RPK’s Latest Revelation – Sarawak BN’s Secret Weapon?

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Apr 15 2011
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Cash or rather money is King. It’s true when stock market crashes and everybody adopts sell first ask question later. Japan’s recent earthquake crippled global stock markets, at least temporarily. Those who bought into the panic selling were laughing to the banks. The current Sarawak state election also witnesses some sort of panic but fortunately to the current PM Najib administration, the nation’s coffer came to the rescue. I’ve wrote the opposition shouldn’t be too optimistic and PM Najib Razak shouldn’t get too panic with the swelling crowds attending oppositions talk.

Scream and curse as you like but the fact that big gap between rural and urban seats to be contested, illiterate and poor rural population plus the unlimited of cash waiting at BN government’s disposal would swing the voters, particularly from the rural constituencies who were initially swayed in favor of opposition parties, back to BN’s arm. Money politics have been used flawlessly by BN government and it works marvellously especially on poor voters.   

Heck, Sarawak is the fourth poorest state in Malaysia and you expect to capture the state this time when you can’t even capture richer state in Peninsula? As I’ve wrote Sarawak is a different animal so the most your can get is the urban seats with a handful rural seats, if you’re lucky. The latest prediction from UMNO was that BN is expected to grab 43 seats while 28 seats are hotly contested with opposition Pakatan Rakyat leading in 19 and another 9 seats unpredictable. Opposition needs at least 24 seats to deny BN’s two-thirds majority.

I wish the above prediction from UMNO was a boastful figure but PM Najib and deputy PM Muhyiddin are throwing money as if there’s no tomorrow. Besides rural people, urban voters are attracted to the Santa Clauses as well. Both were walking around towns plugging holes to make voters happy, at least temporarily, so much so voters begin to forget their frustration and anger on Peh Moh (white hair) Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.

 Raja Petra Kamarudin & Wife

Now, opposition parties have been waiting for the secret weapons said to be readied to be released by BN. One of the secret weapons predicably is the soon to be announced investigation by the police that the Omega watch in the sex video scandal belongs to Anwar Ibrahim (he better kept his watch safe, as claimed) and the person who was bonking the prostitute with stamina like Arnold Schwarzenegger was indeed Anwar Ibrahim. But the unpredictable secret weapon was RPK’s (Raja Petra Kamarudin) latest revelation.

Blogosphere was abuzz after an interview with RPK appeared on the pro-government TV3 channel where he denied accusing Najib’s wife of being at the scene where Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu was killed. Even opposition parties who were initially enjoying themselves with the electrifying response in their campaigns in Sarawak were speechless with the latest revelation. PM Najib was smiling happily and thankful (to RPK?) the so-called truth has been revealed.   

RPK’s revelation on TV3 is indeed damaging to the opposition’s current campaign in Sarawak. With 3-days to go before the polling date, one wonders if RPK has indeed switched camp. No doubt the recorded interviews were done two months ago in Australia but the timing of the exposure couldn’t come at a better time. Understandably one cannot fight the dark force of money. Was RPK an expert “blackmailer” as claimed by property and carpet dealer, Deepak Jaikishan, who alleged that he paid RM50,000 and a new Sony laptop to get his article removed from RPK’s website, Malaysia-Today?

 Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK

The battle between RPK and Najib over Altantuya scandal has come to a stalemate. Najib can’t touch RPK since he has fled to Britain and RPK can’t return to his home in Malaysia. Just like my daughter, RPK may said to Najib with tongue-in-cheek “You cannot touch me, Neh Neh Neh …” while Najib would said in the same manner “You cannot come back, Neh Neh Neh …”. So if indeed RPK has switched camp and strike a deal with Najib administration, that deal would worth millions in Ringgit Malaysia.

But was it more than money and the real intention was to kill many birds with a stone? It’s true RPK didn’t accuse Najib’s wife Rosmah or two army officers were at the scene of Altantuya’s murder in late 2006 in his affidavit. He only claimed he was reliably informed by his informer that Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the crime, witnessing the blasting of Altantuya’s body with military-grade C4. And it’s the duty of police to investigate the matter but to his horror, the police decided to nail his balls on the wall instead.

Raja Petra said he met Nik Azmi Nik Daud, then an aide to Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, in June 2008 who told him that Lt-Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin, the number two in the special branch of the military intelligence, has a confidential report that proves that Rosmah (PM Najib’s wife), Lt-Kol Aziz Buyong, and his wife Lt-Kol Norhayati Hassan were present at the scene of Altantuya’s murder at the time she was murdered.

After checking with John Pang and blogger Din Merican, both worked for Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim respectively, to ascertain Lt-Kol Azmi’s reliability as well as assurance from Nik Azmi’s to cover him up, RPK went ahead with his statutory declaration (SD). In a nutshell, the conspiracy was to block Najib Razak from taking over as the prime minister so that Tengku Razaleigh could become the premier instead, at least that was what RPK claimed.

However things turn ugly when the copy of the confidential military intelligence report couldn’t be delivered as promised by Nik Azmi. Suddenly RPK found himself alone fighting the powerful government of Malaysia. From the start RPK knew he was a bait in such a high risk poker game in Malaysian politics so it was stupid to play the game without any collateral. At least he should have ask for a reading copy of the military intelligence report before making the SD.

Now, was there such military intelligence report in the first place? If there’s none then RPK has been played all this while. If there’s indeed such report but somehow Najib administration found out and destroyed it, then naturally the plot failed and everyone who took part in the conspiracy figured it’s better to go back sucking Najib’s balls for their own survival. Hence could it be that while RPK was made the fall guy to the extent of fleeing the country while the rest are happily enjoying their life triggers his latest exposure?

 Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK

Surprisingly it took RPK so many years to exclaim that he now think it’s quite impossible for the prime minister’s wife to climb up the hill into the jungle in the middle of the night. Was he naive not to think of this before? He must be kicking himself of his stupidity, or was he? His latest attack on Anwar Ibrahim published in the pro-government TV3 sounds very much like frogs who jumped from opposition to the government. Empty promises, internal crisis, personal problems, opposition’s different ideology and whatnot, as contained in RPK’s Part 2 exclusive interview, sounds familiar from those froggies, no?

Sure, the government of Malaysia is ranked on top place when come to spinning stories for public viewing in the tightly-controlled media. And RPK should know this better than anyone else so claiming that the interview was done two months ago doesn’t make RPK any innocent now that the explosive interview is out. Didn’t he know Sarawak state election must be held by July 2011? Probably the answer was there when he said the Malaysia government cannot call him a “fugitive anymore” now that TV3 has done an exclusive interview with him.

So, let’s see if RPK is set to come back to Malaysia after this latest episode. As the saying goes, everyone has a price-tag. There’s no such thing as permanent enemies especially in the politics. Maybe RPK misses his country too much *grin*. Or maybe he finally realize if you can’t beat them, then join them. Maybe Najib is better off as the prime minister than his deputy Muhyiddin (oops! there goes Mahathir’s plan to make his son the youngest prime minister) after all.

Or maybe he simply has a bigger plan and to achieve it he has to make up and kiss Najib (*whoa*). It doesn’t matter that his revelation would hurt the opposition’s current campaign in Sarawak because they can’t take over the state anyway. Maybe Najib will call for a nationwide general election soon after the Sarawak election this weekend and will force opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to eat humble pies and start listening to MLCM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement). Only RPK knows what’s his objective with the revelation.

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