 6% GST triggers prices to unbelievable level. Again, Mr Genius Ahmad was roped in by PM Najib for a solution. As proven again, the solution was simple yet creative – people were told to cook themselves to avoid the GST. To show that his formula actually works, he has even demonstrated how he happily fried rice at home (*grin*).

Ahmad Maslan - Deputy International Trade & Industry Minister - Fried Rice

Over the weekend, PM Najib Razak’s favourite and blue-eyed boy struck another goldmine to tackle people’s financial problems, once and for all. As expected, the solution is simple but often overlooked by citizens whose intelligence are inferior to Ahmad’s. The suggestion was for people to work two jobs to make ends meet, or perhaps three if they wish to.


After his great idea was shot down and ridiculed by netizens, Ahmad offered his explanation as to why working two jobs are achievable and makes perfect sense. Using himself as an example, he proudly claims that he actually has three jobs – as a MP (Member of Parliament), deputy minister and (political party) UMNO information chief.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Sitting

Ahh, going by his logic, PM Najib is perhaps the most hardworking person on planet Earth. Let’s see – Najib son of Razak is a MP, Prime Minister of Malaysia, UMNO President, Minister of Finance, Chairman of National Security Council, Chairman of 1MDB’s Board of Advisors, Chairman of Barisan Nasional and the list goes on.


Therefore, does that mean PM Najib Razak has at least 7 jobs and assuming he works 8-hour on each job, he actually works 56-hours per day even though there’s only 24-hour in a day? And for that matter, Ahmad Maslan actually spends every hour of 24-hour in a day on his 3-jobs x 8-hour shifts? What about those who hold tens of directorships?

McDonald's Malaysia - Worker Free McMuffin Poster

Get real, how many can actually work 2-shift of 8-hour each every day, and at the same time spend sufficient quality time with their families? Even if they could, are there enough jobs for everyone, considering there’re 451,000 jobless Malaysians (Oct, 2015)? It’s not like the 13.9 million employees could walk into factories or McDonald’s and work a couple of hour part-time assembling cars or flipping burgers.


Ahmad Maslan suggested that people could do online business after office hours and during weekends. Perhaps it’s possible for civil or public servants to have such luxury but it’s a competitive world in the private sector since ages ago. Employees in the private sector are being asked and forced to do more with less hence a 9-to-5 job is hard to find.

Ahmad Maslan - Deputy International Trade & Industry Minister - in Suit Smiling

Even if you could punch in at 9:00am and punch out at 5:00pm, the pay is not incredible. Throws in traffic and you’re lucky to be able to reach home before sunset. Unless you want to leave your children at a corner to do whatever they want without love and guidance, it’s hard to squeeze some hours doing online business without the risk of sleeping on the job the next day.


Sure, some do make pocket money doing online business but certainly not everybody due to lack of focus. Otherwise there won’t be financial problems that need to be fixed in the first place, would there? Even within the bloated 35-member cabinet in Najib administration, not everyone get to enjoy RM2.6 billion private donation from some rich “Pak Arabs”.

Najib Declare 700 Million As Donation - Obama Laugh

Najib regime may not realize it but people have already started trying to make money online, one way or another. Either buying/selling second-hand products on eBay, investing stocks on Internet, trading options on U.S. stock exchange, blogging, selling hijabs, recruiting members for MLM and whatnot, people have tried them. Some succeeded, some failed.


Still, whatever little money earned from online business is insufficient to offset the cost of living that skyrockets so fast and by such a huge quantum. Besides, e-commerce needs more than just internet access. It needs querying, packaging and shipping during office hour, all of which are not feasible during night time.

Make Money E-Commerce - Trolley on Keyboard

Let’s hope Ahmad Maslan didn’t mean online escort business involving prostitute or gigolo, something that many university students are doing now to solve their financial issues. We know why Najib administration wanted people to work two jobs or more. With the tumbling of oil prices, local currency, palm oil and other commodities, they need to raise the GST again so that corruption, plundering and mismanagement could continue.


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