Where Can You Take A Career In Nursing?

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Nov 26 2019
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If you are currently practicing as a registered nurse and you want to take your next steps in your nursing career, but you are just not sure which way to go, then you are not alone. There are many different directions you could take and specialties you could focus on; the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming to think about.


Before you jump right into your next career move, you should take the time to consider your own passions and strengths and evaluate whether they align with the options you are considering. A great salary isn’t always enough when it comes to a career. You have to feel emotionally satiated as well.


If you’re struggling to decide where to advance next, here are some are your best options to consider.


  1. Nurse Educator

If you want to share your knowledge and passion for nursing and pass it on to the next generation of nurses, then becoming a nurse educator may be on the horizon for you. You can pass down your own skills and experiences to the next crop of nurses; your intelligence and nursing experience has value, and those studying to become nurses will greatly appreciate your time and effort.


  1. Travel Nurse

Feel like you are stuck in one place and need to get out? Becoming a traveling nurse gives you the opportunity to work at many hospitals in different locations on a short-term basis. Whenever a hospital needs a nurse, you can be there to fill that need. For some people, long-term placements can feel stifling. If you need room to grow and spread your wings, a career as a travel nurse would be more gratifying for you.

Nursing Education

  1. Neonatal Practitioner

For those nurses with a particular passion for neonatal care, it is worth exploring and focusing this more. If you want to specialize in this area, then research your options when it comes to neonatal nursing education. Advancing your education, especially when it is within an area you are passionate about, is always a viable option.


  1. Nursing Administrator

If you feel you want to approach nursing from a slightly different angle from now on, then a position as a Nursing Administrator may work for you. Within a hospital or clinic, you can provide management support and even recruit, train and hire employees. You will be in the position to directly influence the future of the hospital and those who work there.


  1. Health Policy Nurse

Instead of helping patients with their health directly, a Health Policy Nurse will work with patients to improve current health policies and laws to work towards a healthier population. This could include the accessibility of healthcare and unconscious bias. This position would give you the chance to improve the experience of many patients and families.


A career in nursing opens up many doors, and not all of them necessarily involve directly working with patients. Whatever your passion is, there is a direction you can take it within nursing.

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