MCO 3.0 Lockdown On The Cards – After School & Ramadan Bazaar Clusters, Get Ready For “Balik Kampung” Cluster

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May 01 2021
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Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appears to be ready to announce yet another half-baked MCO lockdown next week. Mr Muhyiddin, or his real name Mahiaddin, said the government is reviewing the movement control order (MCO) as the Coronavirus daily new cases jump to above 3,000, despite declaring 2 weeks ago that he has no intention of imposing another MCO.


Regardless whether it’s a nationwide lockdown or a partial lockdown, the MCO 3.0, if declared, will be yet another half-baked lockdown that serves no purpose other than for the survival of the illegitimate regime. It will look almost the same like the recent MCO 2.0, which went into effect on January 13, but fails to flatten the curve ever since.


The trick is quite simple – declare a lockdown under the pretext of fighting Covid-19. But don’t implement a strict lockdown under the pretext of saving business. And when the lockdown fails, which was already anticipated, declare yet another half-baked lockdown under the same excuse of fighting the virus. Repeat the process and voila, the dictator can rule forever.

Coronavirus - Muhyiddin Extends Lockdown Road Block MCO

It’s absolutely hilarious when health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said today that the spread of Covid-19 has become critical again. Can he make up his mind? It was only in early January that he said the worst is yet to come, before changing his tune in February, announcing the worst was over because the number of cases hit its peak on Jan 31 with 5,298 infections.


Dr Noor had even praised the MCO 2.0 as the factor behind the plunge in Coronavirus cases in February, and targeted the numbers of cases to continue to drop to double digits by May. Of course, today is May 1, but daily infections are nowhere near three digits, let alone double digits. Perhaps he should explain how could new cases suddenly drop to 2,881 today, compared to 3,788 yesterday.


So, what had gone so wrong that Dr Noor now looks like a fool, flip-flopping and babbling unprofessionally? If Dr Noor is indeed a professional, he could actually threaten to resign if the government refuses to strictly follow the health standard operating procedures (SOP). Instead, he chose to dance to his political master’s tune, hiding and manipulating data to help PM Muhyiddin clings to power.

Dr Noor Hisham - Health Director-General

Two weeks after secondary school students returned to face-to-face school sessions, which began on April 4 and 5, they have to revert back to online learning. One school after another has to close as Coronavirus spreads. Obviously the reopening of schools, which began in stages starting with preschoolers and Year One as well as Year Two pupils on March 1, has contributed to the jump in infections.


By April 26, there were a staggering 99 education clusters, of which 52 involved public schools with 2,274 cases. Yet, on the same day the mind-boggling school clusters were revealed, Education Minister Radzi Jidin insisted schools were safe and his ministry was committed to keeping schools in session, expressing his confidence the SOP in schools can curb the spread of Covid-19.


However, on the same day – again – the clueless education minister also announced that school sessions will be held online for 2 weeks after the Hari Raya holidays through the home-based teaching and learning method, effective from May 16 to 28. Mr Radzi said the decision was made to avoid the risk of Coronavirus infections in schools after the Aidilfitri festive period.

Education Minister Radzi Jidin

Can this genius education minister make up his mind? If the schools were indeed safe in the first place as claimed, why was there a need to conduct school sessions online for 2 weeks? Should not the SOP in schools able to check or restraint the spread of the virus? Was he admitting, without him realizing it, that it was a big fat lie after all that schools are safe?


Health Minister Dr Adham Baba unveiled recently that last year, 8,369 children aged 12 and below tested positive for Covid-19. This year, however, up to 23,739 children aged 12 and under have been infected. And we haven’t even talked about infections with students above that age. The statistic alone speaks volumes about the failure of school SOP in curbing the spread of Coronavirus.


In truth, the education ministry was caught with its pants down. Of course, with hundreds or even thousands of students in a school, it’s a guarantee that the virus can spread easily. Sharing a same school bus or van is already an example of vulnerability. Not all schools have the luxury of huge classrooms to accommodate social distancing during learning or having meal during a break.

Coronavirus - Secondary School Students Returned To Class

But the ministry had no choice but to allow parents to send their children to school, knowing very well the risks. Public or government schools, where majority students could not afford the hardware and software to attend virtual classes, are facing a serious problem of students lagging behind since last year’s closure of schools nationwide, only to reopen in phases but closed again.


To make matters worse, the backdoor government has been evasive when grilled about the promise made during the Budget 2021 last November to provide 150,000 free laptops to poor students in 500 schools to do online lessons. It’s funny that Muhyiddin could not afford RM150 million for the laptops, but could spend RM35 million to build some useless halls in his constituency.


The money wasted in building the halls can be used to buy 35,000 laptops for students. The hundreds of millions of Ringgit in fines or compounds slapped on people who flouted the movement control order (MCO) could also be used to purchase laptops. Instead, all the money mysteriously disappears, so much so the prime minister has hinted that the country is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Coronavirus - Ramadan Bazaar Crowd - Low Compliance 

As if the school clusters were not bad enough, the Mahiaddin government has decided to allow Ramadan bazaar (market) to open this year. The markets, which were cancelled last year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, are allowed to operate despite over 2,000 daily cases of Covid infections because the Malay community, the vote bank of PM Muhyiddin party PPBM, must be kept happy.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that new Ramadan bazaar clusters are about to explode when visuals of packed market make the rounds on social media and messaging app. In Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan alone, there were 66 operating bazaars which saw people scrambling to buy food, with low compliances and shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.


By April 15, just two days after the beginning of the fasting month, a total of 904 Covid-19 positive cases was already reported, traceable to visits to Ramadan bazaars. Stunningly, to make up for interstate travel restriction during the Ramadan, Senior Minister “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob Aidilfitri announced that bazaars nationwide – numbering 1,073 in total – are allowed to operate until 2am.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob

With about 2 weeks to go before the festival, the virus has all the time in the world to efficiently spread and hibernate. While the school clusters have exploded, and is still spreading like wildfire because there’re some schools that remain open, the Ramadan clusters have yet to go nuclear until after the 14 days hibernation period of the virus.


Just when you thought the school and Ramadan bazaar clusters would knock some sense into the clueless and incompetent government, the Higher Education Ministry dropped a bombshell. Students at all higher educational institutions are allowed to return to their hometowns as part of the traditional “balik kampung” exodus for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, except those from Sarawak.


Apparently, university students can travel home from May 7 to May 12, and return to campus from May 15 to May 20. This means an estimated 103,994 students can travel interstate, potentially infecting the entire nation. Exactly how did the government determine that university students are immune to virus or will not spread the virus in their hometowns is beyond comprehension.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

With triple clusters – school, Ramadan bazaar and balik kampung – hatched by the brilliant Muhyiddin government, what could possibly go wrong, right? Coincidentally, the Covid-19 daily cases started to climb after the UMNO General Assembly agreed on March 28 to empower party president and supreme council to determine when to withdraw support for Muhyiddin’s ruling Perikatan Nasional government.


Connecting the dots, when health director-general Dr Noor Hisham said on January 9 that the worst is yet to come, it was to help justify the State of Emergency, which was declared by PM Muhyiddin three days later on January 12. When he later announced on February 9 that the worst was over, it was supposedly to cook up data to slowly bring down the Covid new cases to allow Malay community to “balik kampung”.


But when ally UMNO president Zahid Hamidi went rogue and influenced his party to withdraw support for the fragile and illegitimate prime minister on March 28, the plan had to change. On the same day (March 28), Dr Noor Hisham conveniently said the government was preparing for the possibility of a surge in new Covid-19 cases come mid-April.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah


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