Stupid PM Muhyiddin Finally Declares Full Lockdown – Doctors Have To Choose Whom To Send To The ICU

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May 28 2021
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Muhyiddin Yassin, the power-hungry, but clueless and incompetent prime minister has finally declared a full lockdown effective June 1 to 14. The 2-week nationwide lockdown decision comes on Friday evening (May 28) after the country reported its fourth consecutive day of record infections – a whopping 8,290 Coronavirus new cases and 61 deaths.


The latest infections bring the total cumulative cases since the start of the pandemic to 549,514. The total death toll has hit 2,552 – all of which happens under the current administration. This month alone, a total of 1,046 deaths from Covid-19 was recorded. In comparison, the country recorded only 471 deaths due to Covid for the entire year 2020.


Unlike last year, when the Ministry of Health used to boast about higher daily recoveries than new infections, it’s the opposite now. As of today, there are 72,823 active cases, the first time it has breached the 70,000 milestone. Worse, the number of patients in ICU continues hitting the roof with 808 patients, while 403 patients have to be intubated to help them breathe.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Cases - ICU

It was only on Sunday that PM Muhyiddin, through a pre-recorded interview, told 33 million Malaysians on TV that a total lockdown was out of the question as he insisted the already ailing economy would be destroyed. Similarly, the genius Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz had also said a full lockdown was not possible as 4 million people could lose their income or employment.


The U-turn in less than a week speaks volumes about not only the incompetence of Muhyiddin administration, but also the serious deterioration of the pandemic as a result of mishandling and pussyfooting by the ruling Perikatan Nasional coalition. SOP (standard operating procedure) flip-flops, policy U-turns and double standards enforcement have become the trademarks of the regime.


In essence, the latest full-scale lockdown means the country has returned to the previous MCO 1.0 nationwide lockdown first implemented on March 18, 2020, but in a much worse situation. When the premier announced the MCO 1.0 on March 16 last year, there were only 138 daily cases and a total 553 infections. Today, it is 8,290 daily cases and a total 549,514 infections.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Gloom and Doom

Last year, Muhyiddin, like a great leader and hero, spoke to the nation in a special address on TV to deliver the 14-day MCO (Movement Control Order) lockdown. Almost everyone applauded the decision to fight Covid-19. Today, it was only a very dry statement issued from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Almost everyone commented – angrily – “I told you so”.


So, what has happened since Sunday that forced the prime minister to reluctantly bite the bullet and made the humiliating U-turn? It was a dumb decision from the beginning when the government stubbornly introduced yet another half-baked MCO 3.0 lockdown starting on May 12. Everyone was against doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


The MCO 3.0 was a carbon-copy of MCO 2.0, with some minor tweaks. The only difference is, while MCO 2.0 was introduced before the Chinese New Year, MCO 3.0 was introduced toward the end of Ramadan bazaar and days before the traditional “balik kampung” exodus for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. The Chinese Lunar New Year did not trigger any Coronavirus cluster.

Coronavirus - Ramadan Bazaar Crowd - Low Compliance

It’s a different story with the Hari Raya festival. When Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed that between April 1 and May 26, manufacturing sector was the main contributor to workplace clusters, contributing 46%, it was already the clearest proof that the MCO 3.0 lockdown was a failure, as anticipated and predicted by everyone, except the stupid prime minister.


Worse, Dr Noor also unveiled that at least 5 out of 20 new Covid clusters recorded yesterday were linked to house-to-house visits during the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival. Earlier, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba admitted that interstate and inter-district travel during Ramadan and the Hari Raya festive period are the reasons behind the spike in Coronavirus cases.


At least 40 Covid-19 clusters related to religious activities happened throughout the fasting month until the Hari Raya celebration. Today, more and more clusters related to Hari Raya visiting has been discovered in other states. But who was the one who gave the green light to hold Ramadan bazaars, interstate and inter-district travel, and reopening of the mosques without strict SOP compliance?

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Cases - Visit During Hari Raya

In its attempt to please the Malay Muslims in exchange for support in the coming 15th General Election, the Muhyiddin regime has irresponsibly and recklessly triggered a massive nationwide Hari Raya Cluster. The screw-up was so obvious that even Sultan Ibrahim of Johor has called for the government to consider a “full lockdown”. But there’s a more critical reason why the premier backpedalled.


Both public and private sector healthcare facilities are on the brink of collapse as they have been overrun by Covid-19 patients. The writing is on the wall when several hospitals like Hospital Sungai Buloh and Hospital Selayang were forced to use refrigerated containers as makeshift morgues, and car parks turned into temporary quarantine centres for those with minor symptoms.


As the number of patients in ICU hit 808 today, hospitals are running out of space, despite steadily increasing the number of intensive care units for Covid patients to close to 1,000. Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, the largest hospital under the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, has stopped existing non-Covid patients from seeking scheduled check-up or treatments.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Healthcare Medical Doctors Attending Covid-19 Patient

In fact, some healthcare workers have already started to decide which patients to admit to ICUs based on their chances of survival. This is consistent with an article we published in January (read here) – doctors may have to decide who can live and who dies. A health care worker said – “We try to accommodate all, but we don’t always have ventilators and beds.”


In an incident, a critically ill non-Coronavirus patient’s family was told to choose between taking their loved one back home to die or keeping the patient in the hospital with the same outcome. Like it or not, Malaysia has reached a stage where non-Covid patients are being turned away because the limited resources and priorities are given to Covid patients.


While the Ministry of Health has refused to acknowledge that the country now has more cases per million people than India, the situation on the ground suggests otherwise. A 51-year-old professional described how it took more than 12 hours to secure a bed at a semi-government hospital in Selangor for her 85-year-old father, who eventually died due to Covid-19.

Coronavirus - Healthcare Workers Hugging

She shared her story – “The doctor who was treating my father called every hospital in the city to try and get a bed for him once the test result came back positive. It was a stressful time for us because he was also a dialysis patient. Halfway through his treatment, the doctor called me up and hinted that he (her father) might be taking an ICU bed that is sorely needed for someone else.”


On May 20, Kedah made a shocking announcement that chronic patients who are considered to have no hope of recovery will no longer be placed in the intensive care units (ICU) at the state hospitals – whether they are Covid-19 patients or not. Dr Mohd Hayati Othman said – “I feel guilty but I feel this has to be said. Some doctors have no choice but to choose which patient needs to be admitted to the ICU.”


Two days later (May 22), Dr Noor Hisham revealed that ICUs in Klang Valley were operating at 113% capacity, while 91% of the beds in ICUs nationwide have been occupied. Intensive care units in Hospital Kajang and Hospital Banting were working at 317% and 200% capacity respectively. Hospital Sungai Buloh, the main Covid-19 hospital in Klang Valley, saw its ICU operating at 111% capacity.

Hospital Sungai Buloh

As critically-ill Covid-19 patients keep increasing, the chance of non-Covid-19 patients getting treatment is being reduced accordingly. When it reaches the severity like in India, the country may see Covid-19 patients fighting among themselves for beds, ventilators, beds and even oxygen. Interestingly, before the latest full lockdown announcement, there were rumours that Dr Noor Hisham has resigned.


With medical resources being stretched to its limit due to the exponential surge in cases, not to mention the fresh 850 infections linked to Hari Raya, there’s no guarantee the full lockdown could make much difference at this stage. PM Muhyiddin’s decision might be too little, too late as the entire nation is already engulfed with Covid-19. He had wasted precious 2 weeks to implement a full lockdown.


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Our brand of ketuanan is as fcuked up as the Indian brand of ketuanan, countless patients may be consigned to “No Further Action” for any illness, let alone those due to covid. We are guaranteed our horrific deaths and destruction due to the ability of our gomen to fcuk up anything and everything under the sky…

While our clueless, useless, and worthless gomen fcuks itself in endless circles as it, as usual, fcuks us all, at least the police in ketuanan India has come up with a novel and rather creative vey of dealing with their monkeys who do not want to wear masks:

“Biblical Horror on Cam: Cops Hammer Nails Into Man’s Hand, Feet for Not Wearing Mask in India’s UP”

Jesus Christji, I am not advocating our Christians should be given such blessed treatment at the hands of our police brothers and uncles, be they our typical Indian police victims, or not. I am merely suggesting that would pretty much nail it, the kind of fascism and blessed stupidity when the gross stupidity of fcuking ketuanan takes over anything.

Anyway, this is it, the “Final Solution”, any fcuking ketuanan can only guarantee fcuking Hell for others – and itself.

May those who fail us come back from Hell as fcuking pigs in their next miserable life, Ameen.

Calling others stupid, especially the PM only showed the type of MORON you are. You are nothing more than an imbecile trying to act smart.

It was Mahaiddin who invited people to call him stupid, so aren’t you the real moron for not respecting the PM’s wish for people to call him stupid?

Bullshit u

Why don’t we call “Stupid PM”, Niamahaidin by name Modihin?

Modihin is matching Indian Niamahaidin and Indian ketuanan in brilliant fcuking stupidity, being Stone Age primitive, clueless, useless, and worthless.

Our monkeys may not need cow treasure to smear themselves, but they do have divine camel piss to fortify themselves instead of Cowsberg.

I would have been neutral in my opinion about the present wan of our long line of fcuking clueless, useless, and worthless proven ketuanan disasters, but the “opposition” monkeys we have would be no different. But the uncanny similarities to the Indian ketuanan and gigantic resulting disaster is too strong as our koranic apocalypse unfold, we just have the same kind of fcuking comic and tragic fcuking monkeys.

The very touchy and oversensitive Indian bunch of ketuanan monkeys have been more busy doing damage control by censoring the media both foreign and local, those who have been telling the truth that is the Indian Apocalypse than actually doing even the least to save the lives of citizens. Our lot seems to be doing exactly the same running around in circles doing nothing useful, and rubbing furiously their crotches because of the big lustful appetite that the ketuanan menfolk supposedly possesses that the can only satisfy by killing as many victims as only they can.

Our monkeys should at last wake up, snort the tongkat Ali, and come to their sense that the answer is not whether the fcuked up gomen or the fcuked up “opposition” can come up with anything than the “Final Solution”. They can’t. They never have been able, wan is as garbage as the other.

We need for the immediate present for our medical and emergency personnel to step in, take over. Our fcuking politicians are just fcuking hopeless as history has proven. The very recent rail disaster showed us yet another of the same old: an amazing fcuking monkey coming up grinning and joking about “kissing” trains, totally oblivious to reality and sanity, wtf!

An independent group of the able should be formed, free of the warped interference by our politicians all bar none proven just plain stark fcuking useless. The group should be given power to direct and effect all necessary to save people and country.

Our fcuking politician monkeys should realise by now they should not be at all involved in the work of saving lives, the political scene would be entirely different once, if ever, the dark gloom of the pandemic is over: our politicians will be targeted and politically hanged, drawn and pulverised – especially the grinning ketuanan grinning kampong comic “kissing” monkey. This is no time to continue to fake it, posture and pretend any non-existent ability.

The scream for that “kissing” monkey to fcuk off garnered 100,000 signatures in a very short time. Our citizens can do it – call for an independent body of the able, call them “eminent” if you may, take over the work of saving lives immediately we cannot continue to hang around waiting for yet another “kissing” monkey to come up, shag ketuanan, and laugh off the disaster with the very grave and dangerous situation we are in now.

The Niamahaidin and Modihin viruses share the same character: the big bollocks of ketuanan. Ketuanan can do sweet fcuk all about anything except enable gross chest-thumping primitive raw stupidity and blazing gross corruption.

We should stop the monkeys running the zoo NOW!

Won’t it be wonderful to wake up tomorrow, covid gone – and the politician monkeys gone?

Well, guys, exercise your power!

I’m amazed that some people didn’t agree with this article

If anyone is interested, this link will bring you directly to Muhyiddin’s interview, where he said he will only lockdown if there’s 0.5 trillion given free to him

Did he magically find that half trillion now?

If he did, isn’t it stupid that he failed to find that earlier, to stop the cluster from growing , and it could save him from telling the TV host sarcastically, if he could give him half trillion free (for lockdown)

Still stupid to think someone will give him half a trillion for free!

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