OK, RPK Switch Sides But Why Are Everyone Surprise?

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Jan 04 2012
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One of the reasons why I’m looking forward to the first day of the New Year was the prospect of bombshells of news, besides the glittering and spectacular fireworks, of course. As predicted, the peaceful short demonstration by young students at UPSI ended with bloods, thanks to the kind hospitality of the professional police. The news however was dwarfed by RPK’s latest bombshells. Instantly RPK, the UK-born Selangor prince, now living in exile in Manchester, invites criticisms from his remaining loyal readers.

Previously, RPK or Raja Petra Kamaruddin, dropped a bombshell just 3-day before the important Sarawak state election, of which his granted interview to the government-controlled TV3 helped cleanse PM Najib Razak, to certain degrees, of the murder allegation of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu. This time, RPK dropped couple of bombshells when he declares “There’s Life after Anwar”, “Anwar morally unfit to become PM”, “Anwar may become irrelevant”, “Frustrated voters will back BN in polls”, not to mention he’s now suddenly 90% confident Anwar was the man in the sex video.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides 

Generally, what RPK is telling the opposition and his readers who once worshipped him as the greatest whistleblowers to the government’s dark secrets is this – you can all go fly kites from now onwards because I’ve joined the dark (rich) side of the powerful and corrupt force. And if you think this is not for real but another round of RPK throwing tantrums with some noble hidden plot due to whatever reasons, think again because his pet project MCLM’s president and buddy, Haris Ibrahim, has just quit the movement. But why RPK switch sides?

Actually, the moment he granted his interview to TV3 months ago, knowing very well that the media was a spin master in favour of the present government, and later beat around the bush justifying his acts that TV3 played him out, was the strongest hint that RPK had indeed sold himself out. With his latest interviews granted to yet another UMNO-controlled newspaper, it only goes to confirm (if you’re not already convince) that he has sold his soul. There’s a saying that everybody has a price-tag so there’s no different with ordinary RPK, unless he’s not a homo-sapiens.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides - Homesick 

So, how much was RPK paid for switching side? If hard cold cash was indeed transacted, it has to be more than what Perak’s Jelapang Hee-Apa-Nama received. Of course it has to come with freedom to come back to his country and whatnot strings attached. In spite of luxury accomodation in Manchester and so-called happy Christmas vacation on a friend’s boat in Phuket, the sight of not able to come back to taste Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik (*tongue in cheek*) and whatnot is too much to bear. He may talk big about living luxuriously abroad but the fact remains he’s extremely homesick hence he should be forgiven for his latest action.

Whether he’s fully sponsored by former premier Mahathir Mohamad or white-collar criminal Soh Chee Wen for his relatively easy escape out of Malaysia and thereafter luxury lifestyle abroad is immaterial. If one were to read his articles, his bazooka was trained primarily at former premier Abdullah Badawi and his son-in-law Khairi, and Najib Razak’s wife over the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya, of course. He seldom attack Mahathir or Muhyiddin, let alone Mahathir’s sons. That’s strange because while RPK sees it freaking wrong for Khairi to amass 13 million shares from ECM Libra for RM9.2 million, he doesn’t seems to think it was wrong for Mahathir to use Petronas money to bail out his son’s (Mirzan Mahathir) Konsortium Perkapalan to the tune of RM696 million back in 1998.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides - Mahathir 

That was before the success of the opposition in the 2008 general election in denying government’s two-thirds majority. And ever since RPK sailed out of the country in a self-imposed exile, he has been extremely tame. Maybe his “deep throats” who fed him insider information are all flushed out and neutralized. Maybe after much calculation, he concluded it’s more rewarding to be with the government’s camp (despite rampant corruption). Maybe it’s time he thinks he should teach opposition de-facto leader Anwar a lesson he won’t forget. Only RPK knows what his new mission is now after being away from his own country for many moons.

Yes, RPK has an axe to grind particularly after Anwar didn’t listen to RPK’s advice as much as before. So, what better time to throw some punches than now, considering that Najib is likely to call for a snap election after Chinese New Year? After all, RPK admitted less than a month ago that Mahathir is his friend though not comrades of the same struggle; while Anwar is not his friend because the opposition leader didn’t bother to phone him while he was detained. When friendships come into equation of a struggle, it becomes personal and emotional and naturally, Anwar becomes the beast while Mahathir is the virgin-angel; nevermind that corruption, racism, nepotism, cronyism and whatnot flourished under Mahathir’s 22-year rule.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides - Godfather Sponsor 

Sure, Anwar is not perfect to fill the prime minister position and could even be a gay after all (*grin*). However, as long as he doesn’t run around raping boys and cows, who cares if he become the next prime minister, not that the opposition can form the new government in the first place, judging from the opposition’s chances now. If people prefer a gay instead of a corrupt straight (UMNO) guy as their prime minister, then who is RPK to dictate otherwise? Maybe RPK was adamant that as long as the country couldn’t find Mahatma Gandhi, the present regime should be maintained. Desperate times call for desperate measures so maybe the time was correct for Mahathir to call his buddy RPK for a national service.

But to claim frustrated voters will back BN in the coming polls is an insult to the voters’ intelligence simply because they actually voted against BN for the betterment of the country and not for Anwar alone. And to proclaim that the Chinese voters don’t want Tahrir Square type of change only goes to show RPK is another flip-flop king. Maybe my old memory is failing me but didn’t he write that should bloodshed is required to change the current regime so be it? Heck, RPK may be getting old and senile but the Bersih 2.0 shows when a common cause was put on table, you will see multi-racial demonstrators.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides - Drumming Alone 

Of course, Einstein would come back from grave eager to know RPK’s formula in determining that 90% Anwar was the person in the sex video. Funny that the once “Balls of Steel RPK” didn’t say 99.99% sure it was Anwar. It seems RPK hates Anwar so much that he believes it was perfectly alright for the corrupt UMNO to continue plundering nation’s coffer. For now, nobody can stop RPK from throwing his tantrum because he thinks he should deserve more respect (and phone calls *grin*) from Anwar (and everyone) post-2008 general election.

He claimed he doesn’t care what other people think of him. That’s not true because just like how Mahathir cares how people would perceive him to be after he dies, RPK wants to be known as one of the heroes. Surely Mahathir wants to be known and worshipped like Napoleon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Deng Xiaoping or even Kim Il-sung but definitely not Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi. Hence it was all about personal grudges and freedom to come back to his own country.

Raja Petra RPK Switch Sides - Homesick Food 

And the trade-off was to crush Anwar in his capacity as the most influential political blogger in Malaysia. Actually it was a win-win trade between UMNO and RPK. UMNO can’t do anything to harm RPK further since he was under protection from the Godfather. Likewise, RPK can’t do any more damage to UMNO since he fled the country. So by becoming allies, both benefits from the new partnership. RPK will stop attacking UMNO with passport to come back without going behind bars plus some hard cash to go shopping at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

So why are you so surprise with RPK’s latest twist? He has his right to throw tantrum because Anwar didn’t call him while he was detained. He has his right to decide if it’s more rewarding to be with the corrupt regime or otherwise. He has his right to sulk because people treats Anwar as hero while he has to spend years in UK without Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Roti Canai and whatnot(*grin*). And if the prostitute Hee-Apa-Nama was rewarded with tens of million of ringgit for jumping over, definitely RPK has the right to demand more. After all, which ordinary person can resist the temptation of money, good food and freedom?

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This piece really helps to swallow the bitter pill of RPK’s betrayal. Thanks!

tiu nia seng… when people support you, you say they’d join u.. when people are not, you say they joining UMNO.. u flourish the narrow politic of Malaysia.. go die lah

A person,s credibility decides his/her relevency. One can become irrelevent if he/she loses credibility. As far as RPK is concerned, he has oredi lost his credibility and therefore he is no longer relevent. Let us not be distracted by him and just let him RIP.

I was his ardent supporter who would do anything for him but no more. This Judas is no longer relevent so let us not waste space and time over this matter. Let us not lose over focus in our ‘Project ABU’. Let us all say ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’ as our obituary for him and may he RIP.

i’m not surprised. Caesar was, with Brutus. Since then, Mulder has learned to be wise. Trust no one.

I think you’re 90% correct! LOL!
But seriously, all things being equal, it is not difficult to see that RPK has finally succumbed to the greatest temptation of all – money. Honestly, with ten piles of $100 notes, stacked two feet high in front of you, it can change most people.

Pictures don’t lie. The fact that he continues to choose a life of luxury already tells you that money, lots of it, holds an important position in his heart. True, he was persecuted in the beginning, went to jail and whatnot, but he’s no saint. We cannot compare him with people like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, etc, who have all shown that they are real partiots. RPK’s short incarceration is nothing compared to the sufferings endured by the few political giants in DAP.

Anyways, to me, BN has gained literally nothing out of this because everyone could see that RPK is lying through his teeth with his few recent press conferences/statements. In fact, I’m even more angry because, in all likelihood, the money spent to buy over this traitor, would have come from the rakyat. Do you honestly think Nojis would say, “RoastMah, take the savings left by our great3 grandfather, our great2 grandfather, our grandfather, our father, plus all our life-savings and give it to RPK”?

So, thank you RPK for showing us who you really are and thank you for the, at times, highly entertaining articles that you have written. From today onwards, you go your way and we’ll go ours. You don’t owe us nothing, and we don’t owe you nothing.

It is better now RPK has exposed himself to be double-bladed man rather than later. It is fortunate that Harris resigned as president of MCLM rather than later. Because to associate with someone who can throw tantrum at will is dangerous. He can sabotage your cause as a mole. Congrat to Harris for choosing to quit MCLM.

If this is your thorough & most intelligent analysis of the situation, I pity anyone who follow your financial tweet!

Dear Moderator,
I assumed majority of the audiences of the BN-controlled medias are die-hard BN supporters and the rural Malay folks.
RPK has all this while been “branded” by the BN-controlled medias as a anti-Islam blogger and betrayer of the Royal family and Malay, what will be the reaction from the BN’s Muslim supporters?
If the BA-supporters or the BN-haters are concurred that the recent RPK’s turn-coat is another score of the BN corruption, what will they do in the next GE?
Hope that I am not alone in this view.

He is the mole extraordinaaire planted by Mahathir into PKR during the height of the Reformasi movement to spy on the happenings in Keadilan then. So was the other mamak, Dr Chandra Muzaffar Shah who was able to climb so close to Anwar’s inner circle and then turn turncoat at the right moment.

His expose earlier on on all the wrongdoings committed by UMNO government was three fold i.e

1. To get the rakyat’s confidence to believe him as a hero and
2. To get Anwar to recruit him into his adminstration so that he can eavesdrop on the strategies planned by the opposition and those key opposition/UMNO leaders who visited Anwar.
3. To ensure Badawi’s UMNO government is weakened given his spectacular winnings in the 2004 GE and had to be dumped out when he loses badly in the 2008 elections.

The interview given earlier whilst enroute to Australia where he gave damaging comments on Anwar and the opposition to TV3 just days before the Sarawak Elections was to try to sway voters away from Pakatan. The lies he spewed and the plot hatched by Mahathir’s team is unbelievable.

Mahathir was afraid that the “fixed deposit” of Sarawak voters will be wiped out. So the desperado actions of Mahathir by getting this streetfighter, RPK,into the act in the hope that he can sway voters away from the opposition.

However, times have changed and people are not so gullible any more.

The recent interview on the luxury yacht was planned well ahead with two Malay mainstream newspapers. Ironically, it was RPK who condemned these two MSM papers earlier and similar spats by the MSM editors about RPK.

The plot was rehashed to “isolate” Anwar by using terms such as “unfit to be PM”. So what even if Anwar is a gay who can fathered children and visiting prostitutes as claimed so long as he is not corrupt and can run the country efficiently ?

The majority of the voters are not bothered. Maybe RPK is worried that UMNO will not be having access to the billions of ringgit in the coffers for their digging.

All in all, RPK is a puppet of Mahathir who will play to their tunes in return of rewards unknown in Malaysian history.His writings have given us a glimpse of his relationship with Mahathir despite the misrule, mismanagement, inefficiencies of Mahathir and BN government.

Yes, RPK is part of Mahathir’s grand scheme to put his son as the next PM of Malaysia. Unfortunately, his son is not so smart and cunning as the Kerala Mamak himself.

Just ask yourself these questions :

a. How can RPK make his escape from the immigration and Police authorities so easily ?
b. Why the two interviews conducted by UMNO media representatives despite his avowed intention of condemning them like there is no tomorrow and more so just before a State election and another before a National GE ?
c. There were numerous visits by UMNO leaders and ex-Ministers to his house whilst he was in the UK. Are they friendly visits ?
d. Where is his sources of income ?

I promise you, those people who continue to say RPK is a patriot despite his disparaging articles about Anwar and Pakatan are really BN supporters/symphatisers although they may deny it here.

There is no way anyone who have seen what BN has done to the country, its economy, its people will still say that it is wrong to vote for Pakatan. Unless he’s not a Malaysian but merely a Malay, or Chinese, or Indian, or Kadasan, or Iban, or Bidayuh, etc.

It does not take a scientist to see that BN and Pakatan are going in the opposite direction – BN to poverty and racial conflict and becoming a global pariah while Pakatan to prosperity and racial unity and becoming a respected nation globally.

I support Pakatan not because of Anwar, or Lim Kit Siang, or Lim Guan Eng, or Karpal Singh. I support Pakatan simply because its political, social, and economic directions are sensible and workable. Even if there is not a single Chinese in Pakatan but only Malays, I will still support it 100%. after more than 50 years, we cannot continue to look for the right Malay, or Chinese, or Indian party to lead us. And I’m actually quite disappointed that there are STILL people doing that. This type of race-based party is no longer acceptable anywhere in the world. This kind of thinking is already outdated and spit upon. You try to set up a race-based party in Europe, the UK, or the US, or Australia, and see what happens…

UMNO, MCA, MIC…(sigh) when will they ever learn…

I alredy suspect it that this *censored* anak raja will one day betray us. Remember few yrs ago he was at mamak birthday party. rpk if you are really a tru anak raja , pls return all the donation u reveive frm mt readers the money is haram cos you betray us,

Very succinctly written. If I had the talent to write as well as you,the piece would be exactly what I would have penned. Keep up the good work. Btw,been reading your write-ups long before your articles became ‘interesting’.

You gives the best comments of the recent RPK twist or I can put it as DRAMA…can I say probably RPK is using a bullet to kill 2 birds…..I have money…and rakyat will go for ABU, regardless of RPK…and Anwar is irrelevent to ABU….and BN must go at least for a term….

The Umno Blogs say that Malaysia Today is being financed by Anwar Ibrahim and that Raja Petra is a Pakatan Rakyat stooge.

Now the Pakatan Rakyat Blogs are saying that Najib Tun Razak is financing Malaysia Today and that Raja Petra is an Umno stooge.

RPK must be the smartest Blogger in the world if he can get BOTH Anwar and Najib to finance Malaysia Today.

When RPK critical on UMNO he is financed by Anwar/PR. Vise versa when RPK critical on PR & Anwar, he is financed by Najib/UMNO.

Many asked RPK to show proof about Selangor corruptions. Did you show proof RPK was financed by UMNO or Najib??? If RPK takes your challenge to show the proof, would you be able to take it??? Maybe more people provoke him, he will publish the proof and evidence.

RPK has access to many leaders (including ex PM) in government, he can easily get many contracts…millions cash if he wanted to. Do you think he needs to run away if he is the UMNO stooge? Do you think he needs to go through all these if he really needs the money?

What would you say about RPK if he exposes more UMNO/BN scandals in future?? Would you regard him UMNO stooge or Anwar/PR stooge???

Since last year or before many guess GE13 is around the corner. Is GE13 really around the corner? Could it be another year?? Maybe you should give RPK a specific date before he can criticise or expose PR scandals.

Everybody has a price-tag? What is your price-tag???

luxury accomodation in Manchester? Have you been to RPK house? No? What happen it turn up just an ordinary detached house?

Luxury holiday? Can’t his friends invite him for holiday? Is this a crime in Malaysia now? Many wish him & Marina well and asked him enjoy his “Luxury Holiday” when he shows the holiday pictures just before his comments on PR/Anwar. Now what happen? Now many said he was paid by UMNO!!!

By the way how much savings do you have in you bank account?? Did you tell everyone? What makes you think that RPK has no savings? What makes you think that Marina has no savings? What makes you think that his royal family members or friends can’t finance or lend him money?

I think we should give RPK a break , the man has done more
than his fair share of good work while he
was supporting the opposition.
Lets move on, just disregard his views in
the future

RPK is now a confirmed two-headed snake like his mentor Mahatir whose ancestor sold two-headed snake oil back in India.
A half-past six doctor who did not do well in exam and in his practice but could turn to politics and assumed himself a Malay and then used lies, deception, intimidation, controlled media and cronyism to plant himself in UMNO-Baru and could make all Ministers including the Sultans to quiver at the sight of him. Not bad for a low-cast Indian who would still be roaming in the street had he followed his father to go back to Kerala.
Now he could even make RPK to turn around!
How much more havoc he is going to cause to the Malaysians? When will the Malays wake up to prevent more and more good citizens bent under economic pressure and become evil like this Indian?
Ben Ali had the same modus operandi for 22 years and had been outsed. When will we see this Indian’s turn?

“The Umno Blogs say that Malaysia Today is being financed by Anwar Ibrahim and that Raja Petra is a Pakatan Rakyat stooge.
Now the Pakatan Rakyat Blogs are saying that Najib Tun Razak is financing Malaysia Today and that Raja Petra is an Umno stooge.”
“RPK must be the smartest Blogger in the world if he can get BOTH Anwar and Najib to finance Malaysia Today.”

There is actually a word to describe people who are able to convince two-warring parties to still take him as a friend while he goes about making them kill each other. Like Buster said, IT IS CALLED TWO-HEADED SNAKE!

RPK is not smart. He is just another low-class two-timing playboy cheating on his girlfriends without them knowing it, still thinking he’s their prince charming and showering him with unconditional love and money AND BODY. This bloody arrogant assh*le really make me want to puke!

Vote Pakatan!!!!!!!!

There are things I don’t agree with most anti-RPK comments.

I don’t think he did it for money or to get his son released. He has enough friends to give him money and there is only so much the police can do to the family of a person still somewhat close to the Selangor royal family.

I agree with the other points in the article:
1.Homesick, Mahathir’s gang visiting him (and phoning him). Should not underestimate loneliness.
2.Lose of influence causing a deep hatred for Anwar. His articles lately has mostly been to run-down Anwar and PKR.

For all I know, his hatred is so great that he probably didn’t even cut a financial deal with UMNO in the current case.

Next time if I bump into RPK , I will show him the middle finger, I swear.

I think we should look at the bigger picture.
Mahatir is pissing in the pant to see Anwar’s rise. He is pushing Najib (or anybody)hard to get Anwar jailed to save his neck. After that he will work within UMNO-Baru, founded by Mahatir, and push Najib out of the way to make way for his botak half-past six son to be PM. In both ways, the winner is…….Mahatir!
Najib and Anwar should combine force and thrown this senile low caste Indian out of the country and get rid of a S**t stirrer once and for all. Then the country will have peace from that day onwards.
After all, in Politics, there is no permanent enemy, so give hints to Najib and Anwar and combine force to “Down Mahatir!”, “Send him back to Kerala!”

In support of RPK.
It’s lonely to stay out in the cold for so long. He misses his family and friends. Why be a hero and be isolated from home? After all, lies, cheating and conman ship thrive and prosper in this country as you can see everywhere. They are holding the POWER too and the people keep voting them in again and again!
So, RPK, why not come back? You can’t fight them as the people want them to be like that. Join them. Practise some lying, cheating and conman ship and be rich! Follow the people’s wish. You have done enough to speak out your conscience. But the people want something different, so join the power and change yourself into a “Malayalee”.
As long as people still want to vote in UMNO-Baru, you will be safe and enjoy your life forever. Why not?

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