How To Entertain On A Budget

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Nov 22 2019
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It’s always fun to “eat, drink and be merry” with family, friends and loved ones. However, it’s important to note that you can’t do these things for free. Someone will get hungry or want to enjoy an activity. While there are ways to cheat the system, it’s always great to keep a few bucks on hand for entertaining purposes.


Around the holidays especially people charge expenses like gifts, food, and supplies for entertaining and find themselves in damaging their credit because of it. For those that have the means to cover these expenses, it may be sustainable. But you should not dip into your savings or consider taking out installment loans online for bad credit to cover unnecessary expenses like entertainment. Think of loans as an emergency resource only, not a means to fund gatherings.


You can still have a great time without breaking the bank. Consider the following ways you can entertain amazing parties on a budget.


1) Make your own decorations.

It’s a wise idea to make your own decorations, and exercising your creativity can also be quite fun. The key is to get creative with your resources. If you take $15 with you to the local dollar store, you can have a field day with all types of decorative tools. Once you’ve picked a color and theme, purchase a few picture frames. If it’s for a graduation, put the graduation photos in the frames to place around the party. Purchase a bag of balloons and create a stylish balloon wreath. Visit the local thrift store to purchase fabric, faux flowers and baskets at discounted rates. If you’re going to make your own decoration, you’ll want to invest time into making sure they’re as beautiful as possible. No one will ever know your decorating budget was $15.


2) Host a potluck.

Food tends to be the most expensive part of any party. People love to eat, go back for seconds and take food to go. In order to alleviate yourself of the immense burden, you can call on friends to help you host a potluck.


3) Keep it in your home.

Keep the party at your house. Sure, you might have to pay a little more on your electric bill by the end of the month. However, you’ll save a lot of money in rental fees if you tried to reserve a banquet hall. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how much a company might charge by the hour if you opt to host it at your own house. No one will kick you out after a certain time. Granted, if you have loud music, it’s always nice to be considerate of the neighbors.

Entertainment On Budget

4) Choose foods that can stretch well.

If you have the margin to cover the food yourself, it’s best to choose foods that will stretch well. Once you’ve stretched the food, plate it well so that it looks appetizing. Instead of purchasing a huge fruit platter, purchase fruit that’s in season. When fruit is in season, it tends to be cheaper. Cut up the fruit into slices, arrange them on kabob sticks and create a lovely bouquet of fruit kabobs that your guests can pick when they arrive.


Make a gourmet version of taco salad for your guests by providing lots of inexpensive toppings like jalapeños, olives and homemade quest dip. For dessert, purchase boxed versions of brownies and cake for less than $2 each. Once you’ve prepared the brownies and cake mixes, top them with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for an extra treat.


5) Place someone in charge of entertainment.

If a party is boring, people will hover over the food until they’re ready to go. Instead, create diversions that break the ice and allow people to mix and mingle with one another. Assign someone as the host of the party. They will facilitate fun games or simply start great conversations. If everyone is having tons of fun, consider your event a success.


6) Use cash.

You’ll want to use cash when you’re trying to remain disciplined and stick to a budget. When you’re using your debit or credit card to mindlessly swipe, it’s easy to underestimate how much you really have left. Instead of leaving things to chance, make sure that you withdraw the money from your bank account before you embark on any shopping spree for the party.


As you implement these tips, you’ll see that it’s easy to remain within a budget and not have to consider borrowing money to afford the get together. However, after you’ve thrown the party, you might want to make sure you clear your calendar for the next day. After you’ve cooked, hosted, and decorated, you’re going to be exhausted. Take time to refuel, then begin planning for the next one!

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