Does Anwar has all the missing pieces to create history?

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May 14 2008
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Ever since the arrogant National Front lost its precious two-third majority in the Parliament, life was never the same again. Life is now full of entertainment. If you’re one of the Formula-1 fans, you should understand what I’m talking about. It was so freaking boring when even a schoolboy could predict with utmost accuracy that Michael Schumacher would emerge champion again – not so long ago. He was Ferrari’s trump-card and champion from 2000-2004 *yawn*. People started to question the wisdom to buy thousands of dollars of ticket just to see the same old face over and over again.

Michael SchumacherNot anymore. The main party within National Front namely UMNO which was dubbed the “Taikor” (big brother) is now super quiet, so much so that even the incompetent former president of Gerakan, a component of National Front, who is also known as “Saliva Minister” dared to declare that other members within the National Front were merely “beggars”. I can’t imagine what would happen to this silly old hypocrite guy if he were to speak the same before the election. Just like the tsunami that hit this region in 2004, it wasn’t the first wave that killed but the second and subsequent waves.

The talks inside any coffee-shops nowadays is definitely the second wave of tsunami – the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) comprises PKR-DAP-PAS but led by Anwar to form the new government. On the surface it’s possible. How hard could it be to fish for another 30 seats to create history? The de-facto leader Anwar already hinted a new episode would be crafted come latest by this September. The multi-billion dollar question is, was he serious about the announcement and even if he was damn serious, could he pull it through successfully without major disruptions?

Losing the throne to become opposition for the first time since independence is definitely not an option for the National Front. It would be too embarrassing to continue living in this country, let alone picking up the pieces and build the coalition again for the next battle. Most likely the National Front would just rot for decades to come if somehow it losses the throne. But if that were to happens, the first thing you should do is to stock up foods, lots and lots of them. Throw away your sofas and furniture to make room for foods. Am I too obsessed and exaggerated? Hell no! You can watch how the Federal government is sabotaging the states under opposition government now.

You can see how the Federal government is using Sedition Act to clamp down on anyone they Anwar cannot checkmatethink could spill more of their “bad beans”. You can read how the Federal government is desperately playing more racial cards nowadays. Your jaw dropped 88 floors down onto Petronas Twin-Towers ground floor by the brutality of police in protecting highway concessionaire Grand Saga at Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC). Need I mention how the police were given permit to whack Member of Parliament just because he was from opposition? And what makes you think the Federal government will just walk away with their tails between their legs once Anwar managed to form the new government?

Yeah, you have Sabah top guns such as Anifah Aman, Ghapur Salleh and the latest Yong Teck Lee who gave the deadline to Prime Minister to buck-up or else. But these people are opportunist who can’t be trusted. And talk about Pairin Kitingan – once a traitor forever a traitor. If these so-called leaders are people-champion, why hide their tails until now? Oh yeah, forgive me as I have forgotten these people have their “files” kept in Putrajaya. But I guess compared to Federal’s top-guns these Sabahan are angels. So I suppose nobody will blame Anwar if these people were to cross-over.

Really, what is keeping Anwar from a speedy takeover of the Federal government? UMNO is letting its partners to bark now as its own house is in a mess. If and only if UMNO managed to crawl back, you can bet your last dollar that a comprehensive and systematic “pay-back” will be in order. Anwar hinted that he’s holding back because the Federal is in “panicky” mode and as a veteran, he knows better than to chase and corner a dog to a dead corner. Desperate people do desperate things thus Anwar do not wish to win the battle but lose the war. Anwar might inherit an empty shell with tons of problems. Investors might pack and leave overmight leaving the stock market crumbles while the “old guards” from previous administration holidaying elsewhere.

Badawi Anwar faceoffContrary to people’s perception, the king-makers are actually the police and other uniform units. Even after all the corrupted politicians fled, there’re still many die-hard fans whose interest couldn’t be transferred overnight and might just give Anwar the headache for a smooth transition. This country still have bunches of blind, not to mention stupid followers. So do you still think Anwar could wrest the throne if he try to check-mate now? He still needs the uniform units to be on his side but the question is could he get it? Anwar might already has the 30 grasshoppers but could he launch the assault now or even by September? This is getting super-interesting.

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